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Roland Revolvermann (Rolandrevolvermann)

WIP F/A-18E Super Hornet „Kestrels"


Tommy Agne
29 August 2021, 11:57
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Watching as well. 🙂
29 August 2021, 12:08
Whohoo, not missing this long nosed beauty 🙂 This kit is pretty high rank in the "next project list" for me as well, so really interested in your take on this!
(Btw if you are looking for colors, ak rc242 is dead on)
30 August 2021, 11:15
Roland Revolvermann
Welcome mates! Nice to have you abord 👍 🙂
Thx Daniel, RC242 is spot on. Maybe a mix with a few drops of Nato black.

Started the cockpit and some dry fit. First impression is great! Fit's like lego LOL
3 September 2021, 14:34
Sergej I
Watching 👍
3 September 2021, 14:54
James C
In 😉👍
3 September 2021, 17:57
Guy Rump
Watching too! 👍
3 September 2021, 20:24
Nathan Dempsey
Oooooooh 👍
3 September 2021, 23:13
I'm in 👀
3 September 2021, 23:33
Andrew Horton
Nice Roland! I was curious how this kit compares to Hasegawa. Any insight from anyone on that? I imagine this is superior in fit. It also includes modern ECS exhausts which is nice.
3 September 2021, 23:46
Clifford Keesler
Watching, nice project.
4 September 2021, 01:40
Jos Jansen
Iam very curious how this Meng kit is compared with the Kinetic or Hasegawa kits...anyway this will be a joy to watch Roland, so Iam in mate!
4 September 2021, 05:14
Roland Revolvermann
Welcome mates! Nice to have you abord 👍
Can't say anything bad about the kit so far. Only the intakes are not so nicely solved. Didn't fit very well with me. Unfortunately, I can't compare it to the Hasegawa because I don't know it. In any case, the kit is better than the Revell. But also disproportionately more expensive. It also looks better than the Kinetic.
28 September 2021, 08:15
Konrad Limmer
Count me in here as well🙂!
Awesome progress Roland!!
28 September 2021, 08:18
Jos Jansen
Hi Roland, Iam building the same kit right now (MENG), I've no problems with the intakes...it's a wonderful kit, a shake and bake...and a walk in the park build 😄
29 September 2021, 09:35
Maciej Bellos
Lots of super bugs showed up on SCM. Following this one also!
1 October 2021, 10:24
Roland Revolvermann
Welcome Konrad! As usual, very welcome 🙂 I hope you are doing well!
Jos, You're right, I don't want to rule out that I screwed up something lol The kit is really, really good.

Some Progress: The fuselage and wings are glued together. A bit of putty is only needed in two places. Slats only plugged in for the test. Good concept. I am currently considering whether I paint the slats/flaps together with the fuselage or individually and then build them together. I think I'll glue everything together and then paint.

