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Hobby Boss MV-22 Osprey


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Falk Röllig
Count me in. How many projects do you have on your bench at the same time?
12. March, 18:08
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Falk! I usually always build 3-4 at a time with different priorities. I can't work with the airbrush at night, so I glue another kit, for example. The Ospray has a high priority at the moment because I've been looking forward to this kit for almost a year: D
12. March, 18:24
Nathan Dempsey
Oh man, I've been on the fence about this kit. I bet I'll order one after seeing your build Roland 😄
12. March, 18:38
Falk Röllig
Thanks Roland. I also have actual 4 kits i'm working on but think thats 1 or 2 to much. Not counting the started projects on hold. I like the Osprey to and have the Hasegawa in 1/72 in my stash.
12. March, 18:53
Jos Jansen
Great choice Roland...I am in mate!
4. April, 19:32
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Nathan! I took a few pictures to give you an impression of the kit. What I've put together so far looks pretty good and fits well. We will see ...
Falk, From a rational point of view it is of course nonsense to build 4 kits at the same time, but my "Ratio" is on vacation with my hobby and so I can also make nonsense 🙂 I'm looking forward to your build 😉
4. April, 19:38
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Jos! Nice to have you abord.
4. April, 19:39
Patryk S.
4. April, 20:07
4. April, 22:38
Eric Thornton
This will be interesting following
5. April, 17:02
Maciej Bellos
Grabbing a seat!
5. April, 17:09
Nathan Dempsey
Looks like a nice kit Roland.
5. April, 17:38
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Mates!
Nathan, I hope so LOL
Glued interior and starting with primer and first painting ...
6. April, 19:23
Robert Podkoński
Following (this will need a lot of shelf space...🙂
6. April, 19:30
James C
I've been tempted to get this kit, so following😉👍
6. April, 19:34
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Robert and James! Nice to have you abord.
Yes, it's a big bird and im running out of space 😄
James, so far the kit looks like a solid Hobby Boss kit. The only issue i have is the price tag. I think it's too high. For comparison, I can get an F-14 from Hobby Boss for half the price.

Masked and painted interior with Mr. Hobby H306 FS36270.
7. April, 15:49
David Taylor
Loking good Roland.In real life I still believe its a bit of a lame duck.
7. April, 15:51
Guy Rump
Looking good Roland, following 🙂
7. April, 20:24
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks and welcome David and Guy!
8. April, 08:06
Stealthy interior on that cutting mat, Roland.😉
Taking a seat.
8. April, 08:22
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome WhiteGlint! Damn you found it LOL
8. April, 16:06
Nathan Dempsey
I'm going to admit it. The first glance at that picture I didn't even see the rest of the interior. It wasn't until I went into the album that I saw the rest. ?
8. April, 17:31
Roland Gunslinger
Stealth? Check. LOL
11. April, 09:55
Lenny Hoffmann
Definitely following, since this one is on my list as well!
14. April, 10:35
Sarunas D
Looking good so far. It's good that someone starts building an impressive new kit immediately instead of the kit being put away in a stash for years.
14. April, 12:10
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Lenny and Sarunas!
Lenny, I saw your beautiful helicopters. I am convinced that you will have a lot of fun with the kit.
Sarunas, I've been looking forward to this kit for so long that I had to start building right away.
18. April, 19:46
Nathan Dempsey
She's taking shape rapidly Roland. Looking good!
24. April, 13:25
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Nathan 🙂
I should have been further, but the cabin did not fit so well into the halves of the fuselage.
24. April, 18:45
David Taylor
Ticking all the boxes Roland.
24. April, 19:30
Roland Gunslinger
So, little more progress. The fit is not really bad, but I needed more putty than I initially thought.
29. April, 16:50
James C
Taking shape nicely Roland👍
29. April, 18:40
Lenny Hoffmann
Das dauert zu lange Roland ? das muss schneller gehen hahaha
29. April, 18:46
Guy Rump
Looking good Roland 👍
29. April, 18:49
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks mates!
@Lenny LOL No net hudla! ?
30. April, 08:16
Nathan Dempsey
Looking great! She's going to take up some real estate on the shelf ?.
30. April, 11:14
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Nathan! I hope I can still find a place for this big diva lol
30. April, 21:00
Roland Gunslinger
Primer + marbling done. Now the fun begins ...
5. May, 16:31
Guillaume Blanchet
Looking great so far. Watching.
5. May, 17:15
Sarunas D
Nice! What airbrush did you use for the marbling?
5. May, 17:17
Hallo Roland , Wuste nicht das HB auch eine 48er Osperey im Programm hat, Danke für den BB , das macht Lust auf Mehr 👍 , die Schattierung ist Genial , ein echtes Mäanderwunder 👍
5. May, 17:22
David Taylor
Could you do it all folded up Roland,space saver.
5. May, 19:23
Awesome interior and preshade work. You got me hooked.
5. May, 19:37
Nathan Dempsey
Wow that looks really cool in the preshade.
5. May, 20:13
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Guillaume, Sarunas, Jens, David, Mathieu and Nathan! Also the "Like Button" pushers 🙂 Much apprechiated 🙂

