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Dave Beenak (beenak_crazyman)

U.S. Armored Tractor Bulldozer

So.....the challenge begins.....this may take some time. Not going to rush this.


17 | 23. October 2020, 00:42
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Dave Beenak
Will be slow going, but I expect to be well rewarded. This kit is off the charts.
23. October 2020, 00:45
Rui S
I've all the time so I take a front row seat 👍
Does the kit have those tubes in the motor? 🤔
24. October 2020, 10:17
Dave Beenak
I've added the injector lines....0.3mm lead wire
25. October 2020, 03:33
Pascal GARAT
Great start!
25. October 2020, 09:13
Rui S
Perfect execution 👍
25. October 2020, 11:28
25. October 2020, 11:51
Dave Beenak
Progress....piecing the controls together and trying to make it all connect up and look a little used. Once I have completed this part I think I will hit it with some matt varnish and finish off the engine/gearbox weathering detail before it all gets covered up with panels.
27. October 2020, 11:16
Dave Beenak
Slowly covering up all the detail....at least I'll know what's in there.
29. October 2020, 11:03
Rui S
very good progress 👍
29. October 2020, 19:53
Dave Beenak
At this point I would like to communicate my astonishment at some of the Miniart D7 builds that I have found on the web. Is it really that hard to study the technical drawings? Admittedly, there are alot of fiddly bits, but if you take your time to figure out how each part works with orientation to other parts, the instructions are pretty spot on. This is a challenging, but absolutely gold standard and rewarding build. I am quite prepared to put many months into this one to get the realistic finish that this kit deserves. Now all I have to do is keep the faith and forge on. Thanks for listening.
30. October 2020, 08:52
Dave Beenak
Thanks, Ben M
1. November 2020, 04:52
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Following with interest...
1. November 2020, 08:40
Dave Beenak
I'm trying to be a little more subtle with the weathering this time (been known to go a bit overboard)....a new tractor put to work in 1943 would not have been too beaten up. I am doing the PTO version....I am assuming it would have been used in sandy type soil depending on the site.
3. November 2020, 08:25
Dave Beenak
Cable rigging parts just took 12 hours to complete. I'm taking my time to get it as close to right as I can.
7. November 2020, 09:20
David Taylor
function and form spot on.
7. November 2020, 10:51
Dave Beenak
Getting some weathering done as the kit comes together....
8. November 2020, 03:10
Dave Beenak
Tracks fit perfect. Taking way more time than tank tracks....but should be worth the effort.
8. November 2020, 05:29
Dave Beenak
Weathering the tracks was always going to make or break this project. Absolutely trying to replicate the worn natural steel look. No mud, just dry dust and a small amount of dirt buildup in the pins. Still have some minor work to do on these Friulmodel metal links.
11. November 2020, 07:46
Dave Beenak
Starting to look the part. Going to use some metallics for the dozer blade.....wish me luck..!!
14. November 2020, 06:53
Lex Jassies
Good luck! ✊ May the force be with you😉
14. November 2020, 09:11
Dave Beenak
ok so that's it. Until I get around to drilling 700 x 0.5mm holes in the front radiator guard, that's it. Once I have a finished product I will take some propper photos and put 'em up.
16. November 2020, 11:10
The photos so far are quite good. The next ones should make us dream.
16. November 2020, 13:35
Rui S
Nice subtle weathering 👍
16. November 2020, 22:13
David Taylor
stunning.T he tracks set it off.
17. November 2020, 14:47
Dave Beenak
ok so I took some preliminary photos in natural light to see what it looks like. I think it's ok for now. Still working on the front radiator protection plate. Not really finished with the weathering.....probably going to add some small amounts of dirt around the blade and track gear. I encourage any ideas for improvement. Thanks.
22. November 2020, 00:34
David Taylor
Scraper box to tow behind.
22. November 2020, 08:51
Tom ...
Love the weathering. Looks amazing! Really excellent work, David!
28. December 2020, 21:34
Dave Beenak
Thank you Tom.
29. December 2020, 01:02


1:35 Armored Tractor (MiniArt 35291)1:35 U.S. Military Bulldozer D7 tracks (Friulmodel ATL-178)
US Armored tractor
US Military US Army (1784-now)

WW II - World War 2 Pacific Theatre

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