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Bill Mathews (Stormtrooper000)

Tamiya Spitfire mark IX


15 | 15. May, 01:42
Eduardo Arguijo
looking great, what paint scheme are you going to do?
18. May, 03:20
Bill Mathews
Eduardo - the box art I think . Something simple
18. May, 11:43
Lenny Hoffmann
Nice! I am following
18. May, 11:51
Andrea Morris
I have just ordered this kit, so pulling up a chair
19. May, 13:11
Paul Moore
I'll be starting mine shortly so I'll be following as well. That engine looks really nice. How's the fit with the cowling? It looks like it will be tight. Thanks for the photos ....I'm inspired.
19. May, 13:23
Bill Mathews
paul - they're beautifully made - but so thin . the magnet arrangement is a little fidgety but it works . very,very,very close tolerances . if you're the slightest bit out it compounds the problem . mine doesn't line up in a few places but it's good enough for me . one side and the bottom are glued on anyway . test fit . test fit . work some more . test fit , test fit and then test fit again is the secret ....
19. May, 21:19
Bill Mathews
i actually started this in march last year ... just trying to get the unfinished builds done ...
19. May, 21:20


1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc (Tamiya 60319)
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
Kenley Wing EN398/JE-J (Wing Cdr. J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson)
July 1943 - RAF Kenley
Dark Green 2 (RAF), Ocean grey 2 (RAF), Medium Sea grey 2 (RAF)

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