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KMS Bismarck


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James C
Woohoo YESSSS!!😉👍
16. October 2020, 16:30
David Taylor
First the victim now the victor.
16. October 2020, 16:32
Whiskey Actual
You've got my attention LOL
16. October 2020, 16:49
16. October 2020, 17:36
Michael Hickey
No pressure, but I'm quite sure this will be EPIC.😄
17. October 2020, 11:45
David Taylor
Will you be doing the full set.POW,PE.
17. October 2020, 14:24
Lode Schildermans
My mates, such comments and there is just one photo of the real ship in the album. Wheather if it is going to be epic, Michael, I wouldn't know. Difficult, for sure. The plan is to do her in her full baltic scheme with the pontos sets. We'll see what she's will look a like in one year
17. October 2020, 22:32
Michael Hickey
Well you have proven you have the patience for her.😢
18. October 2020, 05:16
Martin Oostrom
And the skills. Unleash sub-perfectionist Lode, and we'll still be very impressed 👍
18. October 2020, 08:11
James C
I know it's still early days, but am really eager to see what you do with this one and will be following closely👍
27. October 2020, 05:19
Lode Schildermans
Michael, Martin, don't put too much pressure on me. This kit is huge and full of detail. I thought a little easier than HMS Hood, but I ain't so confident anymore. Either way, the camo scheme will be the most difficult ever done (which is the reason I fear this build)

James, thank you for following this one close. I've the impression that most of the bunch does... 😉
27. October 2020, 12:09
Tim Heimer
Just think, when Lode finishes this one he'll be sitting in the tub with this and the Hood recreating the battle! LOL! Lode all fear is is the unknown. By now this should be a slight challenge that you will overcome, and we all like a challenge from time to time , other than that we would've hung up model building by now!
27. October 2020, 14:33
Slavo Hazucha
I lay in a few days of reduced activity & this gets started! 👍 Looking forward to see the journey - I guess it will be another cleanie - the ship did not exactly had much time to pick up any wear & tear - unless you´re going for the "as seen when last afloat" version of her😉 :


Close-range 16" gunfire really can ruin a sunny day on the Atlantic... Rodney, do you hear me over there?!

In modeling terms, If nothing else, it would definitely ease-up on the rigging-work... 😄 In any case, godspeed & the 20mil´s already look great!
30. October 2020, 22:51
James C
That etch work on the 20mm AA guns is incredible! 👍
2. November 2020, 06:01
Martin Oostrom
She's ready to fire the first shot!
2. November 2020, 09:52
David Taylor
What scale is this again 48 or 72.
2. November 2020, 15:46
Very nice so far and will follow with interest - hope you get a good rigging diagram!
2. November 2020, 18:17
Lode Schildermans
Tim, it seems you've the image already in your head 😉 Fear is a big word, but this scheme will push my precision to a new edge
Slavo, indeed less wear & tear, but the challenge is not there this time. She will have some wear & tear, obviously. I'm looking forward to see the journey myself.
James, even Pontos keeps developping 😉. This tiny piece is composed by 16 small parts, but I'm becoming handy in this stuff
Martin, not too fast. Wait for the big guns
David, that is a scale that wouldn't match anymore with my workplace. Believe me, she's big enough in 1/200
Michael, the diagram is for once rather easy to find, but difficult to realise, but I've enough time to mentally prepare for that part, lol
3. November 2020, 22:02
James C
I see you've been busy! Taking shape nicely mate👍 BTW happy new year!😉👍
7. January, 19:01
Lode Schildermans
Hi James, happy new year to you too mate. After the sanding, the PE details, and there are lots of it 😉
7. January, 21:31
Tim Heimer
I hope this link works well for your entertainment! Youtube Video

8. January, 06:33
Slavo Hazucha
Yes... that IS a lot of PE... 😮 Fortunately (or un-fortunately in your case? 😉 ) the Bismarck did not feature the typical allied ship light-AA galore, just a few 37 & 20mils AFAIK, nothing pom-pom like... The 105 & 88 mounts may be good fun though...

