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And now for something completely different...


Nathan Dempsey
Nice color on the rims ?
14 July 2021, 14:07
Dash Rendar
Very cool, looking forward! Bought this kit recently as well!
14 July 2021, 14:42
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for your interest. Indeed, Nathan, there is some word in Polish used to by teenagers to describe such kind of colours... but I won't use it here 😉 I simply could not resist of painting rims this colour, to be sincere 🙂
14 July 2021, 15:07
Bruce Huxtable
No doubt they will inform the remainder of the colour scheme - it is going to stand out from the crowd ??
14 July 2021, 15:18
Robert Podkoński
That's my goal, Bruce 😄
14 July 2021, 15:43
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, Jonn 🙂 Please, do not expect anything fabulous - I just intend to have some fun with that 😉
15 July 2021, 07:29
Interesing car. 👀
Count me in.
20 July 2021, 21:52
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, WhiteGlint. It's a pure fantasy, so I can paint it and modify as I only wish 😉
21 July 2021, 05:13
Following! Is this a Lamborghini with piercing spikes?
24 July 2021, 19:32
Oh yeah, the unusual subject grabbed my attention. Nice?
24 July 2021, 20:20
Robert Podkoński
Welcome S M and JD 😉 Its designers have been inspired by Lambo look for sure S M 🙂 Still, I am going to make it less aggresive (it is intended as a gift to my friend's son...)
25 July 2021, 09:20
A gift for a boy? Please put the spikes back on! Make it more aggressive and dangerous! Lol ?
25 July 2021, 18:28
Bruce Huxtable
Looking 'sharp' even without spikes ?
25 July 2021, 18:35
Robert Podkoński
@JD: he is almost six years old now... but I will leave the driver for myself 😉
25 July 2021, 19:16
Dash Rendar
I was also thinking of removing the spikes. They look kinda "cheezy" to me. Maybe I will add a gatling gun or something. Looking good so far, Robert, keep it up!
26 July 2021, 10:21
Robert Podkoński
Thanks, Dash! I agree with you with regard to the spikes, especially the ones above the front wheels - but the gatling gun seems really cool idea 😉
26 July 2021, 10:25
Robert Podkoński
I call it finished. Now I must grow courageous enough to paint the driver... 😉
29 July 2021, 07:50
Bruce Huxtable
29 July 2021, 08:57
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great 👍
29 July 2021, 09:13
Robert Podkoński
Thank you very much, Gentlemen 🙂
29 July 2021, 12:04
Looks pretty cool, Robert. 👍
29 July 2021, 14:08
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, WhiteGlint 🙂
29 July 2021, 14:10
Mark D
Quick one, Nice ?
29 July 2021, 16:21
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, Mark, and thank you, Argento 🙂
29 July 2021, 17:03
Dash Rendar
Really well done, looks great! I really like the spike-less look. Does the driver really enter through the windshield?
29 July 2021, 18:57
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, Dash, very appreciated 🙂 It is designed in such a way, probably due to this concept of exoskeleton. I would be more concerned of the way the passenger could enter the car, nevertheless... 😉 At first I had the idea of inscribing the symmetrical shape over the passenger's seat, but when I removed these translucent parts from the sprue I noticed that they tend to delaminate a bit.
29 July 2021, 19:44
Nathan Dempsey
Oh wow, that came out great Robert!
29 July 2021, 23:24
Robert Podkoński
Thank you very much, Nathan. You are too kind to me 🙂
30 July 2021, 05:28
Peter G
Beautiful! Great color choices and attention to detail. The gradient on that rear exhaust is beautiful. A+
30 July 2021, 22:14
Robert Podkoński
Thank you very much, Peter, for your kind words 🙂
31 July 2021, 06:48
Lamborghinipunk! cool~
I didn't heard that maker. is kit in figure?
8 August 2021, 10:40
Robert Podkoński
Thanks, MS K. Suyata is specializing in some toy-like kits that snap together. And yes, there are even two figures - virtually identical save for heads: one is the long haired girl, the other looks either like some feminine cyborg head, or it is the same girl wearing some strangely looking helmet... I am not very good in painting figures, but some day I will give "her" a chance 😉
8 August 2021, 15:38
Robert Podkoński
Thanks, Jonn 🙂
9 August 2021, 07:21


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