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Jim C
James C (Jim C)

M24 Chaffee

A bloody awful Tamiya reboxing of an older Italeri kit from the 1980's. They've thrown in a cheap metal barrel, as well as provided one of the two identical sprues from their WW2 "Allied Accessories" set as stowage items and replaced the M2 machine gun.

This one fought me every step of the way.
I'd not recommend it, and given the current retail price would advise getting the much more recent AFV Club kit instead.


14 | 31. May 2020, 08:20
Brian Eberle
I like the end product, it was worth the fight. Oils for weathering?
31. May 2020, 11:54
Top result and interesting info on the kit!
31. May 2020, 16:57
James C
Thanks Brian and Neuling 🙂

@ Brian. Yes, a combination of Italeri Acrylic for the base coat of olive drab, followed up with Tamiya dark brown panel liner and MiG oil brushers and assorted pigments.
31. May 2020, 19:12
4. April, 09:28
4. April, 09:37
4. April, 10:03


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1:35 M24 Chaffee (Tamiya 37020)1:35 M24 Chaffee (Friulmodel ATL-39)
M24 Chaffee
US Military US Army (1784-now)
81 Cav., Reconnaissanse Sqn.1 Arm. Div. 9
April 1945 IT
Olive Drab

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