@Sarunas I usually use this Tamiya for the fine work:
Spray-work HG super fine airbrush (0.2mm) (Tamiya 74514, No)
But this time I used my HS Infinity:
Infinity CRPlus 2 in 1 0.15 ..rder & Steenbeck 126544, No)
Even if the Infinity is of higher quality, the Tamiya with a 0.2 needle is much more precise in my eyes than the Infinity with 0.15 nozzle. I love the tamiya. For me the perfect airbrush. Works best with laquer thinner. I used AK real colors with Tamiya laquer thinner. Vallejos don't go through the nozzle. BTW: Vallejos never comes into my airbrush again lol

No Spray-work HG super fine airbrush (0.2mm) (Tamiya 74514)No Infinity CRPlus 2 in 1 0.15 + 0.4mm V2.0 (Harder & Steenbeck 126544)

@Jens Die HB Osprey ist "nagelneu". Hab mich schon lange darauf gefreut und gleich beim Release zugeschlagen, ausgepackt und angefangen zu bauen 😄

@David Yes, that's possible. There are rotors for folding included. But I build the diva extended in all its glory lol
5. May, 21:36
Lenny Hoffmann
Ich bin schon gespannt auf die Eduard Aftermarket Erweiterungen. Ich denke, ich fange nach dem Sommer mit dem Modell an. Freue mich auch schon sehr drauf!
6. May, 15:04
Wow, this is nice! I always loved that bird and have the nice AeroFox book about the development in my library. Today I read a notice that the 400 delivered Osprey reached 600000 flight hours! They are used a lot and seems to be safe now.
6. May, 17:52
Robert Podkoński
Wow! Soon it will be finished, I am impressed.
7. May, 05:55
Patrick Hagelstein
Oops! Almost missed this one...
7. May, 06:28
Roland Gunslinger
Lenny, ich denke da gibt es sehr viele Möglichkeiten. Besonders im Frachtraum kann man sich - wenn man will (ich nicht) - sehr gut austoben 👍

