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The Mechanic
Jac Fleming (The Mechanic)

The Execution | Rub Al Khali, Arabia 2059

It's 2059 and after a 3th world war the civilized world stopt to exist. Looters and rapist are ruling the world now. A filthy rich oil sheik rules a part of his world, where laws no longer exist he drives around in his modified golden tank to bring justice. Do not feel pity for the guy in front of the tank, he killed and ate 3 young children.


18 10 March, 07:45
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Wow! Crazy stuff, very imaginitive! 👍
Watching. 👀
10 March, 07:53
Simon Nagorsnik
This looks interesting!- will follow!
11 March, 05:11
Impressive big build very interesting
Taking a seat
12 March, 13:48
Robert Podkoński
I am just speechless... Awesome!
14 March, 09:39
Jac Fleming
Thank you all, it's not finished, dust and sand and the rest of the diorama
14 March, 09:59
Villiers de Vos
Very creative indeed. It seems as if it belongs together.
14 March, 20:03
Jac Fleming
Thank you for all the nice comments.
29 March, 01:47
Simon Nagorsnik
Incredilbe dio! The whole scene looks quite weird bit it has a spcial touch!
Like it much👍
Nice clouds of dust and good use of the individual elements.
29 March, 04:06
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Not something you see all day.
Cool idea and execution (pun intended). 👍
29 March, 06:20
Unusual, good ideas and great implementation 😎
29 March, 07:08
General Fail
Amazing project. I'm glad that the sheik will do justice 😀 no mercy for the child eater😎
29 March, 09:00


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