This will look epic when finished & painted! 👍
8. January, 12:20
Seems to be a huge project. I couldn't imagine keeping up with such a mammoth task! But scratchbuild? It looks like a kit is used ...
I will watch in silence and enjoy 👍
8. January, 12:51
James C
Intricate detailing work done there Lode and those barrels look fantastic👍
20. January, 23:11
new PE festival started. how did i missed this album before????
20. January, 23:35
Greg Baker
Wait... why wasn't I informed about this?
22. January, 07:01
Lode Schildermans
Hello guys, a bit late to reply, but what so nice comments.
@Tim, I loved the youtube movie you sended.
@Slavo, It is a lot of PE, not the AA-galore I am used too, but it is largely compensated, by hatches, portholes, vents,.... But the AA will be compensated in a next build, as there are Nelson and Mo in the Pacific scene. Epic, well we'll see at the end
@bughunter, I hope you enjoy the build with me
@James, I think you're quite familiar with my regular detailing. Well, It is quite some fun, but will be a hell of a job to paint correctly, or should I say, to mask. Yeah, she had quite some barreled teeth 🙂
@Spanjaard, well I guess my PE work has some reputation now in the bunch. But it is once again a PE feast, that is for sure.
@Greg, you didn't ask 😉. I guess you has enough work with the transfer and creating your new mancave in the same period I started up this one. Well, you're here now and you're most welcome
22. January, 19:27
Lode Schildermans
Some small progress with the PE puzzle parts
26. January, 18:41
Slavo Hazucha
New episode from the Photoetch-Zen Garden! - Planting Vents! 🙂

I was fully on board with the big ones, but the small quadruple arrangements push the boundaries one league further... I am sure if I had a nano-scale angle-meter, it would confirm all is perfectly aligned 👍

Out of interest - are some of the black/white stripes going through these?
28. January, 13:28
Lovely PE work 👍
28. January, 15:21
Lode Schildermans
@Slavo, LOL. Photoetch Zen Garden. Unfortunately, the vents don't grow by themselves. About aligning the pieces, I do admit they come close to a perfect alignment (thx for the Gorilla super glue which gives me the time to position them correctly) black/white stripes, I guess you're referring to her Baltic scheme 😉
Well, that is indeed the plan, but I've to figure out how to mask the parts.
@Bughunter, thank you for liking it
28. January, 19:28
Martin Oostrom
Every once in a while I take a peek. Each and every time there is a new surprise.
1. February, 20:05
Lode Schildermans
Well Martin, I'll do my best to keep you surprised
9. February, 16:56
Is that an aircraft hangar on pic 43? If yes, will we see you as aircraft modeler?
9. February, 17:17
David Pearson
Impressive, love the attention to detail.
9. February, 17:46
he is already, bughunter.... I remember that beautiful Walrus in PoW.... But the pictures in the album does not pay it justice😉 HMS Prince of Wales | Album by Lode
looking forward seeing at least one Arado Ar 196 🙂
9. February, 20:14
Lode Schildermans
Bughunter, it is one ( out of 3). Me as an aircraftmodeller. Well' there are 2 arado ar 196. Maybe one with folded wings
9. February, 21:45
Lode Schildermans
Thank you David. I do my best to pay attention to the details. Time consuming, but worth the effort at the end
9. February, 21:46
Lode Schildermans
He he, Spanjaard. It wasn't bad, but i liked the walrus on the Rodney more. Amazing what details they invent for a 1/200 scale. But me as a aircraft builder, I'll let it to the real talents here as Slavo, Roland, James and yourself
9. February, 21:50
Pawel W
There is one thing that i like the most in ships models - leaks, rust stains, watermarks on hull - can't wait till see it on yours model! (btw this AA gun looks gorgeous!)
9. February, 22:00
you are too kind to include me in the same category as Slavo, Roland and James. thanks for such a great compliment
i certainly agree that the one in Rodney was magnificent, but you do not longer have pictures of it here, so that is why i used the PoW album.... because I did forgot that I do have pictures that I took myself last time we meet, Scale Model Challenge 2019 | Album by hetspanjaard , so here it is 🙂
9. February, 22:21
Lode Schildermans
Yeah, I have to reload Rodney's album. I must have deleted it by accident
9. February, 22:59
Slavo Hazucha
Oh yeah, the Rodney was Lode´s first long-time project I watched, took time, was worth every minute of it! 👍 Well remember the Walrus too...

