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1:48 BAE Warrior (Airfix A07300)
British Army
BAE Warrior Operation Herrick Afghanistan
Airfix 1:48
A07300 2013 | New tool
2. April, 17:04

March 21, 2021

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21. March, 00:41

February 13, 2021

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13. February, 15:57

July 18, 2020

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18. July 2020, 20:19
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18. July 2020, 20:19
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18. July 2020, 20:18

June 24, 2020

Hi all, can I asked what paint brand do you usually stick to? or do you use the recommended, i.e Humbrol for airfix, Revell for Revell. Do you brush paint or spray? I have started to get a collection of Vallejo acrylics to brush paint, but they are only 90% ish equivalent to the correct colour, sometimes less. Not sure what to do. Do you obsess with getting the colour 100% correct for the model your building?
23. June 2020, 22:33
Hi Aland,

I'm a brush painter, have been all the time and some say I'm decent at it.
I'm a colour collector, I pickup what colours I need as I need them.. Occasionally I will stick with closest or where I think the colour thats been listed is wrong. Brands wise, I am fairly agnostic, Humbrol, Revell, Vellejo, Hakata, MRP, Mr Color, Lifecolor, Games workshop and Tamiya, Testors.

How long you been modelling for? that can have a bearing on it
23. June 2020, 23:46
Brand new to it. Just completed my first ever model with the hanomag and started to paint it, hence the small collection of Vallejo as they were recommended for brush painting. Used the "hobby colour converter" app to select what I think are suitable equivalent colours for uniforms etc, not much colour on the half track apart from grey! I have a small stash of Tamiya, Airfix and Revell models and have been going through the paint requirements, the reason for the post. I think I may stick to 1 or 2 brands of models to limit the paint requirements. I like the layout of the Airfix and Revell instructions. Tamiya seem to have a lot of mixing of paints to achieve the correct colour and thats using their own brand paints. Do you have a model brand preference?
24. June 2020, 02:39
Alexander Grivonev
Hi Aland, I would say if you are brand new don't obsess over the "correct colour" Just use the suggested ones in the manual, have fun and gain experience. Spray or brush? General rule of thumb for beginners, spray large parts and areas, brush small parts.

Getting the "correct colour" is a HUGE science with many many factors, believe me. I wouldn't obsess over it (yet) at this stage...

24. June 2020, 08:28
For a transport plane project, I had to mix gray colors to get the proper shade, but I did so by testing it out on a piece of paper with a plain brush and making sure I wrote the mixing ratio down. 🙂 I use only Vallejo paint and primer with an airbrush myself.

It is a good idea to have some color theory in your head:
1) Is the color 'warm' (red'ish) or 'cool' (blue'ish) or 'neutral' (gray)
2) Is the color standardized? Like an FS number, or being some more typical color?
3) Is the color a variant of a common color? Like lots of grays, greens and the like.

It is a good idea to also look at the decals, i.e making sure the gray paint isn't the same as the gray decal color, but having good enough contrast being lighter or darker than the decal color(s).

If you reuse some particular colors on your models because you don't want to pick the proper colors for each project, you basically end up having your painted models look the same in terms of them having a noticeable color. 🙂
24. June 2020, 09:20
Thanks both, thats great advice.
24. June 2020, 14:06
Urban Gardini
I use a lot of paints and have a large collection of 900+ different bottles/jars. And it's still at least one thet I miss for each project.
24. June 2020, 14:08
Btw, for airbrushing I have to sift my primer and regular paint, to just make sure I don't get clogging. This and properly thinning the paint, had my clogging issues vanish. 🙂
24. June 2020, 14:49
Alexander Grivonev
@Urban: That is soooo true!

On the question what brands of paints do I use. Again, it depends. There are many many ways to approach painting a model and so many factors you have to (or might) consider. I use many different brands and paint systems and all of them have different properties and/or are suitable to achieve a certain finish. There are paints i prefer for airbrushing, there are paints i use only for drybrushing, there are paints i use just for detail painting with a brush etc etc. You gain the experience and learn something new with each model you build and figure out what works for you and what not. And believe me, EVERY single modeler out there has his/her own unique approach and system and you will figure out your own with time.

Again, don't stress yourself with these questions, stick to the manual and suggested paints. If even you could probably play around with the paint brightness (adding white) Google "scale effect". It is a theory (and observed in practice) that paint apperas to be lighter the smaller the scale.

24. June 2020, 14:53
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24. June 2020, 02:45

June 21, 2020

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1:35 3.5 Ton Truck AHN (Tamiya 32410)
3.5 Ton Truck AHN w/3.7 cm Flak 37 AA Gun
Tamiya 1:35
32410 2017 | Changed parts Multi-topic (2)
21. June 2020, 09:30
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21. June 2020, 09:29
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21. June 2020, 09:29

May 20, 2020

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20. May 2020, 18:55


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