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Ludvík Kružík (KLuK)

P-39 Airacobra Mk.I, RAF Machine No. AH 583, pilot F/O Jaroslav Himr

Since it is a set from the Profi pack series, in addition to changing the marking, I build the model only from parts and accessories from the set.


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Ludvík Kružík
The construction of the model continues. When I glued the decals, I found that the insignia on the top of the wings have a thin white border in about one third of the circumference.The white border was not visible before the decals were applied.
25. July, 09:16
Alec K
Very nicely done! That weight for the nose is a great idea. Regarding decals: I started to cut off the clear around them before application. Besides looking better on the finished model, it also generally reveals any registration problems.
18. September, 11:46
Ludvík Kružík
I know about trimming decals before applying them. It just didn't occur to me that decals from the Eduard kit would have this problem. Became. At least next time I will know what to watch out for 🙂

I have already fixed the error of decals on the upper surfaces of the wings. Using a cutting compasses, I made a mask and repaired the white parts of the decal by spraying blue paint.

Airacobra is already finished 🙂. As soon as I have time, I'll take photos and put them in the album.
20. September, 10:40
Tas Smith
Very nice looking work.
20. September, 10:46
Alec K
Uříznout ty obtisky kružítkem, moc dobrý nápad 👍. Tento problém bych od Edyho taky asi neočekával.
20. September, 12:10
Ludvík Kružík
Thank you Tas! 🙂

to Alec:
It's an older kit. I have not encountered this problem with newer models from Eduard.
20. September, 20:00
Ludvík Kružík
I added a new album with a finished model: P-39 Airacobra - done | Album by KLuK (1:48)
20. September, 20:07


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1:48 P-39 Airacobra (Eduard 8062)

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