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Sergej I (Vargbrujo)


SCM Aggressor Group Build Fall 2019

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1:72 F-16N Fighting Falcon (Hasegawa 00342)1:72 Aircraft Weapons: V (Hasegawa X72-9)7+


8. August 2019, 14:00
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Jos Jansen
Nice Sergej I...looking forward to this GB, excellent choice by the way...
8. August 2019, 15:08
8. August 2019, 20:44
Jos Jansen
Good and interesting story about the history of the F-16N series, thanks for sharing this...
8. August 2019, 22:04
Nathan Dempsey
Great subject and a great article too. In the article I like the one painted tan and black.
8. August 2019, 23:26
F-16N - nice!
@Nathan: I agree, that looks somehow really elegant
9. August 2019, 13:12
Nathan Dempsey
@Daniel: Right? I almost want to buy one just to try and build that bird. I did buy and F-5F and will try and complete this one for the group build as well. Love those Florida aggressors from VFC-111.
9. August 2019, 19:04
Sergej I
So this is it, I will build two in parallel...
26. August 2019, 18:54
26. August 2019, 18:54
Sergej I
It looks like an empty Paypal account too :D
26. August 2019, 18:57
26. August 2019, 19:40
Maciej Bellos
A difficult one, especially with the walkways. I love it nonetheless.
27. August 2019, 13:49
Sergej I
Thanks, Hans.
Maciej, I haven't decided entirely on the walkways method, this being a 1:72, decals are still an option... but AK RC paints are a pleasure to work with, can take heavy taping and weathering without the lacquer protection so... let's see :)
27. August 2019, 14:01
Dejan Lukic
Hello Sergej.. Just a heads up. If You intend to build BDU splinter keep in mind that is USAF Blk 30 bird and not USN F-16N. N version had small intake mouth, u will need big one for Blk 30. Any chance both intakes are in kit?
27. August 2019, 19:50
Maciej Bellos
I concur. Block 30s got the big mouth intake after 86-0262. Before that, all F-16s had the same intake later called NSI.
27. August 2019, 20:21
Sergej I
Thanks for the heads up, Dejan. Indeed the Hasegawa kit only includes the small intake, but for the Splinter F-16C I got the CMK 7053 Exterior set with large resin intake and some other parts.
I will also use the other parts for the F-16N, except the intake.
Have to study the nozzle aswel. The wa I understood is, that F-16N already had a stronger engine and nozzle like F-16C. Is that about right?
27. August 2019, 20:28
Dejan Lukic
Nozzle is ok for Blk30 General Electric F110 and 18th Aggressor squadron (AK). 64th Aggressors (WA) Block 32 F-16C's have the P&W F100-PW-220 engine and different nozzle.
27. August 2019, 21:12
Sergej I
Hvala Dejan! Thanks for clearing this :)
27. August 2019, 21:44
Sergej I
Just dumping both airframes to be built:

Also found out I will need to scratch improvise the RWR "beer can" antennas on the splinter aswel, Hasegawa model is a Block30C with antennas on the fuselage. Might rework the RWR's from intake and position them on front wing where the Block30D have them...
20. September 2019, 23:17
Sergej I
Just updating references before the build :)
28. September 2019, 20:25
Sergej I
2. October 2019, 16:44
gogogo! :)
2. October 2019, 17:39
Patrick Hagelstein
That paint test looks to be matching already.
2. October 2019, 18:06
Patrick Hagelstein
Dejan, both birds are GE F110 powered Block 30s. The only difference I can distinguish is in the intake as you described. The Exhausts should be the same though.
2. October 2019, 18:13
2. October 2019, 18:14
Konrad Limmer
Hell yeah you got me! I'm in as well
2. October 2019, 18:14
Nathan Dempsey
I agree, that color looks good
2. October 2019, 18:19
Sergej I
Thanks all :)
The blue-gray is still a bit too blue... going to wait for daylight then play between FS35237 and FS35450
2. October 2019, 18:52
*Grabs a seat
2. October 2019, 19:23
Sergej I
Patrick, next to air intake, the differences are also RWR antennas on wings/intake and gear design, the 30D is supposed to have reinforced design and 30C normal. Still finding what that means :D

