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Hobbycraft | HC1583 | 1:48 | Hawker Sea Fury F. B. Mk.II

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by to view my latest build #12 the Hawker Sea Fury F. B. Mk.II.

I build straight 'out-of-the-box' endeavouring to show the build journey in as few photographs as possible - this is my reason for utilising montage imagery to help reduce the image count of an album.

I hope that the you find my build journey informative and helpful.


23 | 13. May 2020, 15:05
Nathan Dempsey
The humble Hobbycraft Sea Fury. You're breathing life into these old kits Neil!
27. March, 15:02
Thanks Nathan for your kind comment. Picked up on a known auction site for £5, hours of fun later, result as above! Love the old kits! ?
27. March, 17:23
James C
That's fantastic, and I built it when I was a teenager back in the day. It looked no-where near as good as this though!👍
27. March, 19:24
Thanks James - I appreciate your kind comment and though was never aware of this kit - I am also reliving my youth in these vintage builds! Ha! Ha!
27. March, 21:10
Rui S
Very well done 👍
27. March, 21:47
Thanks very much for your comment Rui S ? appreciate it.
27. March, 22:39
Kerry COX
Hobbycraft tried hard to get some detail happening in their kits, and your rendition has done that attempt a great result in showing just how much 'grunt' these sea fury birds had. 👍
Your attention to detail is well noted and admired. 👍 🙂
Cheers. 👍
27. March, 22:46
Hi Kerry. Thanks very much for your encouraging feedback... Your comments are appreciated indeed ??
27. March, 22:53
Erik Leijdens
Fantastic job on this old kit Neil!
28. March, 20:20
Hi Erik, thanks very much ?
28. March, 20:46
Rich K.
I tried building the Hobbycraft DO-17, gave up and almost threw it across the room. Nothing fit right and the landing gear was virtually impossible (for my abilities). I replaced all the Hobbycraft kits in my collection with newer ones. Hats off to you bro! Wonderful job!
28. March, 21:58
Hi Rich K. Yeah, agreed they're not the best. Rather ridiculously maybe!? I've set myself the task of building; rather than collecting all these older kits out of the box... I must be a madman! Ha! Ha! Thanks very much for your comment ? very kind of you ?
28. March, 22:08
Thanks Petr Kokeš!
10. May, 22:14
Guy Rump
Great build, really like it 👍
8. June, 17:53
Hi Guy, thanks very much. Kind of you to comment ?
8. June, 18:52
Thanks Marco!
8. June, 18:52
Maciej Bellos
Wow Neil, this old lady looks sharp! Well done mate!
8. June, 20:40
Thanks Maciej! 🙂
9. June, 08:04
Thanks Bruce 👍
9. June, 10:07
Thanks Alberto ?
9. June, 17:38


1:48 Hawker Sea Fury F. B. Mk.II (Hobbycraft HC1583)

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