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Ross James (RossJ)

Tyrrell P34 Progress



In progress
1:12 Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler (Tamiya 12021)
Tyrrell P34
GB Racing Tyrrell Private Organisation
Elf Team Tyrrell 3 (Jody Scheckter)
1976 FIA Formula 1 season 1976 - Various (Result: 3rd Overall)
Elf Aquitaine


27. April 2020, 16:51
Chaz Gordon
Nice work, It till amazes me the quality of these Tamiya 1970's kits. Those moulds were made in the days before CAD and CNC milling machines!
12. May 2020, 22:25
Kerry COX
RossJ. My compliments mate. All the detailing you have added is a real credit to your obvious skills. Old kit or new, it is always the modeller that brings out the best in a kit. I can almost smell the burned oil. :) :) :)
12. May 2020, 22:42
Ahh man this is awesome!
12. May 2020, 22:52
Ross James
Believe it or not this is all built OOB with no extra detailing so far other than a dot of paint on some of the bolt/rivet heads. That's just how good these big Tamiya kits are!
13. May 2020, 11:08
Yeah the mid 70's Ferrari & JPS Lotus 1/12 Tamiya kits I have in the stash look incredibly good.
I built a few 1/6 Tamiya bikes & 1/10 & 1/12 Tamiya R/C cars nearly 40 years ago & the detail & quality was stunning back then.
I'm chasing a couple of these P34's on eBay right now!
13. May 2020, 15:59
Ross James
If you have the original 70s issue then I recommend you check the condition of the decals, and consider buying new sets if you can. The ones in mine are pretty past it - the small ones are OK (although very reluctant to leave the backing paper, needs a good 5-10 minute soak rather than 30 secs) but the yellow stripes in the pics just wrinkled and wouldn't go down flat, ended up ditching them and painting the stripes instead. I'm worried about the larger decals such as the numbers and the Elf/Goodyear logos, not sure what I'm going to do if they're past it :(
14. May 2020, 22:17
Chaz Gordon
I'm planning to get the First National decal set from the following year. The Blue & White livery looks fantastic on the P34
14. May 2020, 22:26
That's looking very very nice! This is gonna be a good build
27. June 2020, 22:49
Chaz Gordon
The detail level on these TAmiya kits is just out of this world, Mix in some patience and great modelling skills and you end up with something very special. I'm budgeting about a year each to complete my Stash of Tamiya 1/12, If I take any more time, I'll be retired by the time I get them done.
28. June 2020, 00:08

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