Is the Arado going to be launch-ready or in some folded state here? In any case, looking forward to it - compared to things like the beautiful 20-mil examples here or flag-boxes from previous ships, a full-scale airplane is almost a macro-build in this scale... only ´66 scale points to Greg´s flying circus😉

And last - just got to say it - the funnel halves as they sit there totally brought back the memory of my first Ski-boots I had in the early 80´s 😄
10. February, 12:02
James C
Thanks Lode, but the extreme talent shown here by Slavo, Roland and Spanjaard is on another level entirely 😳

I too would love to see the HMS Rodney make a comeback😉👍
10. February, 17:54
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, I've the intention to do a nch-reafdy Arado as one with folded wings (CMK has this kit, but yet to order) The Arado is even crazier than the Pontos detail set of the Walrus. The Arado even has an interior in PE
10. February, 20:11
Lode Schildermans
James, what is funny is that you mates refer to the others as an entirely other level, as you did. You all are talented builders, although I have to admit that Slavo is another league. I hope he won't start a ship one day 😉
10. February, 20:14
Slavo Hazucha
Guys I don´t know what to say, are you watching the same albums as I or do I have a namesake who does some truly epic stuff? None of you needs to have any worries going to the same lengths and further in your own work & results... 👍

In any case Lode, my shipbuilding days are over, I gave it a few tries some 20 years ago, sailing & WW2 ships, but nothing as big as your 200-scale fleet.😉
11. February, 14:13
That is a great service for visitors here 👍 I asked about hangar and immediately Lode starts to detailing them and post more pics😎
11. February, 14:28
Greg Baker
That's why I've limited myself to rowboats... I don't want to put Lode out of business. He's a good kid.
11. February, 14:37
Lode Schildermans
Euh, Slavo, you've that namesake, mate. Well, keep on building those magnificant planes 🙂, I'll keep it to my fleet of ships
11. February, 22:24
Lode Schildermans
Bughunter, I granted your wish 😉
11. February, 22:25
Lode Schildermans
Greg, I really laughed my ass off reading your comment. One of the best I've heard here. Thanks for that
11. February, 22:26
Martin Oostrom
Nice guns Lode!
28. February, 17:12
Tim Heimer
Just frickin amazing details!! This one will definitely be comparable to the Hood!
28. February, 21:12
Lode Schildermans
Martin,Tim, they look nice but it takes time to make just one
28. February, 22:22
James C
Well worth all the effort Lode, they look impressive even without paint👍
28. February, 23:15
Martin Oostrom
I'm not in a hurry, take all the time you need 😄
1. March, 06:22
Slavo Hazucha
Beautiful work on all the 20mil - or in your scale 0,1mil - armaments! 👍 The Quads even seem to feature some residual plastic😉

