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Lode Schildermans (Lode)

KMS Bismarck



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11 | 10. October 2020, 22:10
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James C
Woohoo YESSSS!! ;)
16. October 2020, 16:30
David Taylor
First the victim now the victor.
16. October 2020, 16:32
Whiskey Actual
You've got my attention LOL
16. October 2020, 16:49
16. October 2020, 17:36
Michael Hickey
No pressure, but I'm quite sure this will be EPIC. :D
17. October 2020, 11:45
David Taylor
Will you be doing the full set.POW,PE.
17. October 2020, 14:24
Lode Schildermans
My mates, such comments and there is just one photo of the real ship in the album. Wheather if it is going to be epic, Michael, I wouldn't know. Difficult, for sure. The plan is to do her in her full baltic scheme with the pontos sets. We'll see what she's will look a like in one year
17. October 2020, 22:32
Michael Hickey
Well you have proven you have the patience for her.;)
18. October 2020, 05:16
Martin Oostrom
And the skills. Unleash sub-perfectionist Lode, and we'll still be very impressed
18. October 2020, 08:11
James C
I know it's still early days, but am really eager to see what you do with this one and will be following closely
27. October 2020, 05:19
Lode Schildermans
Michael, Martin, don't put too much pressure on me. This kit is huge and full of detail. I thought a little easier than HMS Hood, but I ain't so confident anymore. Either way, the camo scheme will be the most difficult ever done (which is the reason I fear this build)

James, thank you for following this one close. I've the impression that most of the bunch does... ;)
27. October 2020, 12:09
Tim Heimer
Just think, when Lode finishes this one he'll be sitting in the tub with this and the Hood recreating the battle! LOL! Lode all fear is is the unknown. By now this should be a slight challenge that you will overcome, and we all like a challenge from time to time , other than that we would've hung up model building by now!
27. October 2020, 14:33
Slavo Hazucha
I lay in a few days of reduced activity & this gets started! Looking forward to see the journey - I guess it will be another cleanie - the ship did not exactly had much time to pick up any wear & tear - unless you´re going for the "as seen when last afloat" version of her ;) :


Close-range 16" gunfire really can ruin a sunny day on the Atlantic... Rodney, do you hear me over there?!

In modeling terms, If nothing else, it would definitely ease-up on the rigging-work... :D In any case, godspeed & the 20mil´s already look great!
30. October 2020, 22:51
James C
That etch work on the 20mm AA guns is incredible!
2. November 2020, 06:01
Martin Oostrom
She's ready to fire the first shot!
2. November 2020, 09:52
David Taylor
What scale is this again 48 or 72.
2. November 2020, 15:46
Very nice so far and will follow with interest - hope you get a good rigging diagram!
2. November 2020, 18:17
Lode Schildermans
Tim, it seems you've the image already in your head ;) Fear is a big word, but this scheme will push my precision to a new edge
Slavo, indeed less wear & tear, but the challenge is not there this time. She will have some wear & tear, obviously. I'm looking forward to see the journey myself.
James, even Pontos keeps developping ;). This tiny piece is composed by 16 small parts, but I'm becoming handy in this stuff
Martin, not too fast. Wait for the big guns
David, that is a scale that wouldn't match anymore with my workplace. Believe me, she's big enough in 1/200
Michael, the diagram is for once rather easy to find, but difficult to realise, but I've enough time to mentally prepare for that part, lol
3. November 2020, 22:02
James C
I see you've been busy! Taking shape nicely mate BTW happy new year! ;)
7. January, 19:01
Lode Schildermans
Hi James, happy new year to you too mate. After the sanding, the PE details, and there are lots of it ;)
7. January, 21:31
Tim Heimer
I hope this link works well for your entertainment! Youtube Video

8. January, 06:33
Slavo Hazucha
Yes... that IS a lot of PE... :o Fortunately (or un-fortunately in your case? ;) ) the Bismarck did not feature the typical allied ship light-AA galore, just a few 37 & 20mils AFAIK, nothing pom-pom like... The 105 & 88 mounts may be good fun though...

This will look epic when finished & painted!
8. January, 12:20
Seems to be a huge project. I couldn't imagine keeping up with such a mammoth task! But scratchbuild? It looks like a kit is used ...
I will watch in silence and enjoy
8. January, 12:51
James C
Intricate detailing work done there Lode and those barrels look fantastic
20. January, 23:11
new PE festival started. how did i missed this album before????
20. January, 23:35
Greg Baker
Wait... why wasn't I informed about this?
22. January, 07:01
Lode Schildermans
Hello guys, a bit late to reply, but what so nice comments.
@Tim, I loved the youtube movie you sended.
@Slavo, It is a lot of PE, not the AA-galore I am used too, but it is largely compensated, by hatches, portholes, vents,.... But the AA will be compensated in a next build, as there are Nelson and Mo in the Pacific scene. Epic, well we'll see at the end
@bughunter, I hope you enjoy the build with me
@James, I think you're quite familiar with my regular detailing. Well, It is quite some fun, but will be a hell of a job to paint correctly, or should I say, to mask. Yeah, she had quite some barreled teeth :)
@Spanjaard, well I guess my PE work has some reputation now in the bunch. But it is once again a PE feast, that is for sure.
@Greg, you didn't ask ;). I guess you has enough work with the transfer and creating your new mancave in the same period I started up this one. Well, you're here now and you're most welcome
22. January, 19:27

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