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Elements of the 66th Tank Regiment first fought with the 301st Heavy Tank Battalion in the Somme offensive in October and November 1918. After WWI, The 66th Regiment formed from the HQ Company of the 301st as a light tank Regiment. Between the wars, the Regiment was equipped with various tanks and scout cars including French FT-17, M1, M2, and even some Christie light tanks. 1940 saw the regiment become part of the new 2nd Armored Division as a light tank Regiment along with the 67th and 68th Regiments (1 light and 1 medium). Training maneuvers were conducted at Divisional levels in 1941 and 1942 prior to deployment in late 1942 to the ETO.
The Regiment was composed of 9 tank companies (company HQ platoon and 3 light tank platoons) A to I, Regimental Recon Company, and Regimental HQ Company. Regimental command was also divided into 3 Battalions of 3 companies each. In December 1941, the Regiment dropped the light tank designation and began to equip with Medium tanks (M3 Lee at first and M4 Shermans late



1:35 Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 (Tamiya 35312)1:35 Mark IV "Male" (Takom 2008)1:35 M3 Lee (Takom 2085)15+
M7 Priest
US Military US Army (1784-now)
2 Arm. Div.
July 1943 - Sicily IT


2 | 22. December 2019, 15:02
Nice group. More photos of each of them would be good.
23. December 2019, 15:51
Stuart Massey
I plan on more photo's
25. December 2019, 02:09
Rui S
Nice collection IMHO they desrve better photos 8)
5. December 2020, 22:57

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