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Airbus A-400M


46 | 3. July 2020, 23:05
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16. September 2020, 07:49
Any special ideas for this build? 🙂
16. September 2020, 08:49
16. September 2020, 16:58
thanks! Nothing special planned so far. I think I'm going to stick with the "assumed" camo that revell provided for the german livery despite the fact that i can't find any reference material for any non-standard paint schemes. I'm not very partial to the standard gray.
22. September 2020, 01:49
Ideas are always welcome though!
22. September 2020, 01:50
Łukasz Gliński
Haven't seen interesting schemes for A400M, unless you include this one:
22. September 2020, 07:15
Ray Seppala
Nice start, I built one a couple of years ago as a RAF machine, unfortunately A400s are grey, grey or grey. Have seen some nice what-if camo ones in Belgian and RNAZAF markings. I have another to do in a very speculative scheme.
22. September 2020, 11:05
Is it possible to glue on all the wheels after gluing the rest of the hull togehter, or must the wheels ideally be glued on early? I had some difficulty with with that, with the 1:144 kit.
10. October 2020, 08:00
The instructions dictate that you glue gear and wheels after you close up the bays. It'll definitely require a little bit of maneuvering. I assume the gear construction is probably different from the 1:144 scale kit
10. October 2020, 14:54
Ray Seppala
I might suggest replacing the axles with brass rod, they become fragile over time. And the gear units with wheels attached drop into the wells with a bit of fiddling.
10. October 2020, 23:55
I will definitely look into that Ray.
I've decided I will go with the green and gray pattern presumed for the german air force
29. April, 23:08
Taking a seat
30. April, 14:10
David Taylor
Its a big bugger.
30. April, 14:43
30. April, 15:33
Charles Nichols
Wow that's massive
30. April, 15:57
5. May, 18:26
I have been considering buying this kit. But I don't know if I should. It takes a lot of paint and space.
5. May, 18:38
Skywalker, If you are not faithful to the scale, you can try to get the same but at 1:444 scale:

Airbus A400M "ATLAS" (Revell 04859, 1:144)

1:144 Airbus A400M "ATLAS" (Revell 04859)
5. May, 18:49
David Taylor
Massive sea of grey.
5. May, 19:25
precisely why i didn't want to do the standard gray scheme. There's a bit more of a blue hue in the color than i was hoping for. I think some highly thinned xf 20 over the gray portions will tone it down a bit
5. May, 21:23
Skywalker, honestly, it is massive, and it does take a lot of paint and time. If 1/72 is your scale and 1/144 is less than appealing (my case) I think it's a fantastic way to bring some scale to your other 1/72 builds.
5. May, 22:43
Reaper_lead 1/72 is my scale and I am faithful to it. I've built a Concorde, which is actually longer than the A400. I love the difference in size compared to WWI planes. But comparing a Concorde to an A400 is like comparing a greyhound dog to a rottweiler; two totally different beasts!
6. May, 18:05
This will be a walk in the park compared to the Concorde.
9. May, 05:03
Dmitry Agafonov
Hi, nice result. Rear camo. Never saw such before. Looking forward for perfect result.
9. May, 09:31
Whoa stipes! Looks great.
10. May, 17:50
Daniel Klink
That is developing to something really big and spectacular 👍
10. May, 17:53
Oliver Zwiener
11. May, 16:55
I want to hear what you guys think. Should I keep the walkway lines or get rid of them and just keep the no step decals?
17. May, 01:10
Keep them
17. May, 03:56
David Taylor
Keep them,if its on the real thing.
17. May, 15:44
I agree with Skywalker and David.
17. May, 19:42
I'm glad i kept them, although they were quite fiddly to get on there
19. May, 13:46
Re. photo 45 and silvering. I suspect that adding some decal liquid before adding the decal might help (I never really bother doing that myself. Adding Microsol (iirc) should help a little making the decals stick, but one have to avoid fiddling with the decals after being brushed with Microsol (soften the decals).

Good luck with the numerous long black decals on the top side. I had to work smartly and do some dry fitting to make sure I could make the line decals connect in the end on my 1:144 model. Removing some adhesive from Tamiya masking tape and taping some of the decals on for "dry fitting" might help.
19. May, 14:15
i used sol before and set after getting them in place for all of the decals. Unfortunately, it didn't help much. Even with the gloss coat I put on, the texture is still fairly rough, so im suspecting that is the cause of a lot of it. I ordered some glosscote, and will give the aircraft a good coating of that before I add any more decals. Hopefully that is the cause of the issue
19. May, 16:27
Dave Flitton
Watching this Beast come together.
25. June, 04:23
Looking sweet!
25. June, 17:27
Q: Were the mouldings ok for the engine housing? I thought the 1:144 version had some weird plastic moulding in places.
17. August, 06:13
Nothing specifically of note about the engine housings. They fit fairly well and didn't have any flashing that i can remember
17. August, 22:27
Bruce Huxtable
Totally approve of you using your 'eye' to adjust colours 👍🙂 The results speak for themselves. Superb outcome, all round 👍
9. October, 15:33
And she's all done. This took a lot longer than I expected, but I'm very happy with the result. Thanks for all the helpful advice and compliments!
15. October, 14:35
David Taylor
Big thumbs up.
15. October, 17:19
Łukasz Gliński
Great finish 👍
15. October, 17:25
Guy Rump
Great build 👍
15. October, 17:38
Nice 👍.
15. October, 17:54
Bruce Huxtable
Looking great, from every angle 👍 Superb 🙂 Loving the props too 😉
15. October, 20:16


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1:72 Airbus A400M "Grizzly" (Revell 04800)1:72 A400M Grizzly wheels w/ weighted tires (Armory AW72506)1:72 Airbus A400M Grizzly (Eduard CX312)
Airbus A400M Grizzly
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