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Felix (NavyFlyer)

Heinkel He 111H-6



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In progress
1:32 Heinkel He 111 H-6 (Revell 04836)1:32 He 111H-6 interior S. A. (Eduard 33121)1:32 Heinkel He 111 H-1/3-6/8 Exhaust (Quickboost QB 32 146)1+


21 | 1. November 2020, 16:14
Cockpit completed
15. November 2020, 19:22
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good Lots of plastic :D
15. November 2020, 19:43
Moin felix, da bin ich hier auch dabei :)
16. November 2020, 14:11
Rui S
I'm in for this Giant 8)
16. November 2020, 22:11
17. November 2020, 03:10
Ethan Kidwell
Massive! I'm excited to see the result
17. November 2020, 03:58
Nice! What are the orange lines on the seat? I assume they aren't seatbelts?
17. November 2020, 04:06
@ OttovonLindberg that is supposed to be the shoulder harness, I need to check if I have some stuff for improvement of this part.
17. November 2020, 17:00
Yeah they honestly look a bit small
17. November 2020, 17:20
Got a shoulder harness decal, looks much better.
Fuselage complete, just a bit putty and sanding was needed.
20. November 2020, 16:58
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
21. November 2020, 01:17
It does. Looking good!
21. November 2020, 14:47
There will be quite a lot of putty and sanding required at the engine nacelles. Many gaps and bad fitting parts combined with a very inaccurate instructionsheet need to be corrected.
23. November 2020, 19:33
Hey Felix, just in case you don't know, you can put captions directly on the pictures in scalemates
24. November 2020, 00:15
Bola complete and started with the noseglass, but fitting issues are going on.
6. December 2020, 18:31
Started painting.
Revell primer applied and working with preshading on this model.
Camoflage will be done with AK Real Colors, underside RLM65 (early) completed.
12. December 2020, 10:32
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
14. December 2020, 02:26
The big paintjob is done RLM70 and RLM71 on the upper side and also the underside of the leading edges. Prop spinners in colorful white and red giving good contrast.
20. December 2020, 16:27
David Taylor
coming along nicely.
20. December 2020, 18:44
Torpedoes completed with some modification of the tail and used Vallejo Metallic Colors for the first time.
12. January, 12:22
Beautiful torpedoes, did they come with the kit? How did you mask the prop spinners so perfectly?
12. January, 16:12
@ OttovonLindberg yes they come with the H-6 kit, you have to choose between two SD500 bombs and the torpedoes. But the tail is to big to fit under the belly and in Norway they used a tail section which I modified.

The prop spinners were just sprayed in white and then used normal masking tape together with patience.
12. January, 18:35
Clifford Keesler
Those are some excellent looking torpedos.
13. January, 00:01

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