Many Thanks and Welcome Mates 🙂

Main colors applied...
7. May, 16:57
Sarunas D
Very nice. What are the next steps? 🙂
7. May, 18:01
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Sarunas! Paint small parts, rotors and then post shading.
7. May, 19:23
James C
Nice job on the paintwork Roland 👍 I'm seriously tempted to get this kit seeing your work on it so far.
7. May, 19:36
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks James! Good kit so far. Get yourself one 😉
7. May, 20:16
Nathan Dempsey
I'm liking this one more & more. The paint is looking excellent.
8. May, 09:26
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a bunch Nathan! As always, much appreciated 🙂
8. May, 14:12
David Taylor
Would make a good FAA cod.
8. May, 14:12
Godspeed, Roland. That's quite some masking tape on picture 18.
8. May, 17:29
James C
Very intricate masking work, and it must have taken you ages... but the results are well worth all your effort! 👍
8. May, 19:26
Robert Podkoński
I agree with James here - looking really fantastic.
8. May, 19:30
Kerry COX
I did ask if the masking off was for the prototype color scheme, but now I see the two tone grey, I now realize what all the masking of the upper surface was for. Just stunning. Big salute. 😉
8. May, 19:59
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Mates, your nice comments are very much appreciated 🙂
Kerry, I am glad that your question has now been answered 😉 I am not sure if I will do such a masking madness again 😄
8. May, 20:07
David Taylor
If you believe god was with you.Nice masking job.
8. May, 20:52
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks David! Definitely God 😉
8. May, 21:10
Gareth Burge
Wowsers, this is turning into an impressive wee beastie (not so wee right enough). Patience of a saint there with the masking, Roland...but the results look worth it!
10. May, 11:50
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Gareth for your kind words! Much appreciated!
10. May, 12:57
Roland Gunslinger
Ready for decals.
15. May, 09:15
Guy Rump
Great masking job Roland and those props, wow, they're big 👍
15. May, 09:18
Robert Podkoński
Perhaps she would fly with electric motors installed...😄
15. May, 09:23
Jos Jansen
Beautiful bird
16. May, 08:50
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Guy, Robert and Jos! Yes, they're big. The good thing is that its length still fits my sideboard well.
I'm just applying the decals. Unfortunately, they are extremely thin and "curl" electrostatically. I've never seen it so extreme. It's a fight but I seem to be winning lol
16. May, 13:50
Robert Podkoński
Keep my fingers crossed! 🙂
16. May, 13:57
David Taylor
Hope they all go down well and see this big bird finished.
16. May, 14:16
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Robert and David!
The fight was won victoriously. There was only one dead: a small stencil fell. Fortunately, it won't be noticed 😄
18. May, 17:16
Falk Röllig
Hero 😉
18. May, 18:07
Nathan Dempsey
This just gets better & better ?
18. May, 18:11
Roland Gunslinger
Definitely Falk LOL
Thanks a lot Nathan! ?

