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B-58 Hustler


57 5 March, 02:23
Rui Da Silva
Watching 🙂
5 March, 03:21
Me too.
5 March, 18:39
Maciej Bellos
6 March, 05:03
Thomas Kolb
Interesting subject, I will be watching this!
6 March, 09:01
Me 5!
8 March, 19:33
Michael Osadciw
How is this kit?
8 March, 22:42
For an almost 50 year old kit, not bad shockingly. People have talked about its shape issues, but apart from that, everything has fit fairly well. The plastic itself is a little rough, so I've gone over most of it with sandpaper to get a smoother finish. You can also see some weird mould lines from when the plastic was moulded. Hopefully those do not come through the NMF, otherwise this might turn into a bit more of a problem. Rest of the kit is fairly simple. An enjoyable experience so far.
8 March, 23:12
Great work on this old kit. Keep it up!!!
9 March, 08:07
Well done so far.
10 March, 18:50
Oliver Zwiener
I love this aircraft , built the Convair B-58A The Pulaski Hustler - BuNo 58-1011 recently 😉
10 March, 19:42
Looks good
15 March, 21:13
Good progress 👍
16 March, 09:31
Following also, looking good 👍
16 March, 10:04
Łukasz Gliński
Joining too
16 March, 12:57
Thank you Cuajate, Neil, Vincent, and Skywalker. I forgot how stressful NMF is to mask :|
2 April, 22:15
Oliver, I've actually used your article for a fair amount of inspiration in regards to the colors, and placement of the various metal shades. It has been very helpful, and is a gorgeous representation!
2 April, 22:18
Remco van Haren
Great work, following.
2 April, 23:03
Gerald Willing
Well done so far 😉
5 April, 15:28
Villiers de Vos
Your metal effect is building up nicely.
6 April, 04:18
Chris H.
I really like the B-58 with her strange landing gear and the funny ejection seats. Awesome bird!
6 April, 11:47
Thank you all for the encouragement! I had a bit of a revelation last night while I was thinking about how to make everything feel more cohesive. Contrary to normal non-metallic paint, it is harder to discern differentiations in color/contrast etc. because of the glare (even from regular room light. One of the issues I have been frustrated with, is my initial mixes seem to be the same color as the base steel. To compensate, and get a bit more of a contrast, I have added more of the non-steel color. While this has improved the contrast under direct LED light, it has also caused this feeling I get when looking at the model. The finish doesn't seem cohesive, and it doesn't feel like weathering/panel changes originated from the same color. To remedy, I think I will go over everything with a very diluted plain steel to reduce the apparent contrast.
7 April, 11:37
Oliver Zwiener
I used the Vallejo Art. 77.603 Metal Color Set: Aluminium Dope Set (4x32 ml).
Mayby you will have a look on modellversium.de/gal..58-1011-italeri.html
8 April, 05:04
Hanno Kleinecke
From my perspective you did a superb job with the NMF so far !
My suggestion to make the surface come alive a bit more, would be to polish it gently with 8000/12000 grid micromesh, rather than giving it another layer of paint…. In addition to a finishing wash and decals that should do the job in making it all join together optically.
The phenomenon of various metal shades in different lighting scenarios and angles can be observed in almost every photo of unpainted
aircraft. The surface of same plane never looks alike in different photos shot from different angles. 👍
16 April, 05:37
Thank you for the information Hanno. Unfortunately, I've already put a gloss clear coat over the NMF, but I've already ordered some of the micro mesh pads to do some polishing
19 April, 01:19
Rui Da Silva
The decal darkening behaviour could be the age of the decals.
20 April, 03:44
Painting job and decals looks very nice 👍

For old and yellowish decals, I first put them in a window in the sun for several days or weeks, until they whiten. Then I apply Decal Film (in case age affects its quality) and finally (to try to avoid silvering as much as possible) I cut the film around the decal as much as possible before applying the Set and Sol liquids. Before all this it is convenient to scan the decals to have a backup copy in case they are lost in the process.
20 April, 09:05
Łukasz Gliński
Here in the north it takes months/years 😛
20 April, 14:03
Sorry Łukasz, in the South it takes only a few days in summer 😄
Maybe an alternative is those UV lamps that women use to dry their nails faster. And they are not very expensive:
20 April, 17:41
Łukasz Gliński
That's a real food for thought - got such a thingy, but never considered sticking the stickers inside 😮 👍
20 April, 18:57
Interesting technique for reviving decals. I'd never considered anything like that, especially the UV nail light (which my fiancé has). After applying those first two decals and seeing the darkening, I forced myself to stop and have a think about what to do. When I came back, the darkness and silvering had disappeared, and the decals were fully clear.
20 April, 19:11
I was really surprised when it initially happened, since I was using the same application technique, paint, etc. and I've always heard (now have experienced) how high quality caracal decals are. I didn't notice this effect when applying decals to non-metallic surfaces, so it might come down to the ammo Metallics I've been using
20 April, 19:14
Łukasz Gliński
Perhaps it was the adhesive? Sometimes it's bit yellow too.
20 April, 19:31
Rui Da Silva
I live fairly far north so our 7 hour winter days don't help decals much, but in the summer it works fine. It worked well with the build of the very old Lindberg Do.335 (Lindberg | Dornier Do 335 | Practice Kit | Project by GrenadeBait (1:72)) it cleared all the yellowing, but of course couldn't help with the out of register and thickness of the decals LOL 🙂

I like the idea of the UV lamp. I can probably find a way to suggest to my partner that she get one... for her nails of course... muhahaha 🙂
23 April, 05:58
Even better, make it a surprise or get it as a gift 😉
23 April, 17:19
Rui, that's a pretty good excuse to try and get a UV nail dryer!! 😄😄😄
Very nice painting and weathering job so far 👍
23 April, 17:48
Hanno Kleinecke
A really convincing NMF result, great work !
7 May, 17:34
Aaaand done. Thank you Hanno, Cuajete, and everyone else for the encouragement. I'm pretty happy with the result. I think the next NMF I do, I will do some testing before painting, to see if I could get away with not using clear coats
7 May, 18:01
Rui Da Silva
Loved watching this come along. Very entertaining and learning experience. The end result a great work and inspires me to build my own hustler. 👍
7 May, 18:47
Oliver Zwiener
Klasse Ding !
7 May, 18:56
Łukasz Gliński
Truly inspiring 👍
7 May, 21:55
Very Nice result. Great display also!!!
8 May, 00:37
I agree with Vincent!
8 May, 06:42
Looking so good. Very nice.
8 May, 18:30
Roy McKay
That looks stunning.
8 May, 18:57
Fantastic work and display.
12 May, 19:08
14 May, 16:21
Roland Revolvermann
Really nice 👍
14 May, 16:23
Rui Da Silva
Really enjoyed watching this project come together. Great Job! 👍
16 May, 00:16
Thank you everyone! If anyone is interested in building their own hustler, there's an eBay auction currently running for the latest italeri release with the caracal decals and metal pitot tube included. https://ebay.com/itm/4036620..t_ver=artemis&media=COPY
18 May, 13:58


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