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James Barrett (50cal120)

MacArthur Bust


12 | 13. June, 20:20
James Barrett
Got started on MacArthur yesterday. Got a good start on the jacket.
13. June, 20:29
Villiers de Vos
The leather effects came out perfect
14. June, 03:27
James Barrett
Completed the torso, shirt, jacket, accoutrements, and name badge. Still need to do the head, hat and pipe.
15. June, 19:31
James C
Impressive paint work mate 👍
16. June, 00:36
I agree! I'd really like to see some wip pics of how you paint his face 😃
16. June, 03:42
John Hughes
After this start we'll be expecting to see smoke coming out of that pipe!
16. June, 09:21
James Barrett
I thought about doing that, but I think it would end up looking a bit silly. Having said that, I have thought about maybe adding some ashes/smoldering tobacco to it.

Thanks for encouragement!!!
16. June, 12:20
James Barrett
Gonna get the hat done next. Hopefully before the weekend. Then I will get started on the face. I will make sure to take WIP pics of the face as I make progress.
16. June, 14:29
John Hughes
Pity he doesn't have his sunglasses on. That would make your life a lot easier!
16. June, 15:31
James Barrett
Yeah, apparently when they were developing the model the original plan was to have him wearing his sunglasses, but that idea got thrown out at the last minute.
16. June, 15:37
James Barrett
So... some folks asked for WIP photos of the head. I am still working on it, but what I have done so far is now here in the album.
18. June, 20:57
Looking good! I like using Stynlres primer too. Lays down like silk.
18. June, 21:05
James Barrett
Stynlrez is nice and easy to work with, I love that I can basically go straight from the pot the airbrush, and then dump the leftover right back into the pot.
18. June, 21:07
James Barrett
The head looks a little rough at the moment, because I haven't worked on blending the shading up to the mid-tone yet.
18. June, 21:07
James C
Really fascinating seeing your paintwork on the face evolve and progress. Very cool! 👍
18. June, 21:50
James Barrett
Well... I completely screwed up blending the shading back to the mid-tone. I am currently in the process of stripping the general's head. Gonna try again from scratch.
19. June, 01:32
James Barrett
Ok, Head Round 2. I used a lighter basecoat this time around and that seemed to produce a better result. I also started with a lighter shading color to work up from. The reference photos I have of him suggests he was pretty pale.
20. June, 19:56
We are not retreating, we are advancing in another direction. top job with the eyes James
21. June, 04:33
Villiers de Vos
The skin tones that you use are spot on
21. June, 13:44
James Barrett
Okay!!! I am calling the General done!
28. June, 01:38
Villiers de Vos
You are very talented. A beautiful result.
28. June, 07:47
beautiful job
28. June, 10:52


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