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SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019


Roland Revolvermann
Mission completed 🙂
11 March 2020, 18:56
Patrick Hagelstein
Whoosha!!! 😄 Cool idea for a stand! easy, clean, but certainly giving that sense of a low high speed pass. 👍
11 March 2020, 19:59
Michael Phillips
Very nice Roland! That camo turned out very nice and is very appealing. I also like the simple but elegant stand idea!
11 March 2020, 20:11
Maciej Bellos
A beauty! I like it a lot! Well done mate!
11 March 2020, 20:17
Nathan Dempsey
Well done Roland! The camo looks great🙂
11 March 2020, 20:22
Jos Jansen
Roland, you can be very proud of this, it is really a beautiful result...👍
11 March 2020, 20:31
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you for your kind words Patrick, Michael, Maciej, Nathan and Jos! Much appreciated 🙂
11 March 2020, 21:10
Looking great and cool stand 👍
11 March 2020, 21:14
Konrad Limmer
Yessss 👍! Awesome Roland🙂! Now I have to do a cat too😢!
11 March 2020, 21:29
Roland Revolvermann
Thx Pierre and Konrad! Much appreciated 🙂
Yes, Konrad, I've seen you have the "Miss Molly" in your stash 😉
11 March 2020, 21:38
The perfect aggressor for simulating the IRIAFs most dangerous fighter 🙂 This turned out really nice Roland, like it a lot! 👍
11 March 2020, 21:46
Roland Revolvermann
Thx Daniel for your kind words! Much appreciated!
The kit was an easy build. The hardest part was to NOT "overweathering" it. I've seen a lot of pictures and that cat always looks really clean; especially the walkways (what's kinda weird for me). Only the underside has more weathering. Probably they painted only the camo "new". But im not 100% sure.
11 March 2020, 22:05
Patrick Hagelstein
Well, actually that is quite logic. NSAWC is located in a desert environment with cleanly swept taxi tracks and runways and warm dry air. Not the harsh environment a carrier would have, where the saltine and wet environment would call for a lot of corrosion control i.e. a lot of paint touch ups. Air and ground crew would be walking over the airplane in 'clean' boots vs. the grimy oily boots of a deck crew. Where staining would occur, is where fluids seep out and would be dispersed by the airstreams: the underside. If you keep that in mind, you're weathering is spot on as it is clean! 😉
11 March 2020, 22:28
Roland Revolvermann
That definitely makes sense 👍 I also had similar thoughts.
11 March 2020, 23:07
Slavo Hazucha
Great job all around - build & paint-job. I also agree that the very subtle weathering approach is absolutely spot on & it all looks excellent and very true to the original! 👍 Always a pleasure to watch your work.

Enjoy the moment & then it's up to the next Tomcat box!😉
12 March 2020, 06:55
Roland Revolvermann
Welcome Slavo! Always a pleasure to read your comments! Thx a lot! Much appreciated 🙂
And yes, the next Tomcat has already been freed from the box 😉

Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 | Album by Roland Deschain (1:48)

Let's see how the Tamiya kit compares to the Hobby-Boss kit.
12 March 2020, 08:23
Guy Rump
Beautiful job Roland 🙂
12 March 2020, 22:52
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks Guy! Much appreciated!
12 March 2020, 23:11
Matthew Stec
Great Build!!
12 March 2020, 23:14
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks a lot Matthew 🙂
12 March 2020, 23:32
Clifford Keesler
Just outstanding Roland, very well done sir.
13 March 2020, 00:06
William O.
Stunning finish to the marathon Mr.Roland, can't get any better then that. Well done sir! 👍
13 March 2020, 00:50
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Mr Clifford and Mr William for you kind words ! I'm glad you like it 🙂
13 March 2020, 07:27
Very beautiful paintwork!
13 March 2020, 15:53
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Neuling 🙂
13 March 2020, 16:11
nice nice nice!
15 June 2020, 09:40
Roland Revolvermann
Thanks 🙂
15 June 2020, 11:10
Clifford Keesler
Very nice looking Cat.
15 June 2020, 19:26
Saeed Jamali
Awsome 😍😍😍
18 February, 20:36
Villiers de Vos
A very nice choice for a camo scheme.
18 February, 21:21
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you Clifford, Saeed and Villiers! Much appreciated 🙂
18 February, 21:57
Simon Nagorsnik
Clean paint job mate!- very nice😄
18 February, 22:03
Damian Güttner
Very nice machine with an interesting paint job. I did almost the same paintwork on my Tomcat, only as the Iranian Air Force, is also presented here and in my album
18 February, 22:33
Guy Rump
Beautiful build Roland 👍
18 February, 22:40
Arif Saeed
That's awesome Roland 👏👏
19 February, 00:15
Roland Revolvermann
Thank you all for your kind words! Much appreciated!
19 February, 12:00


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1:48 F-14A Tomcat (HobbyBoss 80366)1:48 Best of the Best (Fightertown Decals 48077 V2)1:48 US Navy Pilot & Operator with ejection seats for F-14A/B Tomcat (Aerobonus 480 142)3+
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
US US Navy (1794-now)
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SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019
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