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Jakub Wiraszka (x_bandit)



13 | 9. July 2020, 16:58
Rui S
Impressive PE detail and work 👍
9. July 2020, 19:35
Jakub Wiraszka
Thanks mate, frankly speaking this was my brass scratch building testing ground. So PE parts was from box and only additional was Kontakt-1 boxes from Mikrodisign.
9. July 2020, 19:59
Alexander Grivonev
Amazing effort, truly crazy👍
9. July 2020, 20:49
impressive PE indeed.
9. July 2020, 21:42
Ingo F
Looks awesome 👍
9. October 2020, 15:36
Jakub Wiraszka
Thanks Ingo 😄
9. October 2020, 17:06
Ade Spall
So amazing. I could look at these pictures all day. Thank you so much for sharing your work.
15. January, 04:17
Stunning detail work. Looking forward ............
15. January, 09:49
Kjeld Pedersen
If i had made your T-80BV, with that amount of etch and wiring, i would not have painted it. You have made a outstanding model Jacub.
15. January, 11:25
Jakub Wiraszka
Thanks Ade and Neuling. If You're interested in Russian armor recently I'm on death path with scratch build and conversion from zvezdas T-90MS to latest T-90M -> T-90M | Album by x_bandit (1:35)
15. January, 16:15
Jakub Wiraszka
Thanks Kjeld. I've also at some point had same idea, but from the very beginning I decided to build BV from Grozny. Anyway luckily I have pictures to reminds me what a hell I've been through 😄
15. January, 16:17


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