As for the decals: you really need to slide them off the carrier paper onto the model. Otherwise, they curl and stick together.
19. May, 06:29
Well, they are all propeller.
Looks great Roland.
On the downhill drag now.
20. May, 06:23
James C
Looking forward to the finish 👍
20. May, 20:04
Roland Gunslinger
So, I call that done. The kit was a joy to build. Except for a few small things such as the decals, absolutely recommendable. The interior in particular offers a large playground for those who love detailing. And IMHO there will likely be a lot of aftermarket toys soon.
Thx for watching! Cheers!
22. May, 19:39
James C
Fantastic result Roland, and cool to see that you can rotate the engines as well. I'm definitely convinced now to get this kit... just need to sell a couple first 😉👍
22. May, 19:56
Konrad Limmer
Awesome Osprey Roland! Congrats to this awesome rollout!!
22. May, 19:58
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot James and Konrad! Cheers 🙂
@James There are also rotors for the "Park Position / Folding" included. Personally, I don't like it, but some seem to like it. 😉
22. May, 20:56
Guillaume Blanchet
Wow. It's has a sweat & subtle finish. I like it a lot ?
22. May, 21:58
Really nice Roland!
22. May, 22:13
Nathan Dempsey
Fine work there Roland. Your masking of those walkways was sublime (a true labor of love)!
22. May, 23:09
All the greys blended with low-vis camouflage.
Top notch.
23. May, 03:14
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic! Congrats!
23. May, 05:23
Great stuff, Roland! 👍
23. May, 06:09
Roland Gunslinger
Many, many Thanks Guillaume, Augie, Nathan, Peppy, Robert and WhiteGlint! Cheers 🙂
23. May, 09:14
Guy Rump
Beautiful build Roland, your painting skills are superb 👍
23. May, 10:01
I agree with Peppy and Guy. Great result!
23. May, 10:59
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Guy and Neuling! As always, much appreciated 🙂
23. May, 11:33
Maciej Bellos
Excellent result Roland! Bravo!
23. May, 21:41
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Maciej! Cheers ?
PS: Thanks also to all "Like button" pushers!
25. May, 22:44
Mirko Römer
Great bumblebee!
27. May, 17:14
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Mirko! 🙂 It was a pleasure to build.
27. May, 17:37
Florian H.
Ein sehr schönes Modell bzw. Resultat 👍 Gratulation 🙂
27. May, 18:22
Alex Rodionov
Superb big bird. ?
27. May, 18:34
Roland Gunslinger
Vielen Dank Florian! 🙂
Thank you Alex! Much appreciated 🙂
27. May, 20:16
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Osprey Roland. I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours.
28. May, 03:53
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Clifford! Much appreciated!
28. May, 19:49
Superb finish Roland. A real showstopper. Congratulations
28. May, 20:08
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Mathieu! Much appreciated!
29. May, 08:57
fantastic work! I particularly like the anti skids you did, subtle but adds a lot to this 👍
can you still fold the whole thing up? That would be my main criteria before getting one^^
30. June, 18:09
David Taylor
Outstanding again.
30. June, 20:21
Kim Branders
Very rare but fantastic modelling.
30. June, 21:11
Patrick Hagelstein
Simply amazing… 😮
30. June, 23:54
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Daniel, David, Kim and Patrick! Much appreciated! ?
@Daniel Yes, you can turn it. The kit also includes the rotor blades that can be folded. But I don't think it's nice when folded. Always reminds me of my grandma's folding bike
1. July, 09:00
Kerry COX
The fold up is, to me, the most spectacular aspect of the V-22. The thinking that went into getting it to do that is mind blowing.
But I do like what you have done with the ready to fly setting, a most interesting subject, no matter what the pose. 👍 🙂
1. July, 09:45
Guillaume Blanchet
Great result Roland!!
1. July, 11:57
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Kerry and Guillaume! Much appreciated 🙂
Kerry, I totally agree with you. In any case, the folding mechanism is a technical masterpiece. Maybe someone will build the model with servo motors to extend it 😉
1. July, 16:07
Guillaume Blanchet
I recall seing a real one landing and taking off while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge during a visit to New York city. I was lucky on the timing 🙂 . It was quite the spectacle to withness. It was also escroted by 2 SuperCobras.
1. July, 17:11
Clifford Keesler
My grandson is a Marine and flies on them quite often, he says they are an amazing machine, but air to air refueling scares the s*** out of him. Lol.
2. July, 17:39
Roland Gunslinger
@Guillaume That must have been exciting. Hopefully you could still take photos.
@Clifford I can imagine that. With the huge rotors and the filigree tank hose ...
6. July, 07:39
Guillaume Blanchet
Exciting in deed. Especially that I had the chance to see it land & take off.

I manage to snap a few pictures. I uploaded them for your enjoyment. (see link below)
Pêle mêle. | Album by Guillohm
6. July, 11:35
Great model, clean build and paintwork! 👍👍
One or two pics of the inside would have been nice as well, just to see how it looks.
22. July, 22:26
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Alexander ?
Yes, I didn't take a photo of the interior because it's not really spectacular. Rather boring. Picture 9 gives you an impression of the cabin. The detail freaks (I'm not one) should wait for AM parts. Of course you can also scatchbuild all the cable stuff inside. But my lifetime is too good for that 😄 All in all a good kit, unfortunately grossly overpriced. If you have no problems with raised panel lines, I would rather recommend the Italeri Osprey kit (which is cheaper in Germany at least). Unless of course you want exactly one MV-22.
23. July, 10:12
Tommy Agne
Great work!!! The paint job and the weathering looks awesome!
23. July, 10:54
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Tommy! Much appreciated 🙂
23. July, 12:05
Fabio Cannova
Uao, fantastic job Roland!!!!
18. October, 06:53
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Fabio 🙂
18. October, 10:13
Clifford Keesler
Outstanding Roland, well done sir.
19. October, 00:47
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Clifford, much appreciated!
20. October, 11:21
Saeed Jamali
Brilliant , 😍😍😍😍
14. November, 19:28
Sarunas D
How did you learn to apply weathering like this?
22. November, 18:21
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Saeed and Sarunas! Much appreciated! 🙂

Here on scalemates there are a lot of creative and experienced mates to learn from.
I only do most of it with post-shading and oil paints. It's very easy then. Oils are magic 😉
1. December, 13:09


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