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Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II [Italeri 1:24]


5 | 18. July 2020, 18:53
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Great Ford! Interesting build and history. I love cars of these years
18. July 2020, 19:35
Alex K
Yeap! I liked too the homage-to-our-family-ex-police-car story behind the build... Thumbs up! 👍 👍
18. July 2020, 20:49
Mirko Römer
Seen these live in rallye-cross races as a small kid. This were great cars and seem to turn into a very lovely model in the right hands!
18. July 2020, 21:47
Excellent! Love the arse down stance & the cabin details are very good, proper nice build 👍
19. July 2020, 10:48
Before we had this Escort, my Dad had rallied in the family Ford Anglia, hill-climbed in a 3-wheel BSA and rallycrossed various Minis. He bought the Mk-II after my Mom rolled & wrote-off our lovely Mk-I while driving my sister to an Elis Costello concert, back in the early 80s. The Mk-II never competed but, when he was a marshall, he once completed a stage in a Ford Sierra 1600 GL with me in the back seat (company car.....) - it was pure magic. I'd never seen so much smoke coming from the front brakes before...

Thank you to everyone for the comments and likes.
I'm not sure my sister still likes Elvis Costello (I have since acquired almost all of his albums) so I'm currently building a 1st Gen Mazda MX-5 for her birthday present.
19. July 2020, 21:22
Great story!
Elvis Costello, there's a blast from the past!
Oliver's Army was a big hit when I was at skool
19. July 2020, 21:57
Nigel Chapman
That's a brilliant back story. I like the extensive build photos - Your roll cage is spot on. You've inspired me to get a MK2 Escort kit.
29. July 2020, 21:34
Next stop - a Mk.I Escort - either a Rally version of a standard saloon. Then I need to fit more spotlights like we had on ours. I just have to scour the web for the right 1/24 scale wheels/tyres - my dad put bigger ones on for when he was competing.

Oliver's Army was the first album that was 'passed on' to me - I think I was about 12. 'Green Shirt' is my favourite track.
31. July 2020, 09:06
Ha! Was gonna ask when u are doing a Mark1 equal justice!
Nothing on this planet looks as tough as a Mk1 with huge flares & wide steels 😉
31. July 2020, 09:38
I was my favourite slot car. We had a homemade track and use to put motors/chassis in 1/32 scale Airfix bodies. I think my Dad still has the course in his loft.
I haven't seen F&F 8, but the blue Escort Mk.I looks absolutely boss.
31. July 2020, 10:17
Funny u mention the Scalextric cos my absolute favourite 2 cars were the MK1 Escorts & the Mini Clubman saloon cars
31. July 2020, 11:25
Nigel Chapman
I had the BMW CSI with the box arches in red. I was always re-gluing the rear spoiler!
DM try www.motobitz.uk for your wheels / tyres and spot lights. They do Excellent resin cast items and Decals.
31. July 2020, 13:25
Yeah Motobitz! ........that's a great site, you posted me to that some months ago Nigel 👍
31. July 2020, 13:34
Oh wow - I remember the Clubmans. We had a red one and a yellow one -and they each had a chequered roof. I nagged my Grandmother for the Porsche 911 with light-up headlights and was very disappointed with how feeble they were...

Thanks for the tip re motobitz, NIgel - it's always handy to have a clutch of resources. 🙂
31. July 2020, 23:11
Nigel Chapman
No problem, they should have all you require even down to different types of tyre.
1. August 2020, 01:21


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