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1:32 Revell Fw190 G8 Conversion

Pics of the build and (eventually) final reveal


22 | 3. May 2020, 11:04
Megan Harris
Wow! That engine!
6. May 2020, 22:20
Alan G
Thanks Megan. Not finished yet but getting there.
7. May 2020, 05:37
Now that's how to make an engine worth displaying! 👍
7. May 2020, 07:24
Alan G
Cheers Nigel. Cannot afford Brassin so having to detail myself lol
7. May 2020, 16:30
Jan Marciniak
Wow. You put a lot of work Alan. It will be great 🙂
9. May 2020, 17:04
Alan G
Many thanks Canis. I've learned a lot from this build and will change it for when i detail my next Fw 190
9. May 2020, 17:39
Very nice, I like your cockpit weathering approach! some great inspiration 👍 I now consider to do some plumbing myself, this engine is really spectacular, even oob.
30. July 2020, 15:11
Alan G
Cheers Daniel. Just used silver pencils and pastel chalk dust (to simulate dirt)
30. July 2020, 18:42
David Taylor
You will be leaving the cowls off to really appreciate that engine.
18. December 2020, 18:00
Alan G
Only planning on keeping the upper access panels open. But might keep the lower ones too. As you say. would be a shame to waste all that extra detailing i've done.
18. December 2020, 18:24
Alan G
Fitted the engine. The cowls are terrible to fit. If it is possible to fit without engine. Then do it.
19. December 2020, 20:13
Alan G
Started painting. Xtracrylix Rot (RLM 23) first to be added.
23. January, 14:16
David Pearson
Really nice work.
23. January, 14:39
Alan G
Thanks David
24. January, 11:32
Great wiring looks fantastic
11. February, 16:19
Alan G
Cheers Simon. Getting there slowly with this build
11. February, 19:55
Alan G
RLM 76 painted all over apart from nose section.
15. July, 15:23
Jose Freire
Great job on that engine
3. August, 18:30
Jim J
That engine is spectacular. 👍 Looking good.
3. August, 22:36
Alan G
Thank you Jose & Jim
4. August, 15:55
Looking great
21. August, 14:26


In progress
1:32 Focke Wulf Fw190 F-8 (Revell 04869)

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