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Mando Razor Crest WIP


The parts do indeed look promising, I look forward to seeing the progress 👍
19 December 2021, 10:13
Konrad Limmer
This is the way!

Of course looking forward to this one 👍🏻
19 December 2021, 10:20
Nearly 34 cm long, that is impressive for a Star Wars model I think.
19 December 2021, 10:23
Guy Rump
Interesting Roland, following 👍
19 December 2021, 11:59
Roland Gunslinger
Yes, this is the way Konrad LOL
Welcome Torsten, Konrad, Treehugger and Guy.
This kit surprised me very positively, because I actually expected a loveless, overpriced Star Wars license from Revell. I hope now that it fits as well as it looks.
I'll start right away, because Mando and child are already waiting impatiently
19 December 2021, 12:28
Konrad Limmer
Nice Lego figures Roland! Have the same too😬
19 December 2021, 13:05
Dash Rendar
One of the best SW Revell kits imho! Looking forward to your progress.
19 December 2021, 13:22
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Dash!
Konrad, Unfortunately for my wallet, I didn't just buy this Mando / Child Lego set this year LOL

I'm currently painting the cockpit and can clearly say that Revell apparently didn't research the colors at all or they are simply color-blind. OK, it's SCI-FI but that colors in the manual OMG .... 😄
21 December 2021, 08:49
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice project!
For sure, i follow!
21 December 2021, 09:01
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Simon! 🙂

Did a test shot with Tamiya XF-18 MEDium Blue (for the interior) and I think "This is the way" 😄
21 December 2021, 09:36
Gareth Burge
Got mine the other day (along with the Outland TIE) so am very eager to see how you go with this one Roland. For science fiction kits I rarely use kit colour guides, always go with screen grabs and make my own decisions...sounds like it will be the same here then! *Really* looking forward to doing the weathering on this beast
21 December 2021, 11:04
Oh watching! 🙂
Chipping already on the decals, interesting.
21 December 2021, 12:07
Bernd Korte
Following, too!
21 December 2021, 12:22
Thomas Espe
Following! 🙂
21 December 2021, 14:51
Good start.
21 December 2021, 15:48
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome mates 🙂
@WhiteGlint Yes, I'm excited to see how the decals will look on the model.
The first parts are painted. After the gloss varnish has dried, the weathering starts.
28 December 2021, 12:22
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in, Roland. Very promising start 👍🏻👍🏻
28 December 2021, 16:44
Joachim F.
Exciting kit - I'll definitely be following!
28 December 2021, 19:02
Björn Svedberg
I'm also grabbing a chair! 🙂 Looking forward to this! 👍
28 December 2021, 20:18
Interesting... One seat more, please!
28 December 2021, 20:29
Stephen G
Hi! That's a great start Roland! I'm very close to pulling the trigger on this one... can I ask how the texture of the plastic is?? On the promotional shots it looks very rough, but I'm wondering if it's because they just used a very poor metallic paint.
28 December 2021, 23:18
Gary Kitchen
Hi Roland. Great start. Got mine unboxed too, I'll be following along like a padawan. Lesson One: be mindful of your surroundings…I was going to blindly follow the colour guide. Rethinking that now 🙂
28 December 2021, 23:50
Roman Modelar
great start, will be watching 😉
29 December 2021, 17:18
Black Baron
Looking good. What metal paint are you thinking of using?
31 December 2021, 14:21
Roland Gunslinger
Hello, welcome and thanks mates 😄

@Stephen The surfaces are normally smooth as usual at Revell. There's just a bit much flesh for a new tool IMHO. The model built on the cover does indeed look a bit strange in terms of the metallic finish. I think that's because only Revell colors are allowed to be used in the construction. But that's just my guess. And here the metallic range is very poor or not available.

@Gary The painting instructions are very strange, especially with regard to the interior color. This is of course always a bit difficult to get right with a fictional spaceship, but here Revell is completely wrong. But I don't stick to the series either, but rather use graphics as a guide. So my painting will also be a personal interpretation. Looking forward for your build!

@Black Baron I am planning a mix of different metal colors from the AK wax colors (True Metal Series). Let's see if it works 😄
31 December 2021, 17:34
Stephen G
@Roland Thanks for that! I'm currently nearly done with Revell's new Blackbird, and I would say the same - for such a modern tooling, they still have some work to do on the quality of their casting. It's a pity, their kit design is clearly improving, but the factory is letting them down...

Very interested to see what you do with the AK True Metals. I use them a lot for small areas and small parts, so very interested to see how they look over an entire model.
1 January, 19:41
Christian Lehmann
I am in!
1 January, 20:19
Zsolt Czegle
Ich bin dabei! 🙂
3 January, 12:16
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Christian and Zsolt 🙂
After some wash and weathering I assembled the first parts. The fit was okay except the cargo space. I'm still struggling with that at the moment.
5 January, 11:32
This looks great, maybe you could add the colors used to your project, in my projects I always try to put it in the project inventory as well, I would appreciate it 🙂
5 January, 15:00
Gary Kitchen
Great progress Roland. 👍 love your pilot's seat, the finish on the back really pops out.
5 January, 20:33
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Torsten and Gary!
Torsten, I'll try to remember the colors 😄
5 January, 21:49
Roland Gunslinger
Somehow the fun is clouded by the really bad plastic and the many flesh that has to be removed. Not good for a 2021 tool. Pity ... I don't understand how a new tool can have so much flesh in 2021.
7 January, 07:53
The quality is criticized by several, is there a statement from Revell? The kit is then again not so cheap!
7 January, 08:19
Dash Rendar
Quality seems to be all over the place. The one I have in my stash looks pretty much perfect with almost no flash at all. Haven't checked all the parts for sunk plastic, but looked good from what I was seeing.
7 January, 11:10
Roland Gunslinger
Well, it's always difficult to say whether it's cheap or overpriced. I tend to see the second here: In comparison, Meng or Tamiya, for example, manage to produce a model with MUCH more parts at a lower cost and MUCH higher quality. Here you clearly pay for an expensive license. Everyone has to choose 70 parts for 50 € 😄

But, the kit is not bad, it should simply be much better in 2021.

Dash, maybe i just wasn't lucky with my kit 🤷🏻
7 January, 11:36
Gary Kitchen
I agree Roland the guns are pretty soft and a lot of flash on mine too. These would be ripe for a resin cast for some fine detail but if you're paying £50 for a kit you don't really want to be forking out on resin too. I'm on to the guns and engines tomorrow so will post some images up too.
8 January, 17:00
Roland Gunslinger
For fun I sprayed different metal colors on each of the gloss and matt primer. All great colors. You can also polish afterwards. However, the surfaces are relatively sensitive. Now I just have to decide which colors to use LOL

I finally decided to do an in-flight pose. Fuselage glued together. Didn't really fit badly; but not really good either. I would say "Ok ish"
20 January, 20:08


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