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Peter Muldoon (PeTeR23)

Porsche 911 Turbo '88

This is the Tamiya model without the engine. A quick build with a lot of parts already built and others easily snapping into place without glue. This is the least amount of parts I've ever seen in a kit. This one is all about the paint job. I feel like Tamiya really dropped the ball here. The interior doesn't match that of the 1988 Turbo, but rather a terrible combination of all kinds of Porsche models. I have never seen the seats like the ones provided in the kit and cannot find a reference photo to match them from any decade of the 911. The steering wheel is from the 1984 model and the doors and bucket seats are a lazy interpretation of all models combined into one. Albeit, I'll be using photos of the 1988 model to colour match and make up the rest as I go to the best of my knowledge. The exterior matches the 1988. Its just a shame that the spoiler and side skirts are already in place, so there is no work to be done here.


Scott S
Hello. For the seats, look up "Recaro Classic C". I found one reference photo that shows those exact seats and the steering wheel type. Not common at all, but they are real. I agree, there is essentially no detail in the interior.
19 November 2021, 04:22
Dominik Weitzer
like the undercarriage.
19 November 2021, 07:43
Peter Muldoon
Thanks Scott, I managed the find some pics. This helps a tonne. 🙂
20 November 2021, 07:52
Peter Muldoon
Thanks Dominik!
20 November 2021, 07:52
István Szücs
Great looking engine!
2 December 2021, 13:43
Peter Muldoon
Thanks István!
3 December 2021, 13:40


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