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28 15 February, 08:58
Villiers de Vos
Robert, a beautiful collection of your little gems. Inspiration to everyone.
25 May, 09:07
Agree with Villiers! - Fabulous (miniature) work 👍
25 May, 09:10
Robert Podkoński
Thank you,Villiers and Neil. You're too kind 🙂
25 May, 10:39
Łukasz Gliński
Very interesting collection, always thought the Komet is small enough 😉
25 May, 11:21
Robert Podkoński
Thanks, Łukasz. Much appreciated 😉 (I was really surprised how small the Komet is when I saw a real one in Deutsches Museum...)
25 May, 14:13
Marcin Dudek
Very intetesting collection. Congratulations 👏
25 May, 14:52
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, Marcin - these are just few from the whole bunch planned 😉
25 May, 15:16
Jennifer Franklin
Lovely miniature work, you must have a very steady hand. How many miniatures do you have planned?
29 May, 02:47
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, Jennifer. Actually, my hands are quite shaky... but this is a kind of exercise to me 😉 Here is the plan:
Parasitology | Project by podkon (1:72)
29 May, 08:22
Mr James
Mind blowing... what a treat
29 May, 15:18
Robert Podkoński
You're too kind, Mr James.
29 May, 16:53


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1:72 ASM-2N "Bat" (Amodel NA72012)1:72 Arado Ar 234 C-3 w/ Ar E381 Julia (Hobby 2000 72051)1:72 Mistel 5 He 162 A-2 & Arado E 377a (Revell 04145)5+

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