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nice start
25. September, 13:23
thanks spanjaard, hope I can keep up the momentum (not the "weekend edition" this one 😉 )
25. September, 13:25
25. September, 14:12
25. September, 14:13
Me too 👀
25. September, 16:25
Some more modifications done!

Welcome to the chopper show Adam, WhiteGlint and Neil!
26. September, 20:11
finished the basic interior painting, now some weathering and then add some bits and pieces to it
5. October, 19:27
Casey Rupley
The detail is stunning! Well done so far, Daniel.
10. October, 21:19
Thanks Casey! (just been blown away by your panther wip)
11. October, 08:41
Eric Thornton
Oh very nice, following
11. October, 10:17
Konrad Limmer
Damn! How cool is that! Awesome work so far Daniel! Looking forward to your next steps!
11. October, 10:25
Harry Eder
Fine interior! 👍
11. October, 10:41
Nice interior. 👍
11. October, 11:00
Dietmar Bogatzki
Stunning details Daniel 👍
11. October, 17:06
Eric, Konrad, Harry WhiteGlint and Dietmar, thank you for your nice comments and welcome!

mini-update: sculpted some cabin accessoires from milliput
14. October, 20:06
They look quite good
15. October, 10:57
Casey Rupley
Daniel, dude! Great scuplting skills. Contemplated something similar for my Panther, but bailed on the idea. Youre killing it. Looking forward to more.
15. October, 21:10
Spanjaard and Casey, thanks again mates 🙂
Casey, in 1:35 everything is easier, I guess I would have shied away from it in 1:48 as well, so my respects to what you are achieving in that scale! 👍
17. October, 17:53
last shots of the interior before the main body comes together (hopefully, heard people have had fit problems there )
25. October, 21:51
Great model! I've build the trumpeter version that came without all the folding options. This one seems much better.
26. October, 08:15
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great sculpting skills Daniel 👍
26. October, 09:39
Villiers de Vos
The interior is looking very good.
26. October, 12:27
Patryk S.
Following! Great outcome so far!
26. October, 18:52
Many thanks Rene, Dietmar, Villiers and Patryk and welcome all!

@ Rene: you mean the academy kit? Was a hard choice paying double price for this one🙈 ...and I was expecting much less need for scratch building for it...well, the Sea Hawk series and the black/pavehawk by KH seem to be much more accurate and maybe worth all the money, this ones just a hybrid of both kits with a lot of typical stuff missing. This also really shows if you look at the instructions, total mess...many mistakes in the decals as well sadly

@dietmar: it's ok for my first time working with epoxy putty, but I just watched some videos of a japanese guy sculpting photorealistic stuff in 1:72 with just a toothpick as a tool and now this looks more like play-doh "art" to me😅
26. October, 19:28
got this mother glued together
30. October, 14:35
Michael Kohl
that is my kind of build
30. October, 14:41
👍 make yourself comfortable michael! (might take a bit longer...)
31. October, 21:14
Oh nice. Looks like the fit was not so bad as you feared at first.
31. October, 21:17
several lightyears away from tamiya, but I've also had much worse on my table^^
31. October, 21:21
Roland Gunslinger
Wow, That looks awesome so far 👍
„fits with enough pressure" 😂 Sounds like me building the Trumpeter F-14 LOL
31. October, 21:24
lol, there might be some similarities, but I can say it fits better than revells 1:32 hornet 😄
But I wouldnt have managed without using super-glued bridges here and there to keep up the tension while the plastic glue dries...
thanks roland!
31. October, 21:30
Dietmar Bogatzki
I will use your building as reference when i built my AH 60 👍
1. November, 07:24
its prime-time! got around the construction of the fuselage so far, and starting primer now the doors and motor hatches are just glued with blue tack for later treatment.
Thanks Dietmar, I added some more things now where the kit seems wrong or lacking stuff
12. November, 17:14
Zach Wilson
Looking good so far
12. November, 17:37
Bart Goesaert
Splendid work so far on this beasty...
12. November, 17:39
thanks a lot Zach, I recently admired your R-model, real stunner! 👍
thank you Bart, the hairy parts are yet to come (Rotor head and engine compartment...and bending the PE-Ammo-feeders...)
12. November, 17:41
primered as promised and preshaded as well
13. November, 17:10
James C
Looking good 👍
13. November, 17:26
Guy Rump
Agree with James 👍
13. November, 17:40
Thank you James and Guy!

Productive afternoon: Got the main colors down
FS36495 on the belly, followed by FS36320 that I lightened up heavily (so more in the direction of light ghost gray) and FS35237 on the upper areas, also ligthtened to nearly look as the other gray. You maybe still see the subtle transition diagonal across the engine doors.
The light blue is a custom mix of three vallejos and the dark blue is vallejos signal blue FS35044. I will tweak the transition to the gray a bit after the decals with white and light blue.
14. November, 16:28
Konrad Limmer
Looking very very nice!
26. November, 21:20
Mark Kane
My god, that's both dedication and talent. Pure modelling gorgeousness. Keep it up! Wow
26. November, 21:27
Konrad and Marek, thanks a lot mates. I feared that this model will be .. ehm .. dedication-intensive 😅
Speaking of, I am currently bending the PE 50 cal ammo feeders. Or trying to... its a true nightmare 😪
Thank you for the encouragement!

Updates >pic 64
26. November, 21:37
Bruce Huxtable
Are there no limits to your skills? Loved the handmade luggage 👍
26. November, 21:59
Guillaume Blanchet
Very impressive. I'like the amount of details
26. November, 22:20
Thank you very much bruce and guillaume! yeah, you could tinker on forever on this one I guess, theres just a lot going on on a helo compared to the usual jet.
And there still are the engines and the rotor head on the horizon...
27. November, 12:14
Guillaume Blanchet
One thing I like about the current military helicopters is that they have received a tons of add-ons over the years of service. They went from a slick aircraft with the ''A'' version (usually dating from the 70's) into a mess of utilitarian secondary systems (like overs sized engines, extra winchs, radar etc.) in there current form. That makes them very good subject to details builds.
27. November, 12:30
true, and a nightmare for research and scratchbuild improvistation 😅
27. November, 13:23
Rui S
What and impressive detailling work and paintjob. Great stuff 👍
27. November, 13:54
Thank you Rui!
28. November, 16:31


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