1 October 2021, 10:32
Jos Jansen
I would suggest when you retract the flaps then it is no problem to glue them already, but in extended position I would go for to glue them later on. You might get problems with airbrushing these slats and flaps because you might get whirlwinds and a buildup of paint in certain areas.
2 October 2021, 04:34
Nice, looks like a rhino 🙂 I usually glue the slats and do the flaps separated, mainly because their hinges are too flimsy to withstand the weathering process
2 October 2021, 13:59
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks for the recommendations 👊 Since the flaps/slats can be easily plugged in, I paint everything individually.
4 October 2021, 21:13
Roland Revolvermann
Ready for the fun part ...
12 October 2021, 09:34
Maciej Bellos
Man, how I envy the speed some of you build your kits... Lovely job there Roland! waiting for the fun part too!
12 October 2021, 09:58
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Yep, this is where the fun begins. 😎
12 October 2021, 10:09
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Roland.
13 October 2021, 01:33
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you all!
Preshading completed.
4 December 2021, 18:59
Guy Rump
Looking really good Roland 👍
4 December 2021, 22:19
Simon Nagorsnik
Wow, nice preshading!
4 December 2021, 22:24
Jos Jansen
So far excellent work mate... curious for the reveal
4 December 2021, 22:58
Clifford Keesler
Excellent so far.
5 December 2021, 01:32
Very nice indeed 👍
6 December 2021, 17:07
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you mates! Much appreciated🙂
Sprayed the back with AK RLM66 and bleached with AK Dark Egg Gray.
10 December 2021, 16:14
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you all!
Main colors are completed.
17 December 2021, 12:35
Konrad Limmer
Yesssss! Looking very promising Roland🤘🏼!
17 December 2021, 14:48
Robin (WhiteGlint)
👀 Nice colours.
17 December 2021, 15:38
Clifford Keesler
Nice paint work so far.
18 December 2021, 23:54
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks Konrad, WhiteGlint and Clifford!
Started with the decals. 14 Decals for the AN/ASQ-228 LOL
1 January, 11:13
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Quite a lot of decals just for a TGP.
Checking off applied decals from the instruction sheet. I really should do that to. 👍
Now I have an idea what awaits me when I start this one. 😄
1 January, 11:36
Konrad Limmer
Those decals looking really nice 👍!
1 January, 21:44
Richard Sellei
Great Job Roland !
1 January, 22:40
Clifford Keesler
Looking great Roland. Love the decals.
2 January, 02:53
Jos Jansen
Nice Roland... it's a great kit!
2 January, 08:53
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Konrad, Richard, Clifford and Jos 🙂

@Richard Nice to see you here again. Hope you are doing well. I'm looking forward to your big Super Hornet 😉

Decals are all on. This time I used three layers of AK real colors clear with lacquer thinner to prevent shimmer. Has paid off. Especially with the three stripes, I had my concerns.
4 January, 21:06
Arif Saeed
Coming along very nicely Roland 👏👏
4 January, 21:22
Konrad Limmer
Very very nice decal work!
4 January, 21:58
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice indeed.
4 January, 22:38
Italeri decals are usually a joy to work with (in contrast to their plastic...) coming along nicely 👍
5 January, 11:48
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Arif, Konrad, Clifford and Daniel 🙂
Yes, the Italeri are great to work with. In fact, they're way better than the Meng. Especially the maintenance instructions. The Italeri have super sharp writing. Now Italeri just has to make good plastic LOL
6 January, 09:31
Jos Jansen
Roland, did you also had too few decals for the pylons?
6 January, 09:37
Gareth Burge
Looks great Roland, gonna refer to this build when I do my Meng 18F. Interesting what you say about the Meng decals; have never used them before (for my build I got some DXM for the Jolly Rogers scheme). Great idea on "ticking off" placements as you go too! I always lose track, especially with stencils 🙂
6 January, 10:50
Roland Revolvermann
Jos, yes I'm missing the decals for two pylons. I would especially like to have the yellow "B".s

Thanks Gareth! Unfortunately I didn't get the "F" because it was sold out. So I'm looking forward to your build. I still have the Hobby Boss "Growler". Let's see how the new Hobby Boss Tool is ... Good times that we model builders live in 😄
8 January, 23:10
Nathan Dempsey
Loving the markings on your build Roland.
9 January, 01:56
Roland Revolvermann
Yes, the Kestrels have interesting designs. The next Super Hornet will also be a Kestrel with Digital Camo.

So, I'm just doing the weathering and the last little parts and weapons. If all goes well I'll be able to get her ready by the weekend.
25 January, 20:22
Jos Jansen
Great work so far Roland...curious about the reveal pics!
25 January, 20:58
Clifford Keesler
Looking great, can't wait to see it finished.
27 January, 01:31
Very nice looking progress as it looks - can't wait for the final reveal as well! 👍
27 January, 03:44
Murad ÖZER
i was patiently following this off the start and Roland this ended up drop dead gorgeous! S^

30 January, 17:24
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Great result!
That's some gorgeous Super Hornet. 👍
30 January, 17:44
Another one finished, and it came out really well! Great work Roland! 👍
30 January, 17:47
Rui S
Beautiful result. Great work allround as always, including the photos 👍
30 January, 18:00
Jos Jansen
Thanks, Roland for sharing this great Super Hornet with us...excellent work mate, also the fine subtle weathering 💪!
30 January, 18:17
Maciej Bellos
What a beauty Roland! Flawless work!

