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23. April 2020, 21:18
Don Oberempt
Gloss White application topside. Will be masking off white top and painting wings/bottom of fuselage/horizontal stabilizers aluminum. Then the all important decals! More pictures after the aluminum paint application!
23. April 2020, 21:47
Don Oberempt added a new photoalbum.
23. April 2020, 21:23
Don Oberempt
First attempt at camo scheme and I broke the canopy. Had a very tough time with the canopy. Also, some detail work was shoddy. Oh well.....still got it done and I am not entering any contests, so, I am happy with it. Oil wash was a bit over done. 1/72 scale is tough! I am still learning and each build will get better!
23. April 2020, 21:29
Dave Flitton
Nicely done, practice practice
23. April 2020, 21:39
Don Oberempt
23. April 2020, 21:41
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1:48 P-51D Mustang (Revell 85-5241)
27. March 2019, 00:28
Don Oberempt
This was a fun build. First model after a very long hiatus. Few things that did not go well. 1. The pin wash was put on BEFORE the gloss finish, so therefore, it soaked into the base coat and I could not remove. So, nasty panel lines. 2. I forgot to put the red WZ decal before the white WZ, so that is wrong. 3. The checkerboard decal on the nose was not cooperating and I did not get it to wrap correctly. Other little nasties that are nothing more than trying to get my mojo to go as i get back into the hobby. All in All, I love the subject and will maybe do another down the road when my skill set improves. Thanks!
23. April 2020, 21:37
Don Oberempt added a new photoalbum.
23. April 2020, 21:30


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