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Jakub Chlodek (Grinder84 )



Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
10 | 2. September, 20:39
Top notch! Amazing paintwork and weathering!
3. September, 06:58
Soeren .
Fantastic work and a very subtle but convincing weathering!
3. September, 07:03
Jakub Chlodek
thank you guys! quite fun with green discoloration mainly :)
3. September, 07:23
Soeren .
Can I ask with what you make the chipping and the "sandy" looking areas on the wingroots? ;)
3. September, 07:24
Jakub Chlodek
chipping: cowling chipping fluid on silver, wing roots maskol on silver, + Ak pencils (diffrent shades of green and aluminium). Sandy wingroots was performed with pigments :)
3. September, 07:42
Nice work! Agree with everyone...the weathering is great.
3. September, 07:43
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice paint-job & surface treatment, the uneven green is spot n and the chipping really well measured - beautiful result
3. September, 09:03
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you!
3. September, 11:35
Sebastian Meyner
Impressive work mate
3. September, 12:11
3. September, 19:25
James C
Stunning paintwork!
3. September, 19:29
4. September, 10:39

August 10, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
12 | 9. August, 08:31
Rui S
Great work, beautiful model Excellent.
9. August, 20:15
Jakub Chlodek
thank you!
9. August, 21:43
Those Hobby Boss Me 262s are great builds, and you've done yours proud.
9. August, 22:11
Nathan Dempsey
Great build.
9. August, 22:26
Mike Grant
Very nice
10. August, 01:41
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you gentlemans!
10. August, 03:57
Tom M
just a wonderful plane
10. August, 04:08
Top notch! Great paintwork.
10. August, 12:56
wow, that is great looking 262!
would be great to see a WIP album :)
10. August, 13:49
Jakub Chlodek
so little time to do WIP documentation...with 2 little kids on the back?impossible ;)
10. August, 19:25
thanks for taking time to make pictures of finished product then :)
10. August, 19:44

July 3, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
1 | 1. July, 20:41
View full thread (17 Comments)
Jakub Chlodek
Fully agree! It is only a matter of joy and happines with the final effect :)
2. July, 17:53
Good looking aircraft! I like the weathering and the "battle damage".
2. July, 19:31
Awesome! I love the front gear on this one, looks so cuuute :D
Rafale is what came to mind here as well, I hope you have planned to do one? ;)
Like the wear+tear look on this, the birdstrike rescue is genius! Must have been quite a big chicken
2. July, 19:38
Choppa Nutta
Kinda reminds me of a story I heard about the Russians using chickens fired out of a cannon to test their windshields if they were strong enough to withstand a bird strike but they kept breaking until someone realised that perhaps using frozen chickens wasn't really a true test .... :D
2. July, 19:52
LOL! sure you didnt mix that up with mythbusters? :D
2. July, 19:56
Choppa Nutta
Funny you should mention that as I think they tried it out too but who knows for sure hey as there are numerous jokes surrounding this and perhaps I have mis-remembered something however ....

"The projectiles were chickens that had previously been euthanized and frozen."

With more links here etc. etc.
2. July, 21:12
Jakub Chlodek
:) :) :) I didn't use chicken cannon but, if birdstrike will be desire effect can we use bb gun loaded with fly?(or frozen fly? ;))
3. July, 05:55
Choppa Nutta
haha, seems like dropping it on the floor did the job just fine !! :D
3. July, 10:00

May 27, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
26. May, 21:07
Artem Burkin
Nicely paint work
26. May, 21:39
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you!
27. May, 03:52

May 6, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
6. May, 06:53
nice Talon!!
6. May, 07:26
6. May, 08:36
Roland Gunslinger
That's a beauty
6. May, 09:38
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you!
6. May, 12:39
Very good work.
6. May, 17:42
6. May, 18:13
Great job. What's your process for weathering, it looks excellent.
6. May, 19:55
Jakub Chlodek
I've started with pre-shading. After diluted base colours, I give some higlights and shadows then I use panelliners, some different colours and shades of oils on random panels. After last matt varnish layer I use some pencils and dry pigments to make a look even more weathered. Thats all :)
6. May, 22:20

April 24, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
23. April, 21:21
Top work in every aspect!
24. April, 12:22
Jakub Chlodek
thank you!
24. April, 12:33
Sebastian Meyner
Great build & finish mate!
24. April, 12:44
24. April, 13:00

March 14, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
13. March, 21:23
A very well built kit! I have this kit and I put it away for some time now because it has so much issues. But you have negotiated all these problems very well. Excellent paint job.
13. March, 22:43
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you! It was quite fun with painting and weathering. Model itself... well, rather toy - like and lack of accuracy, but no better option in this scale.
13. March, 23:04
Good paintwork!
14. March, 10:43
14. March, 11:23

February 26, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
24. February, 22:45
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice build
24. February, 22:53
Nathan Dempsey
I agree, that came out great.
24. February, 23:00
25. February, 04:37
Very good finish!
26. February, 08:28
Scott Dutton
Great result
26. February, 11:44
Stefan Schacht
well done
26. February, 11:47
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you guys!
26. February, 17:37

January 22, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
22. January, 04:35

January 6, 2020

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
5. January, 21:07
Michael Phillips
Very nice work! Really like the paintwork and subtle weathering.
6. January, 05:10
Chas Argent
Beautiful finish!
6. January, 05:30
Jakub Chlodek
Thx guys!
6. January, 09:07

December 3, 2019

Jakub Chlodek added a new photoalbum.
2. December 2019, 23:03
Impressive build!
3. December 2019, 02:20
3. December 2019, 04:36
Jim J
Looks great!
3. December 2019, 08:31
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you! Pleasure to build this one. Another wainting in stash ;)
3. December 2019, 11:49


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