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Jim C
James C (Jim C)

A12 Matilda Mk.II

Yet another older Tamiya kit from the early 1970's

I decided to raid a spare set of decals from Tamiya's newly tooled Matilda Mk.III kit (#35300) and do it in the Desert Caunter scheme.
I had also intended to use a set of replacement Bronco workable track links on it, but found that they wouldn't fit the drive wheels due to them being slightly over scale. It's more like 1/32 scale than 1/35 which also shows with the decals etc.


8 | 31. May 2020, 08:35
You made quite a good showcase for the Caunter scheme with this one.
17. June 2020, 20:11
Rui S
IMHO, Both Matildas are very well painted 👍
19. June 2020, 18:57
James C
Thanks guys 🙂

This is Tamiya's older tooled kit from the 70's and is WAY over scaled and when compared to their newly tooled Matilda kits... is a bit of a turd to be honest.😉

The AK "Caunter Scheme" (AK4030) paint set that I used was a bit disappointing in that the silver grey didn't even come close to matching the colour as indicated on the box art. The colour provided was just a slightly darker version of the "Portland Stone" with a slight greenish hue to it. For this one, I tried to darken it up a bit and add more contrast by going over the top of it with a blue-grey from Tamiya's weathering Master pastels set which largely did the trick. The rest of the colours in the set look ok though.

It is for this reason that I chose to use the RLM blue when I did the newly tooled kit.
While it too isn't correct, it was a far better and more accurate kit to build and the paint scheme looks much tidier as well.

23. June 2020, 21:12
Good job despite the kit; I know exactly what you mean about the older tooled kits, I made the mistake of buying a couple on Ebay because the price was really good (compared to the newer tooled kit) . Of course I got what I paid for and life is too short to waste time on polishing turds.
18. July 2020, 12:12
Missed this one: a mistake! Very beautiful, especially your choice of colors!
18. July 2020, 17:57
James C
Thanks Al and Neuling 🙂

@ Al - I couldn't agree more 👍
18. July 2020, 20:42


1:35 Infantry Tank Mk.II Matilda (Tamiya MM124)1:35 2 Pounder 40mm (Early Model) Gun Barrel for Matilda II (RB Model 35B02)

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