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Scalemates Mig-21 Group Build 2021


60 | 9. February 2020, 20:33
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Roland Gunslinger
So this is the third attempt to finish this mig. It has been in my shelf of doom for a long time ...
Now I have a pilot with a seat from Aerobonus, because the kit seat and the cockpit just look horrible. Now I can also build an "inflight" version.
31. January, 22:47
Ooo watching
31. January, 23:31
Roland Gunslinger
Very welcome Augie 🙂
At first I wanted to build a silver one, now it's going to be a Hungarian camo.
1. February, 19:36
Konrad Limmer
I remember that there where times one man said I don't like Pilots in my planes😉.
And now nearly every build from you starts with a pilot 😉!
Times are changing but the pilot looks great Roland!

Take a seat here as well and watching the show!
1. February, 21:57
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks and welcome Konrad! 🙂
LOL Touché 😄
The Aerobonus seats just look great. And there is a pilot on it 😉
BTW: You have a good memory 👍
1. February, 23:14
Nathan Dempsey
Nice pilot 🙂 Following!
2. February, 00:16
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Nathan! Thank you 🙂
A kit from my „pile of shame". The bad thing is that the kit was a present. I've never been a big Mig fan, but as Konrad wrote correctly: preferences change.
2. February, 00:42
Guy Rump
It's your model Roland, pilot, no pilot, it's up to you! by the way, the pilot looks great. 🙂
2. February, 07:11
Moritz Fentzahn
Count me in (again). Looks like a #migresuscitationfebruary on our benches (again)😉
Looking forward to see this finished
2. February, 07:31
The pilot looks really cool Roland! Great painting and highlighting (Just wonder a bit what he's doing with his hands^^)
I have a started mig 21 smt rotting in its box as well for years now, I have half a heart to join in to this mig-re-whatever-February...😉
2. February, 10:54
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome Guy, Moritz and Daniel!
Tahnk you Guy. It really is that way. I don't like most of the pilots. But the Aerobonus look really, really good. Especially the seats.
Moritz, that was actually a year ago, 😄
Thanks Daniel! The pilot is busy. He had to adjust something to the right of the console. And he was looking for his corona test with his left hand😉
2. February, 20:57
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Following! The preshading is gorgeous! Is it a stencil?
7. February, 18:03
7. February, 18:30
Giannis Kaltapanidis
Thanks Roland! Looking forward to the final result. Looks very promising!
7. February, 18:36
Jos Jansen
Missed this Roland, count me in mate!
7. February, 19:02
Maciej Bellos
Missed it too! Looking good!
7. February, 19:26
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome mates! Cheers 🙂
Main colors applied.
17. March, 16:25
Guy Rump
Great progress Roland 🙂
17. March, 17:04
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Guy 🙂
18. March, 17:14
James C
This came out of no-where.. Awesome looking cockpit and pilot. Following 👍

I've got a couple of these in the stash that I had been considering selling off and replacing with something from Eduard. What was the basic fit of the fuselage and wings like?
18. March, 17:16
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks and welcome James! The kit fits together well. The only disadvantage of this Academy/Italeri kit is the lack of detail in the cockpit. The seat in particular is just plain smooth and even with the Eduard PE parts it looked terrible. That's why I bought the pilot on the seat. I cannot say whether the kit is accurat because I am not familiar with MIGs.
19. March, 09:50
Roland Gunslinger
I call it done 🙂 I have to admit that it was a bit of a cheat because I started before GB 😄
4. April, 14:38
Stefan Schacht
very nice 👍
4. April, 14:38
Guy Rump
Beautiful modelling 🙂
4. April, 14:57
Rui S
Very nice indeed 👍
4. April, 15:19
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Stefan, Guy and Rui! Much appreciated!
4. April, 16:47
Eelco Gregoire
Cool Mig Roland! I love the pilot.
4. April, 16:52
Hehe nice one roland, very sweet build
4. April, 17:26
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Augie and Eelco! I really appreciate it! The pilot was a pleasure to paint.
4. April, 20:52
Nathan Dempsey
That's an awesome build Roland. Another sweet base too ?
5. April, 01:00
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a bunch Nathan! As always much appreciated 🙂
5. April, 08:00
Jan Peters
Another gem added to the collection!
5. April, 08:08
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks Jan. Cheers 🙂 I need a new display case. I'm running out of space 😄
5. April, 10:18
Falk Röllig
Awesome finish.
5. April, 10:27
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Falk! Cheers 🙂
5. April, 16:04
Giannis Kaltapanidis
That is just beautiful! Very realistic result, well done Roland!
5. April, 16:13
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Giannis! Much appreciated!
5. April, 18:58
James C
That's a stunning looking finish Roland. Superb paintwork once again mate. 👍
5. April, 20:43
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you James for your kind words! As always much appreciated!
6. April, 05:58
Sebastian Meyner
Very nice work Roland & good choice of markings! 👍
6. April, 06:19
Raphael Bernecole
Very nice Hungarian Mig-21 !! 🙂
6. April, 09:53
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Sebastian and Raphael! Much appreciated!
6. April, 11:55
Wow! Very nice 🙂
6. April, 11:58
Erik Leijdens
That looks autosome Roland! And the presentation is very dynamic 👍
6. April, 12:00
Konrad Limmer
Very nice MIG Roland! The presentation is also very cool ?
7. April, 04:33
Lenny Hoffmann
Beautiful work! Nice model!
7. April, 04:51
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks! I really appreciate your kind words! Cheers!
7. April, 18:25
Beautiful work roland, very dynamic presentation as usual ?
8. May, 18:08
Roland Gunslinger
Many Thanks Daniel! ?
9. May, 07:49
I agree with Daniel! 👍
9. May, 08:02
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a lot Neuling! Cheers!
10. May, 12:54
Gary Kitchen
Looks fabulous and properly dynamic in flight 👍
10. May, 13:21
Super looking build, Roland.
#14 looks like it is really just getting it.
Very realistic.
10. May, 14:10
Patrick Hagelstein
Whoah!!!!! 😮
10. May, 14:53
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a bunch Gary, Dave and Patrick! Much appreciated!
10. May, 15:49
Jos Jansen
Great work Roland
16. May, 08:49
Robert Podkoński
Nicely executed model and very cool presentation. Congrats!
16. May, 10:31
Roland Gunslinger
Thank you Jos and Robert 🙂
16. May, 13:43
Sergej I
Beautiful MiG and presentation! 👍
16. May, 19:38
Roland Gunslinger
Thanks a bunch Sergej! Cheers!
16. May, 19:48
Zsolt Czegle
Erstklassige Arbeit! 👍
1. June, 16:13
Roland Gunslinger
Vielen Dank Zsolt 🙂 Cheers!
2. June, 15:38


1:48 MiG-21 MF Fishbed (Italeri 2715)1:48 MiG-21 MF/Bis/SMT pilot w/ ejection seat (Aerobonus 480 071)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF Fishbed-J
HU Military Magyar Légierő (Hungarian Air Force 1991-now)
47 Sqn., Griff Fighter Reg.
1995 - Papa AB

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