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13 | 7. June, 06:50
Łukasz Gliński
Been waiting to see this oddity on a workbench 👍
7. June, 09:33
Looks like some modification is needed to build this one, Robert. 👍
Following with interest 👀
7. June, 10:34
Roland Gunslinger
Watching 👀 Nice project 👍
7. June, 11:07
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, Mates. Frankly speaking, the kit itself is deceitful - looks good in the box, but when it comes to assembling one is surprised that, for example, the whole cockpit unit including front landing gear is supposed to be glued to the main body edges-to-edges...and surely, some substantial weight will be necessary here in order to avoid tail sitting. On a positive side the fit of the parts seems acceptable.
7. June, 11:58
Following 👍 Exciting birdie coming here 😄
7. June, 14:14
Robert Podkoński
Welcome S M...I feel encouraged and abashed at the same time 😉
7. June, 14:57
Mark K
Watching keenly - your techniques and your photos will be of great help once I get up the courage to tackle this thing!
10. June, 05:30
Maciej Bellos
Interesting! Lots of work I see.
10. June, 12:02
Robert Podkoński
A short-run it is...
10. June, 12:40
Interesting... Following!
10. June, 17:59
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, Cuajete 🙂
10. June, 20:09
John Thomas
Very cool
12. June, 13:52
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, John. We'll see when I manage to finish it...
12. June, 14:53


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