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Gary Kitchen (Erebus Nyx)

Razor Crest


Roland Gunslinger
I'm definitely watching 🙂
31 December 2021, 23:23
Me too
1 January, 08:46
Dash Rendar
Keep it up!
1 January, 13:26
Black Baron
Keeping an eye on this too.
1 January, 15:27
István Szücs
I'm watching, of course! This is the way!
1 January, 15:59
Thomas Espe
Taking a seat!
1 January, 17:07
This is the way. 🙂
8 January, 20:38
Chris T. An
Looks pretty good so far. To be able to see the bunk room later, I simply left out the "door" in the side wall. I mean, I didn't even glue in the plastic part. Fortunately, I had seen in time that otherwise this bunk room would be completely closed.
14 January, 14:20
Gary Kitchen
Thanks all good to have you along. Chris good shout,but too late as I've buttoned up. Photo evidence only 🙂 I'm a bit further along but struggling with the engine seams despite careful alignment I'm still having to work hard on the seams. Hopefully photos this week.
16 January, 22:39
Ok, I am hitting the Star Wars - noob button. That silver thing in the next compartment is the bathroom ???
17 January, 00:06
Gary Kitchen
Hi Robbie. I think yes it is a toilet of some description. Not sure it featured in the series though, I can't remember. Anyone?
17 January, 13:09
Hi Gary. Following! 🙂
17 January, 13:13
Guy Rump
Looking good Gary. 👍
20 January, 20:34


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1:72 Razor Crest (Revell 06781)

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