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Mystery build - aka SM U9


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mystery, intersting 🙂
29. March, 11:30
OHA, exciting 👀
29. March, 12:06
Stefan Schacht
curious 🙂
29. March, 12:10
Lode Schildermans
This project should take about 3 months. Quite short for me
29. March, 12:37
Martin Oostrom
😄 Does it have wheels?
29. March, 12:50
If I put a 3D model of your mystery model subject, in a computer game, will the manufacturer sue me for copyright?
29. March, 14:14
Greg Baker
All of Lode's builds are a mystery to me...
29. March, 14:25
David Taylor
You mean you've finished the Bismark Lode.
29. March, 14:30
Slavo Hazucha
I´m in - in my world, what´s being built is usually more or less clear, but the duration of the project is a true mystery 😄
29. March, 16:02
Martin Oostrom
Lode doesn't show his stash, so each of his builds starts as a mystery
29. March, 16:59
Steven Van Dyck
A diorama of the Suez Canal with that 400m ship in 1/200, that should take Lode only three months...
29. March, 17:04
Norbert Steffens
Now I'm curious to see, what you wanna build....
29. March, 17:06
Lode Schildermans
Fellow mates, nice to see you're all triggered 😉
29. March, 17:26
Lode Schildermans
And no, the Bismarck is not finished. Far from it
29. March, 17:27
Martin Oostrom
Now we're guessing, the Flower class corvette with the Belgian crew?
29. March, 17:42
David Taylor
Prinz Eugene by chance.
29. March, 19:14
Lode Schildermans
Unbelieve the expected and believe the unexpected. It will reveal by time. Waiting for the last shipment with details to start
29. March, 19:53
James C
Definitely got my attention😉
29. March, 20:22
Greg Baker
Oohhh... a Flower Class corvette... with a Canadian crew!
29. March, 20:49
Lode Schildermans
That is in my stash, one in 1/144 and one in 1/72. One Canadian and one Belgian Flower Class, but that is another project, Greg (and Martin)
29. March, 20:52
David Taylor
Is that a clue SHIPment.
30. March, 14:12
Lode Schildermans
David, who knows. Sometimes, there is a ship in a shipment. Sometimes not
30. March, 22:03
Martin Oostrom
He's building the Ever Given in the Suez Canal 😉
31. March, 05:36
If you turned a B-29 into a raft, like in the movie "Last Flight of Noah's Ark", that would be something. 🙂
31. March, 05:54
David Taylor
Martin perhaps the Ever Given is in the Ever Given
31. March, 13:23
Lode Schildermans
David, I confirm it wasn't on that one, neither the following ones
31. March, 19:49
1. April, 11:45
Lode Schildermans
Progress is better than I thought. A real nice kit to build
12. April, 21:22
13. April, 05:48
Greg Baker
Wow! It's looking great! I think this is one of your best yet!
13. April, 05:54
Martin Oostrom
Painting the white figure must have been easy, but how did you levitate the red question mark?
13. April, 06:00
This guy is slower than I am, what a relief. 😄
Or, maybe he has started already.
13. April, 06:16
David Taylor
Did'nt see that one coming,maybe it was submerged.
13. April, 12:09
Martin Oostrom
I'm confused! Mr Royal Navy, aka Lode, is building 2 German warships at the same time?
Paint work is splendid as usual mate 👍
13. April, 12:44
Lode Schildermans
Martin, it is shipbuilding. I build what I like. I've the big Mo in my stash too. But this was such a particular kit, I couldn't resist to buy it. And a pleasure to make it come to alive
13. April, 21:41
James C
Fabulous job on the paintwork Lode. Very cool project 👍
14. April, 06:11
Lode Schildermans
Thank you James. One side completely done now (you only saw the beginning) Intensive work 😉
14. April, 19:50
16. April, 09:30
Slavo Hazucha
Wow, been "under the radar" for a while - what an unveil! 👍

+ Lode, You´ll be surprised what was going on at my end during the past weeks 😉
20. April, 08:40
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Slavo. So, surprise me. I haven't the faintest idea, but is has to something with water / sea
20. April, 10:46
Wow, very nice piant/weathering job 👍
But this is not scratchbuild, you should link your album/project, so it could be found via the kit!
20. April, 11:12
David Taylor
Love the subject and weathering.
20. April, 13:58
Slavo Hazucha
Lode you can already check, it´s up in my Albums 😄

