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Bill Mathews (Stormtrooper000)

NJG 1 Nachtjager


20 | 18. July, 22:23
Bill Mathews
thought i'd start yet another project while waiting for stuff to cure ... built the base for it first - some photo frames and a vallejo resin wooden fighter airfield for the 219 to sit on . dedicated to my grandfather who was luftwaffe during ww2 ... other grandfather was RAAF - no wonder i love aircraft ..... Nachtjager shield was carved by him during the war
18. July, 22:30
My favorite night fighter, excellent work so far. Love the diorama base too.
18. July, 23:11
Jan Peters
Looking good sofar! I love the base, are you building his (your grandfathers) actual aircraft?
19. July, 02:44
Bill Mathews
Jan - no I'm still waiting for information from Germany about service details but it was his unit .
19. July, 04:07
Jan Peters
It would be great if you could build his actual aircraft of course!
19. July, 18:48
19. July, 19:38
Guy Rump
Looking good 👍
1. August, 15:52
Tony Tonov
Great final result!
9. August, 18:39
Guy Rump
Great build, very impressive 👍
9. August, 20:52
Bill Mathews
not quite finished yet tony - still doing the antennae and a couple little things
10. August, 03:22
Mona Abel
Looks Great , a fitting tribute to your grandfather , It will be nice when you can build a model of his aircraft also . I'm impressed by your paint storage ,awesome
10. August, 04:13
Bill Mathews
Thanks all . Probably call this one done I think
10. August, 07:09
Great model and presentation! 👍
10. August, 08:57
Jan Peters
Great job all'round!
10. August, 10:20
Great job on the aircraft. Your paintjob and the weathering are wonderful. 👍
And it's a really nice way to display everything.
10. August, 10:32
Alec K
Excellent work mate 👍
10. August, 12:21
Rui S
I agree. Excellent allround 👍
15. August, 17:40


1:72 Heinkel He-219 A7 (Platz AE-1)

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