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TOP GUN A-4F Skyhawk "Viper" WIP + Finished Pics


20 | 3. October 2020, 14:59
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Roland Gunslinger
Another project from the "Shelf of doom". I hope I can finish it by Friday before the big projects continue ...
24. November 2020, 22:35
Murad ÖZER
holy sh*t it's Viper!
24. November 2020, 22:39
24. November 2020, 23:00
Łukasz Gliński
Following too
25. November 2020, 12:52
Roland Gunslinger
„ Good morning, gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees."😉
25. November 2020, 13:17
Clifford Keesler
Talk to me Goose! LOL.
26. November 2020, 01:07
Maciej Bellos
26. November 2020, 04:21
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Maciej!
Decals ready. Next step weathering...
PS: The decal colors are IMHO a little too yellow. I will try to fix it with a filter. Maybe that works...
27. November 2020, 12:55
Holy shit it's Viper!
Nice one !
27. November 2020, 20:21
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Mathieu and thank you!
Enamel wash and oil weathering finished.
27. November 2020, 23:57
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice sir.
28. November 2020, 03:04
Lol Roland, thats pretty sweet scooter 🙂
29. November 2020, 12:38
Murad ÖZER
Lovely display Roland.😎
29. November 2020, 12:43
nice! Also cool to compare the size of those two movie stars 👍 now on to a mig 28😉
29. November 2020, 13:24
Łukasz Gliński
That was quick, the display looks v.dynamic 👍
29. November 2020, 13:53
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Clifford, Augie, Murad, Daniel and Lukas! I really appreciate your nice comments 🙂
And yes, I am thinking of building a MIG-28. I just don't know yet whether I'll build a single or two-seater 🤔
29. November 2020, 15:16
Very nice painting job. Congrats!
29. November 2020, 18:28
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Cuajete 🙂
29. November 2020, 20:49
Clifford Keesler
Awesome job Roland, I like them.
29. November 2020, 21:18
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Clifford! Much appreciated!
30. November 2020, 07:29
James C
That's pretty cool Roland👍
30. November 2020, 16:39
Konrad Limmer
Verdammt ist der Junge gut 🙂!
Awesome presentation and work Roland!
Now I have to watch the film again the 123rd time😉!
30. November 2020, 17:15
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Konrad and Thanks a bunch!
Only 123 times? There is still room for improvement😉
Haven't seen you here in a while. I hope you are doing well!
30. November 2020, 17:46
Guy Rump
Great builds Roland, love the way you have presented them 🙂

30. November 2020, 20:47
Patrick Hagelstein
Whoah!!! 😮
30. November 2020, 22:07
Patrick Hagelstein
I feel the need, the need for

a 124th movie viewing! 😄
30. November 2020, 22:08
Harry Eder
The jets looks great 👍, but I can´t see Maverick, Goose and Viper... 😉
1. December 2020, 06:44
Konrad Limmer
Yep Roland everything is fine so far. Hopefully you too?
My mojo left me for a while, so I've started a view projects but thats all so far 😉!

I've tried a view other things like RC Cars, Star Wars Legion and so on...

Anyhow I will come back soon with a new project on the winter holidays. Hopefully😉
1. December 2020, 07:31
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Mates! Much appreciated 🙂

@Guy At some point I'll probably put them on a (one) base/dio. Let's see...

@Patrick 😄

@Harry, It's all a question of imagination 😉

@Konrad 👍 That sounds good. Mojo comes and goes... I'm looking forward to your X-mas build 😉
RC Cars 🤔 I once had a "Grasshopper" and a "Boomerang" from Tamiya (a long time ago). But I don't think that's what you mean 😄
1. December 2020, 12:21
Konrad Limmer
Yep Roland I also had a Grasshopper as a kid. And now my kids have also one 😉!.
It makes a lot of fun for the Kids😉!
So maybe I will show those Cars in a separat album.
2. December 2020, 05:37
Roland Gunslinger
Nice, I saw that there is even a "Grashopper 2" 😮
3. December 2020, 10:47
Konrad Limmer
Yep, as far as I know there are a dozen of re releases available of course with upgraded parts😉.
3. December 2020, 12:26
Roland Gunslinger
Do not lead me into temptation 😄
3. December 2020, 12:46
Konrad Limmer
Of course Not 😉
3. December 2020, 13:31


1:72 "Top Gun" F-14A vs. A-4F (Italeri 1422)1:72 A-4F (Eduard CX566)

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