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Magdalena Barańska (Darkstonee)



5 | 7. June 2020, 19:30
Well done so far. Nice cockpit and exhausts!
21. June 2020, 19:08
Pierre Vauthier
looks very smooth, what paint brand are you using ?
22. June 2020, 07:42
Łukasz Gliński
What a nice topic 👍
22. June 2020, 11:36
Magdalena Barańska
thank you Sirs 🙂 Pierre I used paints from BilModel Makers (exhaust) and Tamiya/Gunze (serie H) for cocpit.
22. June 2020, 16:55
Pierre Vauthier
thanks Magdalena, I like the way your paints exhausts, hope you will publish additional pics as you progress.
22. June 2020, 21:40
Thanasis Kourkoulos
Nice cockpit and those 3D decals looks incredibly real. Hope they apply as smooth as they look...Following
15. July 2020, 12:01
Slavo Hazucha
Nice start - the 3D decal cockpit looks quite interesting - possibly better than classic printed PE stuff - was it a true decal, or one of these "bumpy stickers" type of thing? Looking good, I´ll take a seat 👍
15. July 2020, 12:42
i usually like to paint things myself as much as i can... but that cockpit looks really good. please add the item to the project 🙂
15. July 2020, 19:05
I guess it is MiG-29 SMT (9-19) (Quinta Studio QD48024, 1:48) what is it exactly, 3D printed in colors with some adhesive backing, so you simply need to stick it in the model?

1:48 MiG-29 SMT (9-19) (Quinta Studio QD48024)
15. July 2020, 19:07
Dave Flitton
Very nice start.
16. July 2020, 11:17
Slavo Hazucha
Spanjaard thx for the hint - now I see the Quinta Logo on the box... 🙂

This looks really interesting - when the kit mold is just great, or there is a Resin part at hand, I´d probably still go for a good old session of hand-painting (since with my pace, I only get an opportunity to paint a cockpit 3 times a year at best.. 😄) , but for a slightly sub-par kit or a quick build, this looks truly great...
16. July 2020, 11:42
Interesting... Maybe with time, instead of PE for the cockpit, includes this 3D type's decals in some model boxes.
17. July 2020, 17:48
I fully agree with you Slavo
18. July 2020, 23:57
Magdalena Barańska
@Spanjaard you can use Acrylic Glue, CA or Clear Gloss (my choice) - it's really simple 🙂
21. July 2020, 17:18
21. July 2020, 17:25
Dave Flitton
I just received my Quinta cockpit 3D decals - they are awesome!
21. July 2020, 18:42
Thanasis Kourkoulos
@Dave Flitton are the easy to apply as the regular decals?
21. July 2020, 19:05
Dave Flitton
I haven't tried them yet since the model I was going to put it in hasn't arrived from Russia yet.
22. July 2020, 00:33
Magdalena Barańska
@Thanasis yes 🙂
22. July 2020, 05:31
Calvin Gifford
Fantastic Fulcrum! ;-D
14. August 2020, 04:08


In progress
1:72 MiG-29 SMT (Zvezda 7309)

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