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Neil (djferrisbueller)

Italeri - 802 - 1:48 - Northrop F-5A

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by to view my latest build #28 the Northrop F-5A

I build straight 'out-of-the-box' endeavouring to show the build journey in as few photographs as possible - this is my reason for utilising montage imagery to help reduce the image count of an album.

I hope that the you find my build journey informative and helpful.


27 | 29. March, 17:16
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Thanks Villiers de Vos and WhiteGlint
29. March, 18:48
Arif Saeed
Wow beautiful work there Neil, awesome result ?
6. August, 12:36
Thanks Arif! Considering the standard of builds you present, 100% appreciate you taking time to comment. Very kind.
6. August, 13:40
Daniel Klink
Beuty 👍👍👍👍
6. August, 15:38
Praise from you is much appreciated... Thanks very much for your feedback Daniel! Chuffed! 🙂
6. August, 15:48
Erik Leijdens
Great work Neil. Busy with a F-5A myself too
6. August, 16:04
Hi Erik, thanks very much for your comment - yes I had noted your work/album and the YF-12 also (what an aircraft!) - both of your builds look to be FANTASTIC of course 😉
6. August, 16:07
Thanks Rui Da Silva!
6. August, 16:26
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work Neil ?
6. August, 18:29
Thanks for commenting Nathan, praise from you is of course much appreciated. 👍
7. August, 09:24
Thanks Stephan and Eric!
7. August, 09:25
Top result. Excellent finish!
7. August, 09:39
Thanks very much Neuling 🙂 You're very kind - my first use of (proper) Vallejo metal color in use here. I'm on a bit of a learning curve with how they behave, trying to get some tonal variations in there 🙂
7. August, 11:36
Thanks Mirko!
7. August, 13:23
Updated imagery and added build comments.
9. August, 10:00
Nice build; F-5s are wonderful jets. I agree with you on Vallejo metal colors as I like the idea of spraying a less toxic paint, but it is finicky to get good results.
9. August, 12:32
Hi John, thanks very much for your kind comment and feedback 🙂 I sort of figured out a decent PSI partway through, also changing from a cheap KKMoon airbrush to a Sparmax one, so that made it better also 👍
9. August, 12:38
Thanks Alberto! 🙂
9. August, 12:39
Slavo Hazucha
Wow - a kit with tooling significantly older than me! 🙂

Fascinating to see how while kit detail is on a completely different level, some base parameters, like general fit, seems to be better than on one or the other modern kits...

Nice job you pulled on this one, pretty cool finish in metal 👍
9. August, 13:17
Hi Slavo - Ha! Ha! Yeah, me too... I hear you! Time ticks on... Yes, I have a like of the vintage (old) Italeri/Hobbycraft kits - I just sort of ended up with a stash of them.

Thanks very much for taking the time to leave an encouraging comment and feedback - very much appreciated from you indeed 🙂
9. August, 15:04
Thanks Bobisek Bowe!
9. August, 15:43
Thanks Frantisek! 🙂
10. August, 09:05
Thanks Cortex!
10. August, 20:22
Thanks Alex K and Augustin Prellezo 🙂
13. August, 15:56
Thanks Eelco and Dizzyduck 👍
22. August, 17:14
Thanks Chris & Tommy 👍
25. August, 09:48


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1:48 F-5A Freedom Fighter (Italeri 802)

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