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Eddie * (EddieGremlin)

P40 Warhawk in glass bell.


10 | 25. November 2020, 19:15
I recently got this kit, what a cool idea! How did you make/paint the waves?
25. November 2020, 19:27
Greg Baker
Oh, cool! You know, using a bit of clear silicone and a drop or two of Tamiya clear blue paint (X-25?) would also do the trick for the waves. Nice project.
25. November 2020, 19:33
Eddie *
I picked up the idea from a guys model railway layout. PVA and three sheets of toilet paper and a brush to form the pulp into the ripples. Once dry, dab on green, blue, light blue, highlight with white. Allow to dry thoroughly at least two days, the gloss varnish. Yes, I could have used silicone, but I didn't have any, and this was so simple to do.
25. November 2020, 19:43
26. November 2020, 09:52
Martin Oostrom
Here we go again, thousands of Scalemates going to the stores to stash toilet paper. Worldwide shortages coming soon! Tim gets asked daily to add all kinds of brands and categories of paper (single ply, double ply, etc) to the database!! The horror created by Eddie * 😄

Nice build and dio too!
26. November 2020, 09:56
Greg Baker
26. November 2020, 19:57
Eddie *
Martin, would it be too weird to say it was second hand loo roll...😉
26. November 2020, 20:57
Martin Oostrom
Nope, If it's the last sheet used, that's always a clean one ;)
26. November 2020, 21:52
Eddie *
😄 😄
27. November 2020, 13:20
simple ideas as the best ideas!
27. November 2020, 13:46


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1:144 P-40E Warhawk (Revell 04932)

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