Love the paint-job you did on the bow and the hull, the atmosphere of a Great War german sub captured in pro-style as always 👍
20. April, 17:52
Lode Schildermans
Bughunter, David, thanks for the encouraging words, my friends. @unter, it is the Das Werk kit. I'll update later on the project / album
20. April, 19:30
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, I did look at your album (and left a nice comment to your son and you) Just a coinwe worked on a similar project @ the same time
20. April, 19:31
Rui S
Great weathering work so far 👍
20. April, 21:09
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Rui. Nearly finished now
28. April, 18:17
James C
The weathering that your are applying gives it an authentic "used and abused" and punished by the sea look and feel to it. I love it! 👍
28. April, 19:03
David Taylor
Looking brilliant as usual.
28. April, 19:21
Lode Schildermans
Thank you James, You described perfectly what I had intended in my mind. Mission accomplished. You couldn't have given a greater compliment.
29. April, 19:26
Lode Schildermans
Thank you David. That is most kind of you
29. April, 19:26
Alex Rodionov
Fantastic model. No words.
29. April, 19:49
Slavo Hazucha
Exquisite looking stern - the rigging, weathering & all - great detail with the machine guns too - 👍 I guess these were mounted only when surfaced, not like the "wet" 20´mils on WW2 u-boats?

Great project, I guess it´s quite different from the micro-management on the 1:200´s 🙂
29. April, 21:54
Rui S
Excellent finish, on this mean looking war machine, as would be expected 👍
30. April, 17:20
Roland Sachsenhofer
You didi it again- on an most interesting subject. A wonderful model in every respect! A real feast for the eyes, congratulations!
30. April, 17:26
Lovely with that wire rigging on it.
30. April, 20:11
Lode Schildermans
Thank you Alex, that is a most kind comment
Slavo, it is quite different and a good exercise. I loved it so much, that I've a type IX in my stash now too
Rui, the pleasure is all mine and I'm glad I could fulfill the expectations
Roland, thanks a lot for you comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And it is quite a interesting subject. I learned a lot
Treehugger, the rigging was nice to do. pinching a 0,2 mm wire through the ey of a needle...36 times
2. May, 20:17
David Taylor
Crew puts the size into perspective,nice.
25. June, 21:31
James C
Inspiring work as always mate 👍
25. June, 22:15
I agree with James. 👍👍
26. June, 08:19
Mike Kryza
Fantastic! 👍
26. June, 08:29
Guillaume Boulanger
very nice paint and the weathering it so nice
26. June, 08:33
Alec K
Insipiring work as usual Lode 👍
26. June, 11:14
Lode Schildermans
@David, it does. I always try to put in some crew to create that effect, yet, it was my first attempt to do figures in 1/72. I'm used to another scale
@James, Neuling, Mike, Guillaume, Alec, thank you for your kind comments. Nice to hear you get inspired by my builds, as I am by yours
29. June, 04:55
General Fail
Great rigging and improvements
29. June, 06:48
I had no idea a WW1 submarine would look this nice.
29. June, 06:56
Lode Schildermans
Thank you, General Fail (what a nickname) 😉
29. June, 20:54
Lode Schildermans
Treehugger, neither did I
29. June, 20:54
Kerry COX
Lode. I do see a very subtle rust streaks you have created that will help me work out where the start of rust happens, especially where the drainage scuttles are and water may pool or fail to drain and the streaks of rust laden water leaves it's mark. 👍
Thanks for your suggestion and help. 😉
27. July, 23:49
Peter Hardy
Lode, between you and Kezza doing subs I may just restart my Atlantic U Boot!
28. July, 07:14
Lode Schildermans
That woud be nice. I must have somewhere around a type IX in my stash. Building a sub was a real pleasure for me between the more complex builds battleships are. Ans still a Ferrari to do. I'll come for tips and tricks when I start that one
28. July, 07:19
Sven Schönyan
Oh wow! That´s really nicely done!
28. July, 07:22
Lode Schildermans
Thank you, Sven
28. July, 09:28
Lex Jassies
What a beautiful result. I really love the weathering 👍
28. July, 09:39


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