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Jim C
James C (Jim C)

A12 Matilda II Mk.III

It was a pleasure to build this newly tooled kit, and the replacement Bronco tracks that I had originally intended to use on the older tooled Tamiya kit fit perfectly.
I highly recommend this kit to build and has 3x marking options.

Completed April 2020.


8 | 31. May 2020, 08:44
Sebastian Meyner
Very nice work as usual!! Welcome back James 👍
31. May 2020, 08:46
James C
Thanks mate 🙂
31. May 2020, 08:53
Very good looking colours and tracks!
31. May 2020, 17:05
Ben M
Looks great! I can't wait to build one!
31. May 2020, 17:37
James C
Thanks Neuling and Ben 🙂

@ Ben - It's a superb kit to build mate. I highly recommend it.
31. May 2020, 19:17
Great job!
31. May 2020, 19:51
James C
Thanks Forestfan 🙂
1. June 2020, 18:54
Rui S
Beautiful paintjob and model 👍
16. June 2020, 21:38
James C
Thanks Rui. 🙂
17. June 2020, 15:20
James C
I had used the AK Interactive "Caunter Scheme" acrylic paint set "silver grey" for the paint scheme on the older tooled Tamiya kit... and I just didn't like it.
The "Silver Grey" looked far too close to the "Portland stone".

On this build I figured Tamiya's call outs were better... but the XF-23 call out looked too blue. In the end, I used an Italeri Acrylic of RLM76 (AP4786) which in hind sight is still, too blue... but slightly better? I'll let you guys be the judge.
17. June 2020, 15:59
James C
A tricky masking job...
17. June 2020, 17:14
This one is stunning but I believe the Mk. II is more 'historic'
17. June 2020, 20:14
James C
Thanks Olivier... And yes, you are right. Reflecting... I don't particularly like either builds now... of the silver grey. Something that I will definitely work on though.
17. June 2020, 20:34
17. June 2020, 20:55
I am right now trying this scheme on a Marmon Herrington MkIII. Quite a challenge...
18. June 2020, 08:25
James C
Good luck with it and post some progress pics😉👍
18. June 2020, 13:04
21. September 2020, 22:09
21. September 2020, 22:27
Daniel Klink
21. September 2020, 22:38
21. September 2020, 22:39
James C
Just figured I'd add these links as they are quite interesting.
21. September 2020, 22:40
Very interesting ! Thanks James for the links.
22. September 2020, 10:53


1:35 Matilda Mk.III/IV (Tamiya 35300)1:35 "Flat" Type workable track link (Bronco AB3532)
Matilda Mk.III/IV
GB Military British Army (1660-now)
42 Royal Tank Reg., 1 Army Tank Brig. T6968 Phantom
1941 - North Africa
Portland Stone 64, Silver grey 28, Slate grey 34

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