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Karel Doležal (Doja)

Merkava Mk.1 Hybrid


14 | 2. July 2020, 06:37
Tomaz Klemencic
Nice! What material did you use for nonslip coat?
10. July 2020, 06:14
Karel Doležal
Fine sand less than 0.5 mm in size.
13. July 2020, 06:15
what did you use to adhere the sand ? I'm liking this technique ...I've a Tamiya MK1 to assemble
6. July, 19:22
Edward Cornelio
It looks great, and sand is soo tricky to get it to adhere and stay put!
6. July, 22:47
Karel Doležal
Tamiya Extra Thin glue - paint the plastic with glue, cover with sand, let it dry and repaint the sand layer with glue.
7. July, 06:41
thank you,for tech tip
7. July, 15:08
Edward Cornelio
Nice Tip, I will try that with Tamiya, in the past i used to use white glue for this, but results left a lot to be desired, LOL!
8. July, 16:40


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1:35 Merkava Mk.1 Hybrid (Takom 2079)1:35 105 mm barrel M68. Merkava Mk.I Hybrid (Magic Models MM35170)

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