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Nils (Sketchbond)

Dragon #6008 StuG III Ausf. B

First StuG build for me. Typical Dragon quality, though the single link tracks were a lot of fun to cut and clean up from the sprue.


3 | 25. September 2020, 23:17
Rui S
Nice work. 👍
Y know what you mean. The link tracks After my Marder II, made me stoll my T26 WINTER WAR project. I've clean just one side 🙁
26. September 2020, 10:18
The cleaning of the links wasn't the worst parr, just very tedious. I found putting on a view good model building videos and a movie while cleaning them up helped.

When I was assembling the kit I was concerned about getting the fenders sitting properly so I put them on before putting the tracks on, which caused me some grief later on to get them to look right. Lesson learned for my next Dragon StuG waiting in my stash.
26. September 2020, 15:50

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