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Sy Bar (Sybar)

Corsair Tiger meet

Quick out the box build with canopy closed


26 | 9. March, 15:25
9. March, 15:33
9. March, 19:30
9. March, 21:23
9. March, 22:08
Sy Bar
So it is nolonger strictly out the box, I've added some belts 🙂
10. March, 18:04
Łukasz Gliński
Looks like a really nice kit, but the HB driver's seat is utterly ugly😉
14. March, 20:44
14. March, 20:53
Sy Bar
@Lukasz agree about the seat and I believe the wheels are undersized but it out the box for this one and hopefully the closed canopy will hide it.
The decals are really good and the colour and coverage exceptional, one issue I've found is as they are so thin they can be brittle when moving into place, as a result and my bad handling several touch ups will be needed
15. March, 21:11
Patrick Hagelstein
Either way, this build is progressing really quickly! 👍 Good to see those stripes emerge.
15. March, 21:26
Łukasz Gliński
That scheme looks great and don't mind the seat. I know the OOB rules too well myself😉
15. March, 21:29
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice eyecatcher 👍
15. March, 21:36
Those colors looks fantastic!
15. March, 21:37
Sy Bar
Cheers guys
16. March, 08:48
Raphael Bernecole
Very nice build ! 🙂
16. March, 09:33
Slavo Hazucha
Washed wings look fab! 👍 Good stuff, looking forward to see the final works!
21. March, 14:36
John Thomas
Nice work
23. March, 14:41
23. March, 19:19
Łukasz Gliński
That was quick, wasn't it? 👍 Looks grand
24. March, 13:48
I agree with Łukasz. Great result.
24. March, 20:45
Sy Bar
Cheers guys for kind words. Pleased with the result despite my attempts to do my best to muck it up 🙂
But all in all this is finished
24. March, 21:13
James C
Stunning looking paint scheme 👍
25. March, 18:35


1:72 A-7H Corsair II (HobbyBoss 87206)

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