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Brice Mavillaz (GroBeu)

Hittekai Ginkei 12/2019



1:144 Hitekkai Ginkei (White) (Kotobukiya KP189)


1 | 17. February 2020, 12:44
Matthew Stec
I love the detail.
14. March 2020, 01:33
Brice Mavillaz
Thx mate. That kit is absolutely loaded with them!
14. March 2020, 15:28
Matthew Stec
Is it a difficult kit?
15. March 2020, 00:11
Brice Mavillaz
Yeah kinda. Lots of very, very small parts + build it before you paint it, it's a snap-on kit and just one thin layer of paint messes with the fit and makes it a pain to build and align. And getting a smooth white finish with no airbrush is a nightmare. Got an airbrush so I never have to do it again.
16. March 2020, 17:52
Matthew Stec
You did a beautiful job!!
17. March 2020, 04:50
Brice Mavillaz
thx, that's encouraging
20. March 2020, 19:30

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