But my hero of this update (probably because I´ve seen guns of many shapes & sizes built to same quality by you) is the funnel with the cover grid and all the side-stacks of different length´s and diameters - this upgrades the appearance of the kit part by miles and is a thing of pure scale beauty... Probably would qualify as a reasonable music instrument too! 🙂
1. March, 09:32
Lode Schildermans
James, thank you mate. And I thought the 20 mil oerlikons on the RN ships were difficult...On the other hand, there were only 10 compared to the 61 on the HMS Nelson
Martin, I always take my time 😉. It is the result that counts, not the speed
Slavo, I tried to blow the whistles, and it sound good. That was a nice part to do and it fitted like a glove. One of my better PE jobs
1. March, 21:31
Peter Hardy
Collectively, you blokes are full of it! No wonder I like you!
2. March, 05:06
Lode Schildermans
Peter, you're one of the blokes, reason we like you too, mate
2. March, 06:05
Impressive vierlings. 🙂
2. March, 09:03
Photo 57 can be rotated from the album management screen on this website.
2. March, 09:05
Lovely seeing all the photo etch vents in photo 45. 🙂
2. March, 09:06
All those port holes had me thinking, for ships in 1:350 scale. If one wanted to, one could use a spherical drill bit and very carefully drill out the plastic around the openings to make the wall appear thinner. I think it would work, but one would have to be very careful. I think even halving the wall thickness would look nice, that way one wouldn't risk drilling through. I think maybe it could look good, drilling the plastic that way, but also gluing on a sheet of black paper on the inside (assuming one was finished doing all the paint work), which would get some distance off the drilled plastic. Unsure how it would look adding black carton this way, but it would prevent seeing through the model.
2. March, 09:09
Peter Hardy
I'm sure at 200 scale Lode could add a corridor and a ratings mess with furniture.
2. March, 09:41
and with PE utensils on the tables.
2. March, 09:52
Slavo Hazucha
or a 1:200 model of the ship within this 1:200 model inside the Captains cabin...😉
2. March, 10:38
Peter Hardy
With crew on deck in uniform.
2. March, 10:47
If 1:200 figures are as expensive as 1:350 ones, the good looking ones, the total cost for adding the crew would be obscene I am sure. 🙂 It is a nice thought though.
2. March, 11:40
@Slavo: fantastic idea, I vote for it 👍
2. March, 11:57
Treehugger, the 1/200 figures Peter refers to, are the figures for the 1/200 model inside of the capitain's cabin (so a 1/40000 model with figures😉 )
i am sure Lode will include crew in the 1/200 (like he did in the Hood)
2. March, 12:14
Martin Oostrom
1/40000 Bismarck will be 0.5 cm long?
2. March, 13:17
yeah, we need something smaller to really challenge Lode😉
2. March, 14:56
Alec K
Another fantastic effort, I'll take a seat 👍
2. March, 18:53
Lode Schildermans
Treehugger, Peter, Bughunter, Spanjaar, Slavo, first, I laughed reading the suggestion to shrink the size. The past few days, I tried to invent a shrinking machine. Unfortunately, it didn't work.
Spanjaard, what scale you had in mind to challenge me? As for me, these project are than challenging enough, but it gave me some ideas to reply to your interesting thoughts. I'll come later on back to that, to surprise you if it works as I've in mind. Well, I lunatic enough to give it a try
Alec, there is still place on the front row with the rest of the bunch
6. March, 21:39
Lode Schildermans
Back on track. A lot of prepared PE and the hull primes and preshaded
14. May, 18:58
Martin Oostrom
The parts in picture 76 are paravanes?
14. May, 19:50
Lode Schildermans
They are indeed the paravanes Martin
14. May, 20:28
James C
I see you've been busy 👍
14. May, 22:50
Tim Heimer
Insanity at it's best Lode! Looking good!
17. May, 04:40
Lode Schildermans
I have, James. The U9 was a nice in between to refresh my mindset to continue the Bismarck build
17. May, 20:47
Lode Schildermans
Tim, glad you like my insanity ?
17. May, 20:48
James C
I can understand the need or want to take a break from such a mammoth task, as building the Bismarck in 1/200 scale... and to your specs and taste. The U-9 was a very much enjoyed distraction... and you probably learned some new skills or picked up new ideas along the way?

... Anyway, I like the paintwork and splinter scheme you've applied to the hull mate 👍
17. May, 21:28
Martin Oostrom
The sleek lines, the Baltic scheme, she is just menacing!
Great work Lode!
18. May, 05:27
Lode Schildermans
A lot of compliments, James. U9 was indeed an enjoyed distraction and a learning session @ the same time. Definitely picked up ideas, but only a few for the Bismarck (and a lot for HMS Nelson) Thanks for the comment on the paintjob. I had to repaint some parts (well, that is what you get when your masking is wrong and you didn't noticed it) Still doubting about the full Baltic. That is a real clusterfuck that could ruin all the previous work. And the splinter scheme is already quite striking, IMHO

