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Tommaso S (ienatom)

Panavia Tornado - 50° Stormo


16 26 July 2020, 08:26
Awesome model! Really like the weathering and the smoke on the fin (might be a bit too dark but maybe that's just the lightning?) 👍
Edit: just saw the WIP and I must applaud you for all the effort and the great result you out into the cockpit and wheel wells!
26 July 2020, 19:38
Tommaso S
Thanks mate, as always details make a big difference😉 The lighting doesn't really help to appreciate all the colors but I showed these pictures to some ex Tornado pilots here in Italy and they told me that it looks very realistic😉 All that grime is due to the thrust reversers, and the fin it's not cleaned so frequently afterwards so dirt piles up
27 July 2020, 13:13
I thought so. It just seemed to me that the smoke was a tiny bit too dark in comparison to the picture you provided - but that is just me nitpicking.😉
But I am not surprised by the reaction of the pilots, it really looks great!
27 July 2020, 15:09
Tommaso S
Yeah absolutely, every comment and suggestion is really appreciated😉 I might honestly have painted a bit too much but in the end everything went well! If you want I can take another picture of just the tail so maybe it's easier to see
27 July 2020, 18:09
Gerald Willing
impressive work 👍
28 July 2020, 07:24
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
28 July 2020, 07:30
Guy Rump
Lovely build 👍
4 October 2021, 20:35
Rui S
I agree 👍
9 October 2021, 16:45


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