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Weserflug P.1003/1 WIP


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Roland Gunslinger
Since my mojo has reached an unprecedented low point, I am now trying this little project that I spontaneously wanted to do. The kit fits very well and the panel lines look very nice too. The cockpit doesn't look super detailed but IMHO sufficient. You won't see much later anyway 😉
14. August, 08:42
If you worked on a large project previously, my guess is that smaller kits looks trivial in comparison and time invested. 🙂
14. August, 08:44
Cristian Stieringer
This is a very interesting model that you have under construction.
14. August, 08:57
There she is! I'll take a seat.
Will it be possible to rotate the wings after assembly or are they fixed?
14. August, 09:13
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome mates!
Treehugger, totally agree 🙂
Christian, I built the Osprey of Hobby Boss some time ago. Now the historical basis, so to speak, the "Reichs-Osprey".
WhiteGlint, you can rotate the wings after assembly.
14. August, 12:21
Cristian Stieringer
Thanks for your info. what is your area of interest ?
Mine is 90% the second world war so all the planes that were used.
14. August, 19:47
Roland Gunslinger
My main interest is the F-14. But actually I build everything I like 🙂
16. August, 18:34
Robert Podkoński
Hey! When you have started that, Roland? Following with pleasure and interest, of course 😉 Looks like a leisure build so far...
17. August, 05:14
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Robert! Nice to have you abord.
Main colors applied. I decided on the "night fighter" ? version. Even if it didn't exist LOL
19. August, 06:15
Erik Leijdens
Great little kit. Amusing Hobby pops up with more interesting whiffies lately. Think the night fighter looks very good on this airframe. Also the black looks good, nice tone.
19. August, 10:34
Slavo Hazucha
Wehrmacht Ersatz-osprey, yeah!

Looks lovely and I can totally understand the backstory - I suffer heavily under the "mid-build-crisis" every time... I start something with zealous devotion to the motive and model, but between 33-66% completion, I can only think about any other potential projects and some days can´t even get within 2-3 meters of the "build in progress"... When I get past 66-75%, the finish-line pull sets in and all gets well again...

Now how exactly was this "Wunderwaffe" supposed to bring final "Vergeltung" to the enemies? Can´t see armament or carriage capacity for some "Fallschirmjäger"...? Or is the front intake actually a speaker and it was supposed to descend "VTOL-Style" amidst enemy troops so the pilot can deliver a morale-shattering late-war speech? 😄

In any case, great looking oddity, very nice Uhu-camo on top! 👍
19. August, 12:40
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome and Thank you Erik and Slavo!
I think the Weserflug should convince with its pure existence 😂

The project is finished and has served its "purpose". My mojo is back 👊💪👍

25. August, 18:19
Daniel Klink
High QUality Quick Build.. WOw! Congrats Roland 👍
25. August, 18:37
Ze Luftwaffe Fischadler.
I like the paintjob and the subtle weathering. 👍
I too wonder what it could have been used for. But maybe the design was more like a "proof of concept" or the like. I can imagine many engineers have some novel ideas that they want to realize to show that it can be done.

It's good you have your mojo back, Roland! 🙂
25. August, 18:53
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic work, Roland, congrats! (Now I am reluctant and shy to begin work on the one I own... surely my model will never look as good as yours...)
25. August, 19:59
Guy Rump
Beautiful job Roland 👍
26. August, 07:06
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks for your kind words mates 🙂 Much appreciated!
I took a few more photos to compare the size 😄
26. August, 09:40
Simon Nagorsnik
great paintjob, well done 👍
7. September, 17:35
Rui S
I agree. Very Well done as always. 👍
7. September, 21:17
Mark D
Great subject, great build 👍
7. September, 21:19
Sérgio Luiz
Nice build! I liked a lot the comparison with Osprey. Congrats!
7. September, 22:12
Nathan Dempsey
Nice build Roland. I can imagine this one dropping off spies in the dead of night.
8. September, 01:40
Flight Line Media
Awesome work!
8. September, 02:54
Alex Rodionov
Splendid Luft-46. The comparision with the modern plane is a splendid idea and realisation. 👍
8. September, 04:10
Slavo Hazucha
Agree, looks much more dominant & meaner in "Mistel" configuration with the Osprey 👍 😄
8. September, 07:04
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you all for your kind words! As always much appreciated 🙂
I can recommend the kit for a small intermediate project. It's a nice little kit.
Great job @Amusing Hobby

PS: Could be a little cheaper. But who is talking about money in this hobby? lol
8. September, 14:02
Guillaume Blanchet
Great looking build Roland! Nice mottling.

Sometime I wish I had a bigger house. I could have a 1946 shelf...
8. September, 16:16
Mike Kryza
Good work! 👍
9. September, 06:14
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Guillaume and Mike 🙂
Guillaume, I know lack of space too. My Stash has definitely built no place in my apartment 😂
11. September, 16:23
Nice subject, well done, like this hypothetical stuff 😎
12. September, 07:28
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Torsten 🙂
12. September, 13:22
12. September, 16:17
James C
That's awesome 👍
12. September, 18:02
Roland Gunslinger
Vielen Dank Juergen!
Many Thanks James 🙂
12. September, 20:54


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