Martin, my Dutch friend. You nailed what was going through my mind when I took the photos (It looks menacing)
18. May, 20:35
David Taylor
The 196 looks good.
25. May, 21:12
Kerry COX
You must walk with a sailors 'swagger' Lode. Having built so many naval masterpieces. hehehehehe 😉 👍 So good to watch you at work mate. 👍
25. May, 21:56
Lode Schildermans
Thank you, David. Yet a lot of work
30. May, 09:39
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, lol. I might, who knows. So many naval masterpieces, hahaha, Bismarck is only my 6th ship, so still a lot of progress I could make, I hope
30. May, 09:41
Kerry COX
Only your sixth. ??? OMG. I will never finish my first. hahahahaha 😉
30. May, 10:01
James C
Great job on the paintwork and that deck looks amazing! 👍
28. June, 20:29
Lode Schildermans
James, the deck was only difficult to glue. It looks amazing thanks to Scaledecks
29. June, 04:52
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, of course you can, but you didn't take the easiest one
29. June, 20:56
each of those ships is composed by a myriad of smaller models.... and you give attention to each and every one of the details of each tiny model!
29. June, 22:35
Slavo Hazucha
Lode my friend, I was off scalemates for some time (again), but one thing that kept calling me back was the prospect to see where you take your shipbuilding enterprise... Sheer beauty as it stands, I guess the tears you'll have to cry to cover this magnificence of multi-material artwork with paint would fill a dio-basin for a 200-scale ship 😉 👍
7. August, 19:33
David Taylor
Been a while,looks brilliant.
7. August, 20:51
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, welcome back, my friend. Thanks for calling the shipbuilding you back here. Well, about the tears. I have to admit that the Bismarck didn't appeal me at all. A Nemesis building, which isn't a good start. But I am starting to like her, just what I was searching four to, gibe her the credits she deserves. Painting this PE is just a step to reveal all the details with washing and dry brushing. I am more and more a fan of this ship. Slowly I have the mindset to complete this iconic ship, mindset I've been searching for long. One has to feel the build to make it, and finally I'm on this point.
7. August, 21:07
Lode Schildermans
David, it is the PE that looks brilliant, not the build.But as said to Salvo, I start to fel this build. Affinity was needed
7. August, 21:09
Kerry COX
It does make you wonder where our scale modelling would be if it wasn't for all the PE and after market products we all now take for granted. !
Scale modelling has come a long way in such a short time, especially in the last five years, and the time we all put in to get that taste of reality through these newly acquired skills and products has improved right along with these changes.
Lode, your one of many here who can honestly say that your chosen hobby really has bought meaning to parts of your life, and in particular, this trying time we all now know as Covid19. The hobby being our mental health saving grace, and some.!
Lode, your PE skills leave a great deal of us in your dust. How I love pouring over the items you construct with my zoom button, wondering, "How the hell did he do that. ?"😉
Many smiles and much determination on my part has followed my friend.
Thank you for all those great moments. 👍 👍
7. August, 23:36
Rui S
May I grab a late seat here? Just learning and feast my eyes again with your incredible work and skills and all the wise comments you receive.
20. August, 02:30
Martin Oostrom
Yeah sure, the pe looks brilliant. But only after you coerced it into the right shape. And that's where Lode's talent comes in. It's easy to credit those sheets of etched metal, but the art is in folding and twisting the stuff just right.
Your a master PE builder Lode, whether you like it or not 😉
20. August, 05:26
i agree with Martin... but i think coercing the metal into the right shape is just part of the talent. Lode does that fantastically... and then magically manages to make the metal stay in place... and I say magically because you can never see any residue of glue anywhere in your builds! folding is hard, but gluing to perfection, is (i think) even harder. amazing job Lode, as always.
20. August, 06:56
Lode Schildermans
@Kerry, wonderful to hear I make you smile. What is nicer than sharing all those great moments with friends. PE didn't exist when I was youngster 35 years ago. All kind of new products allow to bring plastic to a level of detail never seen before. PE is one of this new products. Often a certain curse, but it adds so much reality in models when done properly, I couldn't imagine anymore what a ship would like if I didn't PE part on it. What I discovered lately with the sub. I had to reinvent my old school techniques. I think true craftmanship is in the combination of old and new school
@Rui, never too late to grab a seat. Also thanks for the nice comment
@Martin, practice mate, practice and affinity with the product. As we all share our particular skills. And if you entitle me as a PE master, what choice do I have to accept it or not
@Spanjaard, it is also a bit of trial and error and find the right glues and tools. it helps a lot. You've nailed the true essence (IMHO of PE. One can bend the metal in the shape it needs, but it is the glueing that makes the real difference.
20. August, 20:36
Or (micro)soldering 😉
If not already done by manufacturer I tin the PE now. This allows thin paint showing more details and metal on the corners - without showing bright yellow brass.
Anyway, great work again 👍
20. August, 22:09
Lode Schildermans
Bughunter, or soldering. I already thought about it, so I can comparre the 2 techniques and see what suits me best. Thanks for the compliment, mate
21. August, 07:44
Lode Schildermans
And painting the superstructure has started, but no photos to show yet. A lot of pieces to put in primer first. It will probably ta a full week to do that before I can put the grey and start to use washes to reveil the details again
30. August, 20:43
Lode Schildermans
Progressing slowly
22. September, 21:29
Kerry COX
Lode. 'Slowly' is a wonderful word. 🙂
Much better that "All ahead full". !
22. September, 22:24
Lode Schildermans
Kerry, it is indeed a wonderful word. All ahead full wouldn't give the result I'd like to obtain. I have refund my pace with this build. it will be a difficult till the finish (it's not my favourite ship) but it is a so iconic one that I had to make it. If all turns out as desired, a few new features compared to the previous builds. As the opened hangar with an Arado with folded wings
24. September, 21:37
James C
I haven't commented on every update you've made, but still following your amazing progress mate. Really fascinating seeing it slowly come together. 👍
24. September, 21:43
Rui S
Only now with your paintjob job I see for the first time the efect of that style of camo. The darker grey parts in front and back and the white waves make the ship looks much smaller. Very interesting indeed. Finaly I understand it. I think. Sorry my ignorance and thx for that.
And by the way also a great weathering on the hull. 👍
25. September, 00:22
David Taylor
Still following and looking good Lode.
25. September, 08:41
Lode Schildermans
James, nice to know you follow the build. Drop a post whenever it it convenient, mate
25. September, 18:19
Lode Schildermans
Rui, I agree it is only now you can see the purpose of the camouflage. It is not ignorance, it just takes time to see it. Nice to hear you've noticed the hull weathering
25. September, 18:21
Lode Schildermans
David, thank you for your comment
25. September, 18:53
Slavo Hazucha
Looking great in color, weathering spot on regarding the historic context... 👍

