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Peter Smirnov (goodcat171)


Took a lot of time, but I think it worth it


21 | 2. February, 21:36
no idea how long you spent on it, but if i spent months on it, i doubt i would get even close.... time well spent Peter!!
2. February, 22:55
Michael Phillips
Fantastic paintwork and panel fading. Well done!
3. February, 01:41
Peter Smirnov
Thank you guys! Spanjaard - it's took something around 175 hours
3. February, 05:44
James C
Awesome work👍
3. February, 05:47
Sebastian Meyner
Stunning work Perter! Congrats👍
3. February, 05:52
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, James and Sebastian!
3. February, 07:49
Everything is masterfully done and looks just top notch 👍
3. February, 08:22
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Daniel! 🙂
3. February, 09:09
Konrad Limmer
What a mean machine!
Agree with everyone above! Just perfect 👍!
3. February, 09:35
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Konrad! ^^
3. February, 09:41
Jos Jansen
Excellent build Peter, I totally agree with Michael about the panel fading...top notch! 👍
3. February, 10:00
You spent your time very well on this masterpiece!
3. February, 10:11
Peter Smirnov
Thank you very much Jos and Neuling 🙂
3. February, 11:20
Slavo Hazucha
Wow, great Super-Flanker - fabulous job with the single-color upper surfaces, really beautifully shaded! Also the job on all the metal, especially the titanium plating on the elevators is really top class 👍 Excellent build
3. February, 11:41
Peter Smirnov
Thank you, Slavo! It so nice to hear it! I think it was the first time I spent so much time on metal parts 🙂
3. February, 12:33


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1:48 Su-35S "Flanker-E" (Great Wall Hobby L4823)

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