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1/48 Redroo Models CAC Winjeel


Villiers de Vos
A beautiful little gem.
12 September 2021, 12:06
Michael Drover
Thanks Villiers. There are still some metal areas to be sprayed.
13 September 2021, 01:15
Robert Podkoński
Pretty (and unusual).
16 September 2021, 12:07
Michael Drover
Thanks Robert. The Winjeel was a domestically designed and built trainer here in Australia. It was used for RAAF pilot training and FAC roles between 1955 and 1995. It can still be found flying here in Oz as a warbird. The name Winjeel is an indigenous name for "Young eagle".
17 September 2021, 01:03
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for the info, Michael - I have heard about the plane before, but not the details. And I admire your work here very much. This complex painting scheme looks absolutely flawless.
17 September 2021, 06:12
Wow! Super clean 👍
17 September 2021, 08:23
Mirko Römer
...and so rare! Thanks for showing it!
17 September 2021, 12:31
Mark Medwell
lovely! love the scheme...
22 September 2021, 03:27
Sebastian Meyner
Bautiful work on a rarely seen subject mate 👍
22 September 2021, 03:29
Derek Buckmaster
you did a fabulous job with this one Michael, well done! Love CAC products! If I ever get bored of Wirraways I have one of these and a Wacket Trainer in the stash...
14 November 2021, 05:55
I agree with Sebastian. Very beautiful!
14 November 2021, 08:26
Dietmar Bogatzki
Beatifull little plane 👍
14 November 2021, 09:02


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1:48 CAC CA-25 WINJEEL TRAINER (Red Roo Models RRK48002)

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