@Rui - I am thinking about this pattern everytime I see it & I think the real purpose was not to make the ship appear shorter (just would not work given the proportions with the turret positions), but to make it appear angled and thus throw off the rangefinding, shells being set too short/wide due to assumed relative closing/parting distance... may be wrong though, no evidence to back it up 🙂
26. September, 19:10
Bart Goesaert
Spledid work and some intricate work on the PE...
20. October, 11:52
Tim Heimer
Crud! I missed this build?!
5. November, 04:00
Peter Hardy
Tim, have you seen Lode's HMS Hood? Mind boggling!
13. November, 22:16
Kerry COX
Peter. How is your Bismark coming along. ? 😉
14. November, 01:44
Martin Oostrom
I guess in the same state as the original; beyond repair?
14. November, 08:33
Kerry COX
"I know nuthink.! 😉
14. November, 09:54
Markus Yliaho
Wow! nice work!
14. November, 15:43
Lode Schildermans
It has been quite a while since I looked in my album here. Bart, thanks for liking. Tim, you're in just in time. You haven't missed much.
Peter, a good question of Kerry. I am curious too 😉
Martin, is you reply on my build, or Peter's
Markus, thank you for your comment
14. November, 22:39
Lode Schildermans
I've quite progressed since the last pictures. TIme to reveal a bit more progress
14. November, 22:40
Peter Hardy
Kez, Martin and Lode, my Bismarck is in dry dock awaiting an upgrade of technological skills to the builder's interface. And a bit of enthusiasm from me too. As luck would have it I am in fact building another warship at the moment! Very slow process in between other builds. No build pics but when she is launched there will be many pics of the finished item.
15. November, 02:02
Martin Oostrom
Hate to say it Lode. But how good your shipbuilding is, it isn't THE original Bismarck😉
15. November, 06:51
Lode Schildermans
Peter, that is the spirit. You've acquired already a lot of upgrades, so I'm curious about the launched build 😉
15. November, 22:19
Lode Schildermans
Hate to say it Martin, but for THE original Bismarck, I'm born too late. If you are referring to a full Baltic, I'm not that good in shipbuilding
15. November, 22:21
James C
Nice to see an update Lode as it's been a while 😉👍
I see you've started detailing the bridge and installed the secondary armament as well. Awesome!
16. November, 23:49
Peter Hardy
Lode, not launched yet but I am having a lot of fun with it so it may be finished faster than planned!
17. November, 04:39
Lode Schildermans
Hello James, a bit difficult to show updates. A lot of tiny stuff not worth the publication, only the final assembly. Detailing has indeed started, my friend, but still a lot to do
23. November, 22:32
Lode Schildermans
Peter, I am looking forward to it. Your skills have so improved since I'm here on SCM that I am truly impressed and I'm more than convinced that whatever build you do, ships included, there will be no comparison to your PoW, which was more than a first build. Easy to say for me since I only do ships, so each build, I can take my lessons learned into account. As you know, Bismarck is my Nemesis, but finally, I start to feel this one and I hope I can give this battleship (and more the crew) the credit it deserves. That is what really drives me, not the plastic and PE, but the history of all those sailors which experiences need to be told by honouring their sacrificies. Quite an answer, no?
23. November, 22:41
Peter Hardy
Yes, quite an answer! Thank you! I run short on motivation sometimes too!
24. November, 03:37


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