Decals wise, Hasegawa missed a bit, F-16N #163272 had much lighter NAVY inscription (see photos) than decals (almost black) and tail-number was 45 (see photos) not 46 (Hategawa)... but minor inconvenience, I anyway need standard navy numbers and letters :P already in transit...
2. October 2019, 19:38
Harry Eder
Very nice start!
3. October 2019, 11:41
Patrick Hagelstein
Sergej, I once posted a link to a very detailed overview of all the Block details somewhere here on Scalemates but I can't seem to find it anymore... Should be something like Hyperscale or any other forum...
3. October 2019, 13:48
3. October 2019, 13:53
Sergej I
Thanks Patrick for this. The page lacks differences of different Block 30 models. Like Block 30 C (F-16N) and D (F-16C of 18 AGRS).
That is better described on "" site:
3. October 2019, 14:14
Sergej I
Made some slow progress on cockpit...
23. October 2019, 14:43
Patrick Hagelstein
Slow but really good Sergej!
23. October 2019, 23:04
Patrick Hagelstein
I like the second color test.
23. October 2019, 23:04
Sergej I
Thanks Patrick. I found Gunze to be better matching than Real Colours from AKI. So going with them on F-16N.
24. October 2019, 04:31
Patrick Hagelstein
Did you use them straight on or did you mix in some white?
24. October 2019, 05:53
Nice work on those cockpits.

I just noticed your comment "the 30D is supposed to have reinforced design and 30C normal", from what I gathered from pictures for my build, this means reinforced block 40/50 gear+landing lights on the front gear door, but block 30 wheels and non-bulged MLG doors (with corresponding actuators). This is just my observations on the airframe I'm modelling, so not to be taken as gospel :)
24. October 2019, 06:55
Cant believe that Cockpit is 1 72, extremely nice!
24. October 2019, 11:45
Sergej I
Oops, Patrick, missed your comment. Here are the grays:
1. The lightest is FS36307 in instructions, used Mr Color C334
2. The bluish is supposed to be FS35237, I am using MrColor C73, it's spot on...
3. The medium gray is supposed to be FS36251, this one is a tough mix. I'm using 50/50 C317 and C334

