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Phill Loughlin (Phill318)

Digital Flanker

Ukrainian Airforce Su-27UB Flanker in the digital camo scheme. Shown here as I saw her at RIAT 2018, complete with the famous blue cones!


23 22 May 2020, 09:37
Chan Li
Whoa amazing camo, how did you make it, by homemade masking?
This is awesome work, you deserve a better kit. Try great wall kit, probably.
13 February 2022, 14:56
Jose Freire
Excellent work
13 February 2022, 15:18
Alan G
Excellent model and painting. I am looking at doing this with the HobbyBoss kit. dids you make your own masks for the paint scheme or did you get the Foxbot ones?
13 February 2022, 16:07
Arif Saeed
Fantastic work Phil 👏👏
13 February 2022, 17:15
Chan Li
@Alan just according to my experience the hobbyboss kit did not accurately model the flanker, I would recommend great wall flanker if you are looking for 1/48 scale. Cat No. should be L4827, for reference.
16 February 2022, 13:26
Stunning love it
16 February 2022, 13:37
Wow, just wow
16 February 2022, 13:39
it certainly looks great!
16 February 2022, 13:54
that does catch the eye, excellent!
16 February 2022, 18:30


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