She is ready for a cat shot. Do you plan to build a diorama?
30 January, 18:20
Guy Rump
Beautiful result Roland, superb build. 👍
30 January, 18:24
Tommy Agne
Great result 👋👋👋.
30 January, 18:35
Simon Nagorsnik
fantastic finish!- congratulations on your performance mate 👏
30 January, 18:41
Sven Schönyan
Very nice!
30 January, 18:43
Roland Revolvermann
Mates, Many thanks for your nice comments ! I APPRECIATE THAT VERY MUCH! Cheers! 🙂
The kit was a dream to build. The fit was perfect. I've only experienced it with the Tamiya F-14 so far. If you want to build a Super Hornet E, then the Meng. I would say that's the best at the moment. I can't say too much about accuracy as I'm not an expert on bugs. At least I couldn't find anything grossly wrong when comparing it with the original pictures.
The only drawback: some stencils for the pylons are actually missing.
A small note about my armament: Of course, this is NOT a configuration as this machine actually had in a mission. I just thought it looked impressive. In addition, I think the GBU are quite well taken OOB.
30 January, 20:04
Roland Revolvermann
@Maciej A diorama sounds nice, but I'm not good at scratch building 😄
30 January, 20:06
Konrad Limmer
Awesome looking Super Bug Roland! Really impressive and the loadout looks cool too!
30 January, 21:13
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks a lot Konrad! Much appreciated 🙂
30 January, 23:11
Nathan Dempsey
Wow, that's some great work Roland. A beautiful Super Bug.
31 January, 01:58
Alex Rodionov
Superb Hornet. Freat weathering and detalisation.
31 January, 06:34
Super clean and careful work. Ein Prachtstück.
31 January, 10:27
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Nathan, Alex and Neuling! I really appreciate your comments 😀
31 January, 11:42
Gareth Burge
Outstanding work again Roland...really inspired to build my Meng 18F now. So glad you seemed to enjoy the Meng build. Can I ask where you got the pilot? Am looking for a good pilot and RIO for the 18F.
31 January, 12:21
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks Gareth 🙂
The pilot was with the kit. According to the instructions, the "F" also has two in the kit. I'm looking forward to your "F". Cheers!
31 January, 17:45
Clifford Keesler
Another master piece Roland. Very well done sir.
1 February, 01:56
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Clifford! Much appreciated 🙂
1 February, 09:31
Great result, that's one mean looking Hornet. 🙂
1 February, 10:06
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks Timmie! The kit made it easy 🙂
1 February, 11:20
Michael Kohl
very nice
1 February, 15:22
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Michael! 🙂
1 February, 16:43
Eelco Gregoire
Ah, what a beauty Roland!
1 February, 18:07
Roland Revolvermann
Many Thanks Eelco! Much appreciated!
1 February, 19:47
Beautiful result, congrats on this nice rhino roland 👍
Q: Are the starsnbars decals from the meng or the italeri kit?
2 February, 15:50
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks Daniel! Much appreciated 🙏

They are from Italeri kit. They are a little bluer than the ones from the Meng kit and are therefore closer to the original and better printed. Which doesn't mean that the meng decals are bad.
2 February, 18:12
Charlie Spitfire
good job it looks cool
11 February, 07:19
Greg Baker
Oooo… that's clean!
11 February, 07:20
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Charlie and Greg for stopping by! Cheers 🙂
11 February, 20:57
Erik Leijdens
Impressive work Roland !
11 February, 22:31
Roland Revolvermann
Many Thanks Erik! Much appreciated 🙂
12 February, 08:46


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1:48 F/A-18E Super Hornet (Meng Model LS-012)1:48 Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet (Italeri 2791)
Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet
US US Navy (1794-now)
VFA-137 Kestrels 200
2016 - NAS Leemore

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