But it seems the colors were fading fast on these birds...
3. November 2019, 17:38
Patrick Hagelstein
Great! Thanks Sergej! These come in handy for both Aggressor and Greek F-16s as they basically use the same paint scheme in the same harsh environment.
3. November 2019, 18:39
Sergej I
Yaaay, work-life-modeling balance finally allowed some modelling this weekend :D
24. November 2019, 20:59
looking really good, very neat camo pattern Sergej! Might be the photo, but it looks maybe just a little tad too bright? But after a wash&some weathering it may as well just come out photo-realistic :) Just my 2c, enjoying your build!
24. November 2019, 21:22
Sergej I
Thanks Daniel, my perception is the same. Luckily it's much easier to darken than it is to brighten...
24. November 2019, 21:26
Patrick Hagelstein
As the real aircraft is sun bleached, it's not that bad that the colors are a little light. Adding a wash and some grime will darken it up enough. I think it looks great already!
25. November 2019, 00:40
Sergej I
Thanks Patrick
25. November 2019, 05:15
8. December 2019, 18:17
Patrick Hagelstein
Really looking good! It darkened up a bit, right? Curious to the final flat coat.
8. December 2019, 19:47
Sergej I
Thanks Patrick! I hope to finish it in this decade still. I'm heavily procrastinating gears and other small bits...
8. December 2019, 20:13
Sergej I
I think I will not finish by deadline, but I had much fun weathering this one with oils... I spent a full weekend on it :)
25. December 2019, 22:00
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
the paint is excellent
26. December 2019, 14:53
Sergej I
Merci, Laurent. It did turn out quite well, panel lines a bit too strong but I do like scale 72nd a bit cartooney :)
26. December 2019, 16:07
Patrick Hagelstein
In a way it resembles how Ronan paints his helicopters.
27. December 2019, 11:30
Holger Kranich
This is a very interesting paintjob, Sergej!
27. December 2019, 12:51
Sergej I
Thanks Holger, I hope this is not the british version of interesting :D.
Patrick, now I am off to check on Ronan's work
27. December 2019, 18:16
Sergej I
Oh wow. That mate is a helicopter god. Even hinting that my wallpainting resembles his technique is both blasphemic yet so motivating
27. December 2019, 18:33
27. December 2019, 22:54
Sergej I
DUNN! It's been my first resin parts, my first PE parts and some other firsts... details show that there is still potential, but in general I am happy with the outcome. Please share your observations, not necessary only good, I like to learn. Better pix coming up in a week or so.
19. January, 16:35
Patrick Hagelstein
Hi Sergej, the Viper looks awesome! Thinking of ways to improve I come up idle. There's been a discussion about colors above but you nailed that perfectly! Nothing comes to mind right now, keep up the good work!
20. January, 14:32
Sergej I
Thanks, Patrick! :)
20. January, 18:39
I agree, looks cool in the bleached "cartoonish" look you gave it and I also agree: nothing as fun as to get carried away in a nice all day oil weathering session ;)
21. January, 15:14
21. January, 16:30
Sergej I
Thanks Daniel and Laurent ! :)
21. January, 23:35
Sergej I
Thanks James, it's really more tools than skill... but allinall, it was FUN to mask and paint :)
26. January, 17:56
26. January, 19:23
Kamil Rudziński
Wygląda świetnie!
26. January, 19:55
Man I wish I had gone for those masks for my arctic viper. Great looking results on both planes Sergej
26. January, 20:49
Sergej I
Thank you, Laurent, Kamil and Pierre.
26. January, 21:07
Sergej I
Short day after work, still managed to do some gloss coating.
27. January, 21:09
Jos Jansen
Nice progress Sergej...beautiful scheme!
27. January, 21:18
Patrick Hagelstein
8) Shine on! Looks sparkling!
27. January, 21:23
Sergej I
Done! Complete! Took a pandemic to finish it, but here we are :D
Two Tamiya Vipers already waiting in stash for black/gray and blue/gray Alaskan Splinters... we need another Aggressor Group build haha...
7. April, 13:56
Roland Gunslinger
Welcome to the finish line :D
Great job
7. April, 14:59
Jos Jansen
Nice color, beautiful Viper!
7. April, 16:17
Maciej Bellos
Beautiful, both of them!
7. April, 16:43
Top result
7. April, 17:29
Sergej I
Thank you all, the two have been pain and pleasure to build,
now I have a brief R&R with two F9 Panthers, then back to Vipers :)
7. April, 18:55
Patrick Hagelstein
Beautiful!!! It reminds me that I joined that group build as well with a Hornet. I do not only need a face mask for this pandemic, but to protect me from the collected dust on that one too. ;)
7. April, 20:28
Stefan Schacht
well done, I like the weathering
7. April, 20:31
Sergej I
Thank you Patrick and Stefan. Indeed I was the smart one in the family who was already equiped with PPF2 masks while the rest of the town are wearing scarfs to the shop :D But yeah, resin is teh lung destroyer of the model builders :D
Stefan this was my first real attempt in oil weathering. I would say I overdid a little, next challenges will be in more subtle way... thank you though, I am glad you like it.
7. April, 21:01
Nathan Dempsey
Nice finish!
7. April, 22:26
Matthew Stec
Great detail!!
8. April, 00:00
Those are looking very good, nice crisp work and a unique, interesting post effect - even looks a bit like hoarfrost after a cold Eielson night, very nice
8. April, 06:10
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice couple there in 2 very different finishes . Really cool treatment for the camo version too!

The Aggressor GB really brought some creative action :)
8. April, 08:05
Sergej I
Thank you for comments, this is good motivation for more modeling :D
8. April, 09:00

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