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Frédéric Sarrobert (Wookie)

X-1 Mach Buster


10 | 30. December 2020, 20:46
James C
Nice work, especially on the interior. Following👍
30. December 2020, 21:06
looking really good. i have it in my stash, so will follow real close 🙂
30. December 2020, 21:13
Frédéric Sarrobert
Thank you James, build is on hold until next week. There's still a lot to do and I have great expectations, so I hope you'll find the rest interesting!
30. December 2020, 21:14
Frédéric Sarrobert
Thanks Spanjaard. This kit is tricky sometimes, and it takes a lot of dry fitting all along, but, overall, I guess it will be a nice addition to my finished projects.
30. December 2020, 23:24
Erik Leijdens
Great work so far 👍
30. December 2020, 23:31
Peter Jenssen
Looks great!
On mine, the fitting was a bit off. The starboard stab was lower and one wing was further forward than the other.
Indeed takes a bit of dry fitting and fiddling, but still makes a good model.
31. December 2020, 00:56
7. January, 06:48
Lovely work, a superb guide for my two.
7. March, 15:37
Frédéric Sarrobert
Thanks Augie, I'm quite pleased with the result and looking forward to seeing yours!
7. March, 15:45
James C
Very nice work👍
7. March, 16:36


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