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Bill Newcomer (musclecarfan)


Paint booth

I am stuck not being able to spray paint due to cold weather outside. I want to continue to build over the Winter so I am going to build a paint booth. I have a plate with (4) 12vdc fans. I just bought a variable power supply for them/it. I have some clear plexiglass and various wood and laminates. I bought a new lamp for my garage sale undercabinet light fixture. If this works out well, I will be brave and buy an air brush.

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22. November 2019, 03:15
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Michael Hickey
WOW, you're going all out and not mucking around, good luck with your build. :)
22. November 2019, 04:35
Chris Greathouse
Is this the build or is this the ideal build you want to emulate like in desc..
22. November 2019, 04:38
Michael Hickey
I think this is what is inspiration is. :S
22. November 2019, 04:41
Bill Newcomer
The booth you see is the proposed configuration.
22. November 2019, 05:47
Chaz Gordon
If you're going the custom build route, here's a possible suggestion, On the outside (front) of the booth, install a directed downdraft system that creates a curtain of fast moving air across the front of the booth (where paint shall not be spraying around) to act as a virtual curtain, preventing floating dust and dander from entering the booth air extraction flow. This could be designed like a Dyson Coanda effect fan with pin hole airflow around a hollow centred air bar
22. November 2019, 06:11
Chris Greathouse
All I can see is that it needs more electrical plugs and cords, at least a dozen more for that real basement workshop feel :P Jokes! that looks like a comfortable width to work with both hands and a held object.
22. November 2019, 06:33
playtime 222
Perspex can be pretty sharp so do something with those edges!
22. November 2019, 07:20
Bill Newcomer
I spent all day building my paint booth today. I had to figure it out from scratch and I did my best to keep it light and portable. I built a slide-in frame for the filter. Next I built the plenum and installed the fan plate. I tested the fans with the variable power supply and I have awesome control of the fan speed. I struggled for a bit trying to figure out what materials to skin the paint box. I finally decided to use leftover pegboard on the outside and I need to purchase so twinwall corrugated plastic sheet for the inside. I was going to use the same 14"x20" air filters my furnace uses but decided I want the extra elbow room and got 16"x25" instead. After building it, I am glad I did. I also built the removable exhaust plenum from a heavy duty Home Depot moving box. I had to resize the box and install wood frames inside.
29. November 2019, 08:13
Danny Meer
I used on old vacuum cleaner for my paintbooth box :)
29. November 2019, 11:26
Bill Newcomer
I have looked into those but, I need mine to meet certain criteria. Larger size, adjustable airflow (I haven't switched to acrylics yet), and limited portability. I also like the challenge of actually making something from scratch. I had most of the materials already so I will actually be under that price.
29. November 2019, 14:58
Bill Newcomer
Also since I work in HVAC I can get the nice, big pleated air filters for <$4 each. They are over $16 at Home Depot.
29. November 2019, 15:00
Chris Greathouse
What's the purpose of the Home Depot? Just to exhaust it out several feet straight, or is there another purpose?
29. November 2019, 17:22
Bill Newcomer
Chris, The Home Depot box is a low cost, VERY low restriction exhaust duct. It permits me to not have the table with the booth right up against the wall. There are items that I don't want to move every time I would use it. It is too cold here to simply blow AT the open window.
30. November 2019, 07:44
Bill Newcomer
Finished my paint booth this evening. It turns out I didn't need to go to the trouble of wiring in the LEDs. An old fluorescent under cabinet light works just fine. The variable speed control on the fans works fantastic. I can run hi speed while actually spraying and slow them down while the part(s) dry without blowing so much heated air outside. Now I can paint pretty much whenever I want. (humidity permitting).
2. December 2019, 04:58
Tom ...
Nice work, Bill. Enjoy your new freedom!! Very cool.
2. December 2019, 07:01
Danny Meer
That came out very nice. I love it to build something out of scratch and make it work. yours is very well build
2. December 2019, 08:22
Chris Greathouse
That turned out great, plenty of light to see with to.
2. December 2019, 11:03
Bill Newcomer
I learned with a space heater added, it can be a drying cabinet too.
6. January, 06:18
Thanks for the link Bill. I'm actually building something similar. I'll get some pictures when it's done, but I have to figure out how to post them on here? Basically, my internal dimensions are 2' x 2' x 22" high. I wanted that big, so I can paint a trailer or 1/16 scale truck. I'm only using two fans, but I see a method in your madness. Them filters are hard to get here, so I've opted for Filter wool. I think that's what they call it anyway? Only thing is, it over hangs my work surface by around 5". My planned exhaust is 4" plastic pipe, straight outside, camouflaged by a bush. Lol, let's see how long that lasts?
3. April, 09:33
Rui S
Very Nice booth.
I've lots of humbrol enamel paint., and the need for cleaning with white spirit... so i now need One booth urgently.
3. April, 21:12
Bill Newcomer
Bozzer, your dimension seem large enough to give you some elbow room. What type of fans are you using?
4. April, 01:05
Bill Newcomer
Rui, Thanks, I figured if I was going to go to all the trouble, I may as well make a nice one.
4. April, 01:41
Bill, I'm gonna use PC fans. They're brushless and 12v, so they are quiet and reduce any risk of igniting any fumes, should any happen? The reason for the size is to allow me to place a built trailer in it. I can paint or even clear coat it, with easy access to the sides and top. I also plan on a revolving base, so I can turn the model, without touching it. I may make that motorised in the future, but for now it's just hand moved. I also wanted plenty of room to get my hands in. We all know what it's like, when you're trying to get into those awkward places? I'm also toying with the idea of a flip down shield, that covers halfway across the front opening. Once I get it in the cave, I'll try it out and see what happens? I have a few ideas, but not all will work, I'm sure. It's basically trial and error. I've put some pictures on my page, if you wanna see progress so far? I'll update it, as time goes by.
4. April, 05:09
Bill Newcomer
Bozzer, With the 12v fans you can get a variable voltage power supply like I did. You can adjust the fan speed. The booth in my photos with the flip down shield was my inspiration. With the variable fan speed. I determined I did not need it.
4. April, 06:40
Awesome information mate, thank you.
4. April, 08:46
Bill, I'm up and running! Pictures are on my page